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We help medical facilities and healthcare startups let patients get the
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Why Telehealth Software
Development Matters

Remove the barriers of time, distance, and provider scarcities.

With the arrival of telehealth software solutions, patients and doctors can quickly get access to each other. Working with the telehealth software development company, medical facilities can provide better services eliminating no-shows and hospital readmission rates.

Fields of Expertise

Discover how we can help you grow your healthcare business with the tailor-made technologies


Telehealth clinical software reduces the waiting time for patients and connects them with medical personnel via video calling.


Telehealth software systems allow patients to choose the most suitable time for a visit and conduct it from the comfort of their homes.

Better Health Outcomes

With instant consultation and quick treatment, patients can soothe the pain faster and have more time for rest.

Less Last Minute Cancellations

With instant comfortable video visits, the risk of last-minute appointment cancellation is eliminated.

On-Click Video Calling

Telehealth clinical software simplifies doctor-patient communication, allowing them to connect with one click, without the need to download any software.

One-Click Screen Share

Whether it’s a medical chart or drug prescription, patient and doctor can simply share the document by sharing screen.

Telehealth Services We Provide

Telemedicine Patient App

Doctor consultation scheduling made easy

  • Search through doctor profiles
  • View doctor reviews
  • View available time slots to schedule an appointment
  • HIPAA Compliant Audio, Video, and Text Consultations
  • Give ratings and leave reviews

Telemedicine Provider App

Let patients lead healthier lives with the help of technology

  • Approve and manage appointments
  • View patients medical records
  • Provide online consultations
  • Make referral appointments
  • Conduct in-app messaging with doctors and patients

Administration Panel

Keep the processes in a loop

  • Calendar overview
  • Manage appointments
  • Manage doctor and patient profiles
  • Manage notification preferences
  • View platform analytics

Remote Patient Monitoring

Keep track of the patient’s health data

  • Receive patient’s data in real-time
  • Reduce care delivery costs
  • Improve patient’s lifestyle
  • Eliminate the need for hospital trips

Drop us a line and we will help you create an innovative and robust solution tailored to your business needs

Our Business Philosophy

Aiming for customer success, we focus on what truly matters. Learn our core principles that make our customers happy

Increased Patient Engagement

Since telemedicine allows to stay connected with doctors around the clock, people get better control over their health. Time-to-time reminders help to follow the treatment plan.

Better Utilization of Medical Resources

Telemedicine helps to reduce admission rates allowing healthcare providers to utilize medical resources in a more effective way.

Software Integration

Enrich your EHR system with new features. We provide software integration services and can merge your telehealth app with the existing EHR software.

Data Protection

The most important part of telehealth software development is data protection. We ensure that every bit of information is supported by XML, EDI, and HL7 data exchange standards.

Why Empeek

Dedication to solving our customers’ most complex problems is at the heart of everything we do.

Being a healthcare software vendor for many years, we’ve created a lab environment for identifying and examining the most common operational pain points. That is why we know exactly what kind of struggles healthcare service providers face along the way. Shall we put an end to them together?

Success Stories

EHR and Telehealth In a Single Platform

A HIPAA-compliant EHR system replaced the legacy software for a US-based hospital and helped them engage more patients. The software simplifies the treatment workflow and helps patients to receive better care despite the distance.

patient app

Wireless Medical Monitoring In Real-time

A real-time medical monitoring system was designed to capture, analyze, and decode patients’ vital signs and various psychological parameters. With app users ranging from hospitals and other medical care providers to simply health-conscious people, this IoT-based solution won the hearts of many users with its seamless user experience.

Drop us a line and we will help you create an innovative and robust solution tailored to your business needs

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