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Why Healthcare CRM Software Development

Building a custom healthcare CRM system is a way to enhance your patient approach and streamline processes.

Our team develops applications that automate patient engagement and enable comprehensive management of patient interactions.

What We Offer

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Dedicated HCRM Solution

We tailor healthcare CRM software services to your business needs. You choose the size and composition of the software development team and control the decision-making process.

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HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

Robust event logs, journaling, automated security backups, and rapid data recovery. Empeek is a reliable healthcare software development partner with strong HIPAA & GDPR expertise. We also ensure that every bit of information in your HCRM is supported by XML, EDI, and HL7 data exchange standards.

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EHR/EMR Integrations

Designed CRM systems ensure ultimate interoperability and automation thanks to integration with EHR/EMR solutions. It helps to avoid data overlapping and turn patients’ data into reliable marketing campaigns insight for patient satisfaction and retention.

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Microservices Development

We adopt a service-oriented approach that is best suited for the development of CRM software for the healthcare industry. Our single-function modules optimize system management and scaling.

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Predictive Analysis Modules

Our CRM solutions enable you to accumulate information during the entire patient’s lifecycle to make predictions. They help to prevent patient leakage and identify risk factors for patient cohorts.

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Smooth Cloud Migration

Migrate the data in your legacy CRM systems to the cloud with our assistance. Cloud solutions boost connectivity and allow combining records for a single patient view across healthcare teams.

Main Goals of CRM Software

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Communication with Patients

Tailored mailings, messages, reminders, and notifications are at the core of healthcare CRM functionality. It enables you to automatically deliver standard communications to existing customers and engage new leads through SMS, and email.

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Collaboration Between Teams

The development of medical CRM software gives you much more than automated patients’ contact details storage. The medical staff gets a tool to manage appointments, notes, prescriptions, and other critical records.

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360-Degree Patient View

Healthcare CRM software development and integration allows you to collect data from multiple sources in one place. You get detailed profiles of patients and customers for healthcare and marketing purposes.

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Automated Monitoring

Healthcare professionals look for a way to manage the growing amounts of patient data that Excel sheets cannot handle. Quality CRM software offers an intuitive interface to monitor what’s happening with every patient and record interactions.

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Configurable Reporting

CRM software measures the success of your customer engagement tactics to generate real-time reports and visualizations. You instantly see what interactions do or don’t work to adapt your marketing and sales interactions.

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Insurance Customer Engagement

Easily track your staff database, costs, policies and manage the conditions with cross-platform CRM solutions. A tailor-made system can help insurance brokers nurture new customers and let the agents get in touch with the right proposition in a timely fashion.

Healthcare CRM Software Development Services

We largely develop CRM software for the healthcare industry from scratch, but Empeek also offers legacy systems re-engineering. Our team migrates existing CRM systems to the cloud for optimized data management and record-keeping. Whatever healthcare CRM software development services you need, we are ready to back you up.

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Our Business Philosophy

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Cost-Effective Digital Transformation

Technology adoption becomes a key business driver for leading healthcare organizations. Custom healthcare CRM software automates many daily operations and optimizes continuous expenses in the long run.

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Less Paperwork

Patient experience and treatment quality are often hampered by the pen-and-paper way of work, making operations slow and expensive. Healthcare CRM system development services give patients and employees instant access to electronic records and communications.

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Patients’ Loyalty

Providers develop a CRM software for the healthcare industry to improve patient experience, retention, and loyalty. It allows tracking all patient communications, be it a call, personal visit, or intuitive feedback survey

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Smart Data Management

Custom healthcare CRM software integrates with your current systems and upgrades data management. Every patient, employee, and appointment appears in the healthcare CRM automatically. You can see the EHR records of your patients, track your staff activities, and improve outreach.

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Simplified Workflow

Healthcare CRM (HCRM) automatically notifies patients and physicians about appointment scheduling, medication reminders, rescheduling, etc. To ensure the custom healthcare CRM fits your business needs, we tailor notification triggers to any user or event type. As a Microsoft Certified company, we also develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM for healthcare

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High-Quality Treatment

CRM solutions streamline clinical operations, monitor patient progress, and make care more personal. Enjoy patient identification, e-prescribing, treatment activities tracking, alerts algorithm for disease management, and other capabilities

Cost of Development CRM Software for Healthcare Industry

The cost of building CRM software for healthcare varies from $90,000 to $600,000 or higher. It depends on too many factors to estimate without investigating every case separately. Asking for the quote of the price for healthcare CRM software development, you need to consider:

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Scope of Work

You may order healthcare CRM software development services for the entire SDLC or complete only a part of tasks like CRM migration.

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CRM Complexity

The more features you want in your system, the higher the cost of building CRM software for healthcare will be.

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Third-Party Integrations

If you want to connect a CRM with third-party social platforms, email IP telephony, or mobile apps, the price for healthcare CRM software development will increase.

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Team Location

By hiring a remote team with lower hourly rates instead of in-house developers, you can leverage more affordable healthcare CRM software development services.

Project success

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Clinical Screening Tool

A surveying software with an automated patient referral system. It is used to screen Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries for social determinants of health (SDH) such as food, housing, transportation, and employment.


  • Camera ID recognition;
  • Reports & analytics;
  • Workflow management;
  • Available in English and Spanish.
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Connecting EHR and Telemedicine

A HIPAA compliant EHR/EMR system was developed for a US-based hospital to replace its legacy software. This patient-focused solution enhances patient experience through simplified treatment workflows, optimized medical record inputs, and user-friendly telemedicine solutions.


  • Care provider and patient portals;
  • Automated HIPAA compliance activities;
  • One-click appointment scheduling;
  • AI -powered data deduplication & reporting;
  • Billing & invoicing tools;
  • Medical imaging & lab results notifications.
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