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Why Custom EHR

No more compromises. No more struggles in finding the middle ground between what you need and what mass-market can offer

By working with an EHR development company, healthcare providers are able to acquire top-notch electronic health records solutions crafted to meet specific business needs.

The Challenges of Off-the-Shelf EHR/EMR Systems

When it comes to EHR/EMR software deployment, software customization is indispensable


One Size Fits None

As a doctor would you prescribe the same medicine to everyone who enters your office? The same goes for the software.


Dozens of Features, But Few That Can Truly Fit

Choosing the tools not suited to fully meet your business needs is like entering the surgery room with a comprehensive plumber’s tool kit. Seems off, doesn’t it?


The Illusion of Cost Efficiency

Have you really considered all the expenses including extra costs for regular upgrades, implementation and support services, IT infrastructure maintenance?


Data Security at Stake

Out-of-the-box EHR/EMR systems may fail to meet in-house data protection compliance requirements or make it hard for end-users to follow data security standards.


One Solution to Many Challenges

Electronic medical software development is your best medicine to major patient data management inefficiencies

  • Fully-customized software
  • No hidden charges
  • Seamless interoperability
  • Post-deployment support
  • Value-added functionality
  • A bulletproof data security
  • Simple, intuitive UI
  • High compliance standards

The Outcomes You Can Expect

Our electronic health records solutions help you achieve exceptional results


Go Fully Paperless with Zero Effort

We take care of designing a unique patients’ health records management system for your business


Reduce the Risk of Medical Errors

We deliver a custom software for medical records that brings perfect order to disorganized data


Deliver Spotless Patient Experience

Advanced EHR/EMR capabilities will allow you to sit back and enjoy your patient’s smiles to the fullest


Secure Sensitive Patient Data

As HIPAA, HL7, and GDPR compliant healthcare software vendor, we take full charge of dealing with data security


Run Your Practice Hassle-Free

Our user-friendly, feature-rich custom EMR and EHR software solutions will help you drive seamless patient-facing processes easily


Leverage AI-powered Automation

Thanks to automated workflows, you can dedicate time to what truly matters instead of managing mundane manual tasks

Unique Customers Require Unique Systems

That’s where custom EMR development comes in with the perfect-fitting solutions

As an experienced electronic medical records software development company, Empeek builds efficient EHR systems that tick all the boxes for your business.

  • Data Interoperability
  • Room for innovation
  • Easily managed cross-platform solutions
  • Personalized workflows
  • Support for multiple integrations
  • Anything that comes to your mind

Key Features

Choose exactly what you need. No more, no less


Feeling Confused about What Exactly Your Business Can Benefit the Most From?

Talk to an Expert

Why Empeek

Dedication to solving our customers’ most complex problems is at the heart of everything we do

Far too many medical organizations find themselves crippled by inefficient technology. Our mission is to help healthcare institutions prevent or resolve this fatal mistake.
Being a healthcare software vendor for many years, we’ve created a lab environment for identifying and examining the most common operational pain points. That is why we know exactly what kind of struggles healthcare service providers face along the way. Shall we put an end to them together?

Our Core Principles

We are here to take care of you just like you care for your patients


Commitment & Passion for Excellence


Relationship-Based Collaboration


Deep Expertise in Medical Software Development


Innovative Team with Consistent Approach

Project Success


Digitalizing Medical Emergency Services

A web-based app for emergency service providers keyed to the hospital’s Health Information System (HIS) displays various health parameters, stores patients’ health records, and generates emergency reports with a few simple clicks.


  • Camera ID recognition;
  • Pre-built reports;
  • Customizable vital signs dashboard;
  • HIS integration;
  • Real-time GPS tracking;
  • Encrypted connection layer.
Read more

Connecting EHR and Telemedicine

A HIPAA compliant EHR/EMR system was developed for a US-based hospital to replace its legacy software. This patient-focused solution enhances patient experience through simplified treatment workflows, optimized medical record inputs, and user-friendly telemedicine solutions.


  • Care provider and patient portals;
  • Automated HIPAA compliance activities;
  • One-click appointment scheduling;
  • AI -powered data deduplication & reporting;
  • Billing & invoicing tools;
  • Medical imaging & lab results notifications.
Read more
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The Technology That Cannot Meet Business Needs is a Painful Experience. Let Us Help You Avoid It.

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Dealing with EHR/EMR Software, we believe in constant learning. We keep up with innovations and trends and regularly share acquired expertise in our articles.

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