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Why Cloud-Based Healthcare Solutions Matter

The way cloud computing is revolutionizing the whole healthcare industry is impressive. By migrating data to the cloud server, you will have real-time access to the patients’ medical records; ensure seamless cooperation between healthcare specialists, who might need consultation from a colleague; and allow them to analyze treatment data for future reference. Additionally, cloud based healthcare solutions ensure safe data sharing within and between organizations, improving patient engagement and proper risk management.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Software Development

The healthcare cloud solutions enable our customers to quickly embrace the advantages of innovative cloud-powered healthcare solutions that can reduce the complexity of data storage.

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Healthcare facilities tend to gather large amounts of data which is stored on the usually expensive in-house hardware. Cloud healthcare solutions eliminate the need for physical storage devices. Cloud-powered healthcare solutions reduce capital expenditures concerning technical upgrades, cooling solutions, and managing physical space. On top of that, cloud solutions provide access to the latest technologies, which helps to gain a competitive edge in the healthcare sector.

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Better Scalability

A clinic that uses cloud computing solutions for healthcare has already got an advantage over its competitors since it quickly adjusts to the industry needs. For any organization, healthcare cloud solutions allow to scale up or down according to their specific needs. For example, more patients are turning to doctors with flu symptoms during the cold season. Respectively the cloud capacity should be increased in response to the demand. It is also beneficial during unpredicted circumstances like the pandemic we have today.

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Security is often considered a barrier in the adoption of cloud solutions for the healthcare industry. But, in comparison with traditional record-keeping methods, cloud storage is more prominent. Paper records can be damaged, misplaced or lost, whereas cloud healthcare solutions have more preventative security measures. Data in the cloud can be accessed, recovered or removed via any device connected to the internet.

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Advanced Analytics

Cloud-based databases can serve as a reliable source of valuable insights. Such technological solutions contain all valuable health information, and by applying artificial intelligence algorithms, you can predict pandemic outbreaks, find the causes of diseases, and facilitate medical researches. Cloud healthcare solutions can process big amounts of data within minutes.

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Loss Prevention

If your organization doesn’t invest in cloud computing, then all your valuable data is tied to the local computers leaving no room for flexibility. This might not sound like a problem, yet it is. If your local software experiences damage, you might end up losing all valuable data. Using a cloud server all your information is safe and can easily be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.


Active Collaboration

Healthcare providers usually get medical data from medical records and imaging. Usually, this data is on paper. Cloud solutions for healthcare allow to store all information in one place and access it whenever needed. This also helps medical staff quickly share required information, which, in turn, streamlines the whole treatment process.

A Big Number of Patients’ Visits Can Be Easily Handled Online. Cloud-Based Healtchare Solutions are Here to Help.

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Services We Provide

Powered by cloud computing and data analytics, we design custom cloud healthcare solutions for medical facilities, depending on their specific needs. Learn the types of cloud-based solutions we provide.

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Remote Patients Monitoring

Collected patients’ health data is raw until it’s properly analyzed. The time gap between collected data and analysis can take a while. Errors and delays in data analysis can pose a severe threat to a patient’s health, so Remote Patient Monitoring solutions are here to help. They minimize the waiting time and allow doctors to take action immediately.

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Healthcare Integration

Like any progressive software, healthcare cloud services are under continuous transformation, focusing on the quality of care, speed, and ability to integrate with other applications. The applications we create can be seamlessly integrated with solutions for e-prescriptions, medical billing, wireless medical monitoring in real-time, IoT solutions, and pharma apps, among many others.

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Custom EHR/EMR

As a trusted healthcare software development company, we provide custom EHR/EMR solutions that help healthcare facilities securely keep and manage data. Adopting an Electronic Health Records system in your practice will help you to put an end to exhausting manual patient records filling, secure sensitive patient data, reduce the risk of medical errors, and run your practice hassle-free.

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Practice Management Software

Apart from secure data storing functions, cloud-driven healthcare solutions allow to effectively manage the inventory, normalize workload, and control revenue to ensure smooth practice functioning. Such cloud application based healthcare solutions not only provide a smooth patient experience but also promote lab inventory management. There’s no place for drug shortages in your practice.

Сloud-Driven Healthcare Solutions Development Company

Empeek offers custom healthcare cloud it software solutions for medical facilities, helping them move all the health data to the cloud. Cloud computing helps reduce costs, quickly adjust to industry needs, ensure smooth collaboration between healthcare providers, obtain advanced analytics, and prevent losses, among many other benefits. Such advantages are game-changing for healthcare facilities since they streamline inner processes focusing on service quality. Being a trusted healthcare development vendor for many years, Empeek understands the pulse of the healthcare sector. We have already equipped numerous businesses in healthcare with digitization and cloudification.

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Success Stories

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LiDAR Based App for Telecom

The delivered LiDAR based app for telecom allows to create real-time 3D models. Users can scan the terrain with IoS devices to map underground cables. The designed solution fully automates the flow of the telecommunication business.

  • 24/7 test ordering & tracking
  • Integration with Xero, M-Files, Fonality, etc.
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Predictive, wildcard & map search
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Photo Watermarking App

A cloud-based solution helps professional and amateur photographs to eliminate the routine work and dedicate more time to creativity. Photo Watermarking App allows to easily upload a photo and apply a watermark with just a few clicks.

  • Interactive canvas;
  • Watermark wallet;
  • Snap-to-edge technology;
  • Cloud integration
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