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From electronic health records (EHR) implementation to data security and compliance, we provide comprehensive health IT consulting services to meet the specific needs of your healthcare organization.

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Healthcare IT Consulting With Empeek

As a healthcare IT consulting firm, we bridge the gap between technology and healthcare. Driven by factors like digitization, changing IT landscape, government support, and data security needs, our medical consultants optimize IT infrastructures, streamline workflows, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

We specialize in integrating vendor products into healthcare environments, guaranteeing interoperability, data security, and compliance.

33% of transformations in healthcare fail because senior leaders did not model the change
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How Do We Help With IT Consulting in Healthcare

Consistently Keep Up With Regulations

Our IT consultants are dedicated to keeping your systems on the cutting edge of compliance. We ensure your technology aligns with the latest regulations to safeguard patient privacy and data security.

Your Systems Will Communicate Effectively

We bridge the gap between your systems so they can ‘talk’ seamlessly. Our medical IT consultants streamline data exchange and improve communication methods to boost workflow efficiency and collaboration among healthcare vendors. by.

Efficient and Up-to-date EHR

Empeek’s healthcare developers closely collaborate with your team to optimize your systems according to your requirements.We aim to update your EHR system according to the latest tech and regulatory requirements, and configure them to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Secure Healthcare Data Migration

Your privacy is our top priority at Empeek. We use the strongest data protection measures which include encryption, strict protocols, and advanced risk management. All this to ensure that your sensitive information is always secure when being transferred.

Structured Approach to Evaluating New Technologies

Our experts weigh the pros and cons of emerging solutions. We conduct pilot tests to help you make smart choices about incorporating new technologies into your daily operations.

Data Analysis for Informed Decision-making

Our healthcare data specialists help to turn your data into a goldmine. They extract valuable insights hidden within your operational, clinical, and financial datasets. These insights help you identify areas for improvement, leading to better decision-making and a stronger organization.

Empeek’s Medical IT Consulting Services

As a medical software consulting company we help healthcare organizations with tailored healthcare solutions and strategic guidance that improves patient outcomes and complies with regulations.

Custom Development

Healthcare needs a custom fit, and so does your technology. Our expert consultants design software solutions specifically built for your unique challenges. We ensure these custom apps and systems integrate into your existing workflows, avoiding any disruption and maximizing efficiency. 

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Healthcare Integrations

At Empeek, our team makes sure all your healthcare systems talk to each other. This means your Electronic Health Records (EHRs), lab results, and other medical applications work together seamlessly.  This translates to smoother communication and better collaboration among your healthcare providers.

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EHR Design

Forget about cumbersome EHR systems that just increase your staff frustration. Empeek’s medical developers and designers create intuitive interfaces that streamline workflows to save valuable time for clinical documentation and decision-making.

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Cloud Transformation

With empeek’s team on board, you don’t have to worry about the complexity of migrating to the cloud. The goal is to provide a smooth transition so you can use the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency without sacrificing data security. 

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Healthcare IT Support and Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance services to ensure the uninterrupted operation of healthcare IT systems. Our dedicated consultants offer proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization, minimizing downtime and maximizing system reliability.

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Medical Software Improvements

Empeek partners with healthcare professionals to identify roadblocks and streamline existing medical software. Our development experts enhance functionality and ensure seamless data exchange, boosting efficiency and improving patient care.

Legacy Software Consulting

Empeek’s consultants identify compatibility issues and craft migration or integration plans for your legacy systems. This frees up your staff to focus on what matters most – patient care.

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Discover Our Health IT Consulting Services That Aligns With Your Specific Healthcare Practices

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Our Healthcare Clients

We are proud to be the trusted partner of a wide range of organizations committed to improving healthcare outcomes and promoting well-being. Our dedicated teams collaborate with each client segment to deliver innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Healthcare Service Providers

We offer custom medical software to enhance workflow, data security, and healthcare communication, addressing the operational and regulatory challenges faced by providers.

Medical Device Producers

Empeek’s consultants assist in creating software that elevates medical device hardware, enabling manufacturers to reach broader markets and continuously improve their products.

Health and Wellness Startups

We provide solutions for software scalability, user engagement, and data privacy, allowing health and wellness clients to concentrate on their main services while we manage the technical aspects.

Pharmaceutical Companies

We offer custom software to help pharmaceutical companies speed up drug development, improve supply chains, and ensure compliance, facilitating efficient market entry.

Health Product Companies

We manage software lifecycle, quality assurance, and supply chain optimization, allowing clients to concentrate on their main strengths while we handle the technical backend.


Empeek offers custom software services to help laboratories manage data, ensure integrity, and integrate with healthcare systems, streamlining operations for accurate and timely results.

Empeek’s Roadmap in Medical IT Consulting

We understand that every healthcare organization has unique needs and challenges. Our collaborative approach ensures we become an extension of your team and helps to guide you through each stage of the process.

Initial Consultation and Knowledge Transfer

We begin by actively listening to your specific requirements, existing IT infrastructure, and the challenges you face. This collaborative effort allows our experienced consultants to gain a comprehensive understanding of your healthcare environment.

Strategic Planning and Solution Design

Our team of medical experts designs bespoke IT solutions that address your immediate needs while also considering future growth. We prioritize the ability of your systems to adapt to evolving requirements and integrate with existing infrastructure. Solutions that we design adhere to all relevant healthcare regulations.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our consultants test the developed systems under various scenarios to identify and rectify any issues or vulnerabilities. This guarantees that the final solutions meet the highest standards of performance and user satisfaction.

Reporting and Documentation

Empeek´s consultants provide regular updates and documentation which includes progress reports, issue logs, and user manuals. Detailed documentation serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders that help to facilitate effective decision-making, troubleshooting, and future enhancements.

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KPIs in Focus

Cost Savings

Your goal is ours. We strive for efficient resource allocation to maximize ROI.

Reduction In Turnaround Times

Empeek´s consultants aim to optimize systems for faster completion of tasks and services.

Fewer Errors

Our quality assurance measures help healthcare organizations to minimize errors and inaccuracies.

Data Breaches Prevented

Our primary goal is to safeguard sensitive information and mitigate the risk of data breaches.

Discover The Possibilities Of Medical IT Consulting For Your Healthcare Institution

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Benefit from High-Quality Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Reduced Operational Errors

Our services are designed to optimize workflows and enhance operational efficiency. We identify bottlenecks and significantly reduce the occurrence of errors.

Visible Cost Savings

Our expertise in optimizing resource allocation and identifying areas for efficiency improvement brings tangible cost savings.

Expert Guidance

We provide strategic guidance and have a deep understanding of both technology and healthcare to steer your initiatives in the right direction.

Project Management Expertise

We handle all aspects of project management of software development lifecycle. You dedicated PM ensures that timelines are met, resources are allocated efficiently, and stakeholders are kept informed.

Risk Mitigation

We proactively address potential threats and vulnerabilities, to ensure the continuity and resilience of your IT infrastructure.


VelloHealth – Collaboration Platform for ACT Teams

Core functionality include:

  • Centralized client profiles with demographic, clinical, and care planning data.
  • Mobile tracking of client locations to coordinate visits.
  • Shared notes, tasks, and notifications for care team members.
  • Dashboards and reporting on client cases and team activities.


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UI/UX for Digital Mental Health Solution, desktop and mobile

Upvio x Elation Integration

This project aims to integrate two healthcare systems, Upvio (Practice Management) and Elation (Electronic Health Record), to synchronize appointments, payment management, and enable communication between users.

Coming soon
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BioBeat – HIPAA and HITECH compliant RPM Solution

Empeek team developed a software that allows patients to monitor their health parameters and helps healthcare providers make informed clinical decisions.

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BioBeat – HIPAA and HITECH compliant RPM Solution

What Our Client Say

Liam Terblanche

CTO at Airvantage

Their competence surpassed the level of their professionalism.

Empeek met all the discussed requirements and provided documentation, feedback, and solutions in a professional and timely manner. They efficiently managed and tracked the workflow and progress, meeting the client’s expectations. Furthermore, they showed worthwhile competence and professionalism.

Why Choose Empeek as Your Medical IT Consulting Partner

Extensive Healthcare Industry Expertise

With over a decade of experience, Empeek brings deep domain knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges within the healthcare sector.

ISO-Certified Quality Management

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring that our processes meet international standards for quality management, guaranteeing excellence in our services.

Proven Track Record

Our track record of successful projects and satisfied clients speaks volumes about our ability to deliver results and exceed expectations.

Robust Information Security

Empeek holds ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safeguarding sensitive healthcare data.

Overcome Challenges With Our Consulting Services And Bring Ease To Your Healthcare Practices

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The Cost of Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Fixed price

Once we finish the discovery phase, we offer a predetermined cost for the entire project to prove transparency and predictability for budgeting purposes. This pricing model is suitable for well-defined projects with clear requirements and deliverables.

Dedicated Team

Our clients have the option of a dedicated team of IT professionals who work exclusively on their project. This model ensures focused attention, consistent communication, and alignment with your objectives.

Time and Material Based

Pricing is determined based on the actual time and resources used during the project, which allows flexibility and scalability. This model is ideal for projects with evolving requirements or uncertain scope, since it provides adaptability and cost control.

Healthcare IT Solutions We Offer

Our dedicated medical software consulting team boasts expertise in cutting-edge technologies and can assist you in the implementation of new software and enhance your existing solutions with confidence.

Our Tech Stack

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What is healthcare IT consulting?

Healthcare IT consulting services offer expert-level guidance and knowledge to medical organizations. Drawing on their specialized expertise and training in medical policies, healthcare information technology consulting firms identify challenges and devise innovative strategies to address them effectively.

What does a healthcare IT consultant do?

Healthcare IT consultants play a crucial role in assisting healthcare providers in optimizing their business operations and enhancing overall system and staff productivity. They achieve this by providing guidance and expertise in navigating complex implementation, integration, or upgrade processes within the healthcare IT landscape.

What is the difference between IT services and consulting?

The key distinction often lies in the interpretation of the services offered by each provider. An IT consultant identifies the most suitable solution for the client’s needs when an IT service provider delivers a solution based on their existing capabilities and expertise.

What are the examples of an IT consulting service?

IT consulting services encompass a variety of offerings such as business process automation, digital risk management, systems implementation, and IT enterprise security.

How to get started with our healthcare IT consulting firm?

Whether your industry requires assistance in developing cutting-edge healthcare solutions, support in implementing new healthcare software to streamline management processes, or any other consulting need, Empeek´s consultants are ready to help. Backed by senior-level expertise and a deep understanding of healthcare technology, our team has all the capabilities to address your organization’s needs, regardless of industry specifics or the complexity of your project. Reach out to us today to learn more about our healthcare IT consultancy services.

What are the benefits of healthcare information technology consulting for small businesses?

There are a number of reasons to consider healthcare technology consulting for small businesses, some of them are the following:


  • Identify and address system weaknesses
  • Enhance patient care
  • Streamline access to information
  • Improve tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Optimize record management
  • Simplify workflow processes
  • Enhance communication channels

What are the typical roles within a healthcare IT consulting project?

Some typical roles within a healthcare IT consulting project are the following, among others:

  • Project manager 
  • IT consultant 
  • System architect 
  • Implementation specialist 
  • Security consultant 
  • QA specialist

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