HIPAA-compliant Digital Mental Health Solution

About the Project

Many ACT teams serve traditionally hard-to-reach clients, they overwhelmingly rely on paper, spreadsheets, and texting, in large part because the electronic medical record (EMR) was not designed for the unique real-time workflows of community care settings. Vello Health solves this problem.

Its primary goals are to improve the safety of ACT team members, address financial, clinical, and best practice compliance, and seamlessly integrate with EMR through a one-way interface. The platform is primarily accessed via iOS or Android mobile devices.

ACT team members collaborate on assessments, treatment planning, and day-to-day interventions. Instead of practitioners having individual caseloads, team members are jointly responsible for ensuring each client receives the services needed to support recovery from mental illness.

UI/UX for Digital Mental Health Solution

62% increase in completed visits

109% growth of average billings

Total team billings by $275,125

Our Client

VelloHealth serves as a platform designed to optimize the real-time management and reporting of ACT team operations.


Goals Set to Empeek

Vello Health wanted to equip team members in the field with easy access to relevant client information and design an efficient way to capture visit details. The goals were:

  • Create a backend admin system with data collection and cloud for the clinic’s ACT team;
  • Engineer a web application for administrative needs;
  • Create a mobile application for ACT teams’ needs.
UI/UX for Digital Mental Health Solution, desktop and mobile

Solutions We Have Delivered

The discovery phase was critical in laying the groundwork for this project. During this stage, the team conducted extensive research and planning to fully understand the goals, requirements, and scope. We produced comprehensive designs, wireframes, and functional specifications to capture all details of the desired system.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

  • Enabling HIPAA-compliant communication within single and multiple ACT Teams, prioritizing confidentiality and security;
  • Comprehensive message auditing.

Real-time Crisis Planning

  • Maintain a log of competency/resilience training and critical crisis resources;
  • Enabled de-escalation methods and related strategies as outlined in the Relapse Prevention Plan.

Pattern Recognition

  • Keep tabs on both past and newly identified triggers;
  • Correlate triggers with dates and frequency to provide timely alerts to the ACT Team.

Enabled integration into ACT’s real-time workflows

Enabled integration into ACT’s real-time workflows, encompassing aspects like visits, visit verification, time tracking for partial/full billing, medication delivery/logistics, Medicaid recertification, notifications, stability metrics, and HIPAA-compliant communication.


  • Integrations with Netsmart and AccuMedic EHRs and Data Loading import/export;
  • Enabled integration into ACT’s real-time workflows, encompassing aspects like visits, visit verification, time tracking for partial/full billing, medication delivery/logistics, Medicaid recertification, notifications, stability metrics, and HIPAA-compliant communication.


Reporting tools and analytics that support multiple ACT teams.

Feature image

MVP Development

The initial MVP phase focused on implementing core functionality and establishing a solid foundation on which to build. Regular sprint cycles enabled continuous progress tracking and the flexibility to iterate based on emerging insights.

With the minimum viable product launched, the focus shifted to using customer feedback and usage data to inform ongoing enhancement efforts. Sprint planning sessions now revolve around selecting the most high-value features and fixes to build out next.

UI/UX for Digital Mental Health Solution, desktop and mobile

Core Challenge


A key challenge emerged around geocoding needs. Popular existing solutions were either too limited or cost-prohibitive for this project’s scope. Empeek’s team ultimately engineered an innovative offline geocoding service that avoided reliance on external APIs and protected patient data privacy. This custom approach enabled meeting core location requirements within budget constraints while prioritizing security and compliance factors.

UI/UX for Digital Mental Health Solution, mobile







UI/UX for Digital Mental Health Solution, desktop

Empeek & Vello Health Cooperation

We support sales process of VelloHealth and help convert new business by demonstrating product’s technical capabilities.

We frequently collaborate on presentations and provide estimates for potential new capabilities and required timelines.

We provide regular guidance to product team on technical feasibility, approach, and level of effort to build requested functions.

We also suggest recommendations for high value enhancements based on user feedback and industry trends.

Results for the Customer

  • Decrease of no-shows, from a high of 50% in October 2022 to a March 2023 value of 44%;
  • Average billing PCPM increases by 109% for the clients of our customer;
  • Automated Data workflow;
  • Increased customer base;
  • Enhanced patient data management.
UI/UX for Digital Mental Health Solution, mobile

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