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Why DevOps Solutions?

Whether you want to move your legacy software to the cloud, or modernize your applications using modern and effective technologies, our DevOps consulting company is here to to guide you through the process. Our team believes in the power of DevOps to transform the way development teams and executives work together, driving greater transparency and agility.

As a DevOps services company, we take full responsibility for your cloud infrastructure architecture and ensure that your HIPAA implementation and compliance are up to par. Our experts carefully consider scalability, disaster recovery, and security to keep every patient’s information safe.

With our DevOps consulting expertise on board you expand a way beyond your local talent pool and can concentrate on your core business.

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How Your Product Benefits From Implementing DevOps Services

Cost-effective IT infrastructure

DevOps services can help you minimize infrastructure maintenance costs and maximize system availability, so you get the most value out of your IT investments

HIPAA Security Encryption and protection of PHI

Customers may evaluate and take advantage of the encryption features native to the HIPAA-eligible services.

Enhanced Quality

DevOps helps organizations deliver high-quality software products that meet their customers’ needs by automating testing and other quality assurance processes.

24/7 monitoring

Our team ensures your systems and applications are always up and running. You can stay ahead of potential issues and minimize downtime.

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Our Key Service Offering

DevOps Consulting

Grow your operational performance and accelerate your development cycle by minimizing costs and running efficiency.

DevOps Implementation for Enterprises

From assessment and planning to monitoring and analytics. We cover all your enterprise needs in one place.

DevOps Support and Maintenance

It includes monitoring and managing the DevOps environment, troubleshooting, continuous improvement, and optimizing the DevOps workflow.

DevOps Automation

We help you improve your software’s quality by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

DevOps Engineering Services

Best work for companies with fragmented structures, where processes work separately. It takes the right engineers and technology to get this service well.

Outsource DevOps Engineer to Hire

We help companies augment their teams with highly qualified and experienced engineers without direct hiring of DevOps developers.

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Cloud Service Models We Support

Software-as-a-service image features icons of cloud communication, calendar, email, logos of HubSpot, SalesForce, and DocuSign.

SaaS (Software-as-a-service)

Users can access software applications over the internet, without having to install or maintain any hardware or software.

Infrastructure-as-a-service image features icons of cloud structure, cloud laptop system, logos of Azure, Google Cloud and AWS

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service)

Virtualized computing resources to users that allow them to avoid the costs and complexities of owning and managing their own hardware.

Platform-as-a-service image features icons of mobile phone, web planet, laptop, logos of Azure, Heroku, and AWS

PaaS (Platform-as-a-service)

Users can focus on developing their applications, while the provider takes care of the underlying infrastructure and platform.

DaaS cloud features icons of map, logo of xignite, logo of D&B Hoovers, icon of Database

DaaS (Database-as-a-Service)

Cloud computing model where users can access and manage a database system hosted by a provider over the internet.

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Our DevOps Approach

We have a well-defined process of proving DevOps Services to serve your business and security needs.

Step 1. Gather Requirements

The focus is on effective communication and collaboration between all stakeholders. The DevOps team, Business Analyst and Project Manager hold knowledge transfer workshops to gain an understanding of the project requirements and objectives. We also work to identify any potential issues and take steps to mitigate them.

Step 2. Architecture Design

We create a server infrastructure, configure the CI/CD pipeline, and design the security framework. Our team also builds the application architecture, defining its structure, components, and interdependencies. Now, we have a clear and well-defined system architecture that supports the development and deployment of the application.

Step 3. Planning and Estimation

We estimate the durations and costs required to complete the project. We create a schedule and plan talent allocation to maximize efficiency and support your core business. Our team collaborates closely with each stakeholder to prioritize activities, determine quality standards, and establish metrics to meet the desired level of quality and performance.

Step 4. Implementation

This stage is about continuous development cycle and testing. Our DevOps team tests the application to ensure it meets the quality standards and performs retrospective analysis to evaluate the success of the project and make improvements for future iterations.

Step 5. Optimization

Our mindset is tuned to improve performance, scalability, security, and user experience. Empeek’s DevOps team creates a plan to implement improvements to increase the efficiency of the development and testing process.

Step 6. Monitoring and Control

We continuously monitor project progress and performance against predefined goals and objectives. Our team configures operational rules to ensure that the application operates within predefined parameters and does not exceed resource limits or cause system failures.

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Why Empeek?

Our values are centered around learning and growth. Outlining them allows us to remain focused so we can deliver the most value to our clients.

We Put People First

Whether it’s maintaining a motivated and productive workforce or developing products for you and your users, people are at the heart of every project we’re involved with.

Healthcare Expertise

Software development in the healthcare industry requires special dedication and knowledge. With our knowledge your product will be legally compliant and speak directly to users’ needs.

A Vast BA Team

We employ a highly-skilled team of business analysts, project managers, UX/UI designers, DevOps specialists, QA experts, and software engineers to run comprehensive discovery.


This includes a data-driven software development plan. Our business analysts rely on credible data sources to gather the information required for a successful launch.

We Look to the Future

We’re interested in the long-term impact of every project. Our business is built around values, not transnational cooperation.

Strong Soft Skills

We ask the right questions. We take over your communication channels and take a personal approach to building relationships.

Pulse – Azure-Based Infrastructure For Drug Testing Portal

The developed product assisted in completing over 1 000 000 drug tests in the Transportation and Oil & Gas industries.

Drug Testing Portal has a microservices-based architecture on Azure. It is designed for pre-employment background check and routine employee substance abuse testing.

The portal automates the process for all the parties involved: Applicants, Employees, Employers, Vendors, Collection Centers, Labs, Transportation Companies, and Independent Medical Review Officers.

Explore the Project
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A Collaboration Platform for Treating Serious Mental Illness

VelloHealth is building industry-leading collaboration software for care teams that treat severe mental illness. The VelloHealth Collaboration Platform (VCP) is the company’s flagship product, designed primarily for Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams.

What we did:
– Developed a cross-platform mobile app and a web admin panel for centralized ACT team management;
– Enabled API integration of the platform with EHR and EMR systems;
– The system we developed has reduced the number of emergencies providing ACT teams with quick EHR access and convenient communication.

Explore the Project
vello health UI - mental health collaboration platform

What Our Clients Say

Their competence surpassed the level of their professionalism.
Empeek met all the discussed requirements and provided documentation, feedback, and solutions in a professional and timely manner. They efficiently managed and tracked the workflow and progress, meeting the client’s expectations. Furthermore, they showed worthwhile competence and professionalism.

Liam Terblanche, CTO at Airvantage

They were an excellent organization to conduct business with.
Thanks to the Empeek team, the project was completed at 2% less cost before the expected deadline. They maintained an excellent communication flow, proving their reliability as a partner.

Jerry Pierrottie, Director of Operations at Safety Council of Southwest LA

Products We Deliver Meet International Security Standards



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What are DevOps services and solutions, and how can they help my business?

DevOps services and solutions are a set of practices and tools that emphasize collaboration and communication between software developers and IT operations teams. The aim is to streamline and automate software development and delivery processes, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality software products rapidly and efficiently. DevOps services and solutions can be outsourced, or businesses can choose to hire DevOps engineers in-house to implement and manage the process. By adopting DevOps practices, organizations can improve their agility, enhance software quality, and increase efficiency, leading to faster time-to-market, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

How do DevOps services work?

Under the DevOps model, development and operations teams work together as a cohesive unit, eliminating silos and promoting collaboration. This often involves merging the teams into a single entity, where engineers possess cross-functional skills and are involved in the entire application lifecycle, from development and testing to deployment and operations.

Furthermore, the DevOps model may integrate quality assurance and security teams more closely with development and operations, streamlining the entire application lifecycle. 

Our team relies on automation tools and technologies that automate manual and time-consuming processes to increase efficiency. This technology stack empowers engineers to carry out tasks independently, such as deploying code or provisioning infrastructure, that would have previously required assistance from other teams.

How does DevOps as a service differ from traditional software development processes?

DevOps refers to integrating cultural principles, methodologies, and technologies that rapidly enhance an organization’s capacity to deliver high-quality applications and services.

Traditional software development typically follows a structured and sequential process, where each stage of development is completed before moving on to the next. The emphasis is on careful planning and documentation.

The key points that make DevOps different from traditional software development are: emphasizing collaboration and communication between development and operations teams, software development and delivery process automation, and a continuous feedback loop.

How can I measure the success of my DevOps implementation?

Metrics can differ according to your project goals and needs. For example, you can measure the success of your DevOps implementation by tracking the following KPIs:

  • Time to market;
  • Frequency of deployments; 
  • Mean time to resolution for incidents;
  • Change Failure Rate (CFR) and others. 

It’s important to select KPIs that align with your business goals and objectives and to regularly review and adjust them as needed.

What is Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)?

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is a software engineering approach that aims to reduce the time it takes to deliver software from development to production. Continuous Integration (CI) frequently merges code changes into a shared repository and automatically builds and tests the code. This helps to catch errors and defects early in the development cycle, making fixing them easier and less expensive.

Continuous Delivery (CD) rozszerza praktykę ciągłej integracji poprzez automatyzację procesu wdrażania zmian w kodzie na produkcję. Obejmuje to w pełni zautomatyzowany proces tworzenia, testowania i wdrażania zmian w kodzie w środowisku produkcyjnym, umożliwiając organizacjom udostępnianie nowych funkcji i aktualizacji z większą szybkością, niezawodnością i elastycznością.

What will I get within DevOps-as-a-service?

Możesz spodziewać się kompleksowych narzędzi i usług, które pomogą Ci usprawnić procesy tworzenia i dostarczania oprogramowania. Niektóre kluczowe funkcje DevOps jako usługi obejmują ocenę i planowanie, ciągłą integrację i dostarczanie, zarządzanie chmurą, wsparcie i konserwację.

How is Empeek different from other DevOps companies?

Jako doświadczona firma usługowa DevOps jesteśmy dobrze wyposażeni, aby dostarczać rozwiązania dotyczące Twoich usług i dostępu do usług Twoje cele biznesowe . Czy nasze źródła atutowe należą:

  • Zastosowanie krytycznego projektu do nowo pojawiających się warunków, konieczności i możliwości biznesowych;
  • Różnorodne i uniwersalne zastosowania użytkowe;
  • Możliwość całodobowego monitoringu.

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