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Scheduling Software in Healthcare

Medical scheduling software provides vital solutions for efficient operations management. It is used across clinics, hospitals, and other care facilities. Robust systems replace inefficient manual scheduling processes prone to errors and limitations. All these innovations automate intricate administrative tasks, enhancing productivity across the board.

By implementing intelligent medical scheduling software, facilities can increase revenue, reduce labor costs, improve staff and provider satisfaction, ensure a balanced allocation of resources, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver superior patient experiences.












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We Understand Your Pains

Unoptimized appointment scheduling processes use outdated tools. They are not designed for complex scheduling. Manual methods are inefficient and generate problems that hurt facility utilization, revenue, costs, and satisfaction.

Manual Patient Scheduling

Organizing appointments by hand is labor-intensive and fragmented across systems and staff. As the scale increases, it leads to double bookings and unused time slots from errors. It also causes last-minute cancellations and administrative tasks overload.

Duplicate Appointments

Many staff members book appointments using paper calendars and spreadsheets. This causes frustrating double and triple bookings. It leads to packed provider schedules and rooms, billing errors, and disappointed patients.

Scheduling Errors of Medical Practices

Manual data entry across non-connected systems is prone to typos and mistakes. Patients get booked on the wrong date or time. They are prepped for their specialist or show up to find no appointment record. This results in empty time slots, lower use, and confused, dissatisfied patients.

Last Minute Changes

Uncontrolled schedule changes from staff and providers breed misinformation. This leaves other staff unprepared. It also fails to pre-assign nurse triage requirements and file insurance claims information. Last-minute changes translate to longer patient wait times, incorrect medical billing, and administrative whack-a-mole.

Provider Availability Issues

The lack of real-time visibility into provider schedules, templates, on-call duties, and facility utilization makes aligning hospital resources to patient demand exceptionally difficult. Appointment slots go unused while patients struggle to find openings.

Complex Scheduling Policies

Insurance providers have complex appointment rules for different payer types. They challenge staff and often lead to violations. It results in denied claims and reduced revenue. Implementing complex pre-approval rules needs very careful attention.

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Core Features Of Practice Management Software For Healthcare Organizations

Good appointment scheduling software offers healthcare organizations the tools to fully optimize appointment management across medical providers, locations, shared resources, and care teams.

Intuitive Calendar

A calendar manages patient appointments, provider schedules, and resource availability. You can coordinate bookings across multi-site networks with schedule templates and drag-and-drop functionality.

Rules Engine

No-code automation configures policies like visit pre-authorizations, insurance eligibility checks, and provider specializations. Automatically enforce rules to assure compliance and accuracy.

Automated Notifications

Smart system alerts update patients, staff, and providers on appointments, cancellations, pre-authorizations, unfilled time slots, and real-time booking changes via text, email, and app notifications.

Reporting and Analytics

Built-in dashboards provide visibility into scheduling KPIs. It may be slot usage trends, patient wait times, referral workflows, or unmet appointment demand analysis to inform leadership decisions.

Real-Time Updates

All system users see appointment changes as they happen, to coordinate follow-on services appropriately across patient care teams and keep front and back-office workflows synchronized.

Waitlist Automation

Automated waitlist clinic management seamlessly fills last-minute cancellations via priority rules, improving revenue and access. Customizable patient reminders reduce no-shows.

Mobile Access

Healthcare providers, care teams, and patients access scheduling from anywhere via intuitive apps. They can coordinate care needs with the help of self-service booking and driving lab follow-ups.

Resource Scheduling

Unified visibility into shared physical and personnel resources (rooms, equipment, staff) enables efficient enterprise-wide booking coordination, reducing duplicate requests and allocation errors.

Configurable Shift Rules

Manage provider shift rules, including practice location, rotation, qualifiable duty, care team assignments, and substitute preferences. Enable shift swapping automation.

Cross-Department Scheduling

Share appointment schedules between the front desk, clinical departments, diagnostics, labs, and therapy teams for streamlined patient journeys.

Benefits of Custom Practice Management Software

Specialized appointment scheduling software is designed to improve healthcare workflows. It delivers measurable improvements across revenue, compliance, staff experience, and patient satisfaction.

Compliance & Governance

We assist clients in developing and implementing tailored solutions based on their preferences. So, they can plan and implement specific rules, such as appointment guidelines and billing policies, designed uniquely for their medical practices.

Data-Driven Insights

Custom analytics dashboards reveal trends around appointment capacity utilization, patient cycle times, downstream referral completion rates, unmet demand, and more to drive informed decisions around resource planning and access policies.

Resource Optimization

Granular visibility into provider capacity, room availability, and equipment usage improves department coordination. It also helps organizations align supply to actual demand by considering patient care needs.

Revenue Growth

Streamline operations, automate scheduling, and enhance patient engagement to get more appointments. Our user-friendly solution optimizes your practice, ensuring efficiency and increased revenue.

Productivity Gains

Automating manual scheduling tasks, such as managing call volumes and coordinating resources, frees up staff. This allows them to focus on value-added patient support and engagement. The result is improved throughput in healthcare operations.

Patient Access Improvements

A patient portal that allows self-service scheduling appointments and enables users to book, confirm, and manage appointments 24/7 online for improved experience, convenience, and loyalty. This increases recurring appointments and prevents no-shows.

Reduced Staff Burnout

Scheduling software reduces administrative strain and frustration from constantly juggling phone calls, double-booked rooms, and shuffling schedules. Automation allows healthcare professionals to focus on coordinating excellent care instead.

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Simplify Scheduling Processes and Improve Productivity with Custom Scheduling Software

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Why Empeek

  • 8+ years of healthcare IT expertise provides deep industry knowledge and understanding
  • We come up with ideas and solutions to improve healthcare processes through collaboration
  • Large QA and Testing team evaluates and validates health systems for accuracy
  • We speak business language to align technical solutions with organizational goals
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Our Healthcare Software Development Services

We have built over 100+ healthcare solutions and thoroughly understand complex clinical workflows. Our offer includes full-lifecycle design and development services for all healthcare IT solutions.

Project Discovery

We help define problems and map as-is workflows. We also identify constraints during the initial discovery phase. Then, we design the optimal practice management solution. This includes stakeholder interviews, process analysis, and roadmap workshops. We also use prototyping to vet strategic direction.

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End-to-End Development

Our cross-functional team handles the complete practice management application build. We use approved healthcare IT architecture patterns. This ensures seamless integration, security, scalability, and reliability.

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Comprehensive QA & Testing

We verify practice management software quality and functionality to meet regulation requirements like HIPAA. Furthermore, we strive to ensure integrations across your existing electronic health records (EHR), analytics systems, databases, and other APIs. This ensures smooth user acceptance and assures patient data integrity.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Following solution deployment, our commitment doesn’t end. We persist in continuous improvements, maintenance, monitoring, and issue resolution under SLAs. We are here to collaborate for ongoing enhancements and adaptations to evolving clinical system changes.

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Business & Technical Analysis

Our analysts diligently translate client requirements into a shared vision for developers. We facilitate seamless communication by modeling current processes and envisioning future workflow efficiencies. Our goal is to align the product with client expectations.

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MVP Development

We craft MVP software that focuses on critical capabilities. Our team uses user feedback to focus on features and scale. We aim to create comprehensive healthcare software solutions that cater to your needs and requirements.

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Staff Augmentation

We bring on board software engineers, UI/UX experts, DevOps specialists, and other experts to enhance your projects. Whether you need to refine the software, optimize user experience, or streamline operations, our professionals are here to help you.

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VelloHealth – Collaboration Platform for ACT Teams

  • Average billing PCPM increases by 109% for the clients of our customer.
  • Decrease of no-shows, from a high of 50% in October 2022 to a March 2023 value of 44%
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EHR for Behavioral Health

We’ve created web and mobile applications to help doctors and patients optimize the treatment process.

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Pioneer Advanced Practice Management

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Core Healthcare Solutions We Develop

Alongside scheduling optimization software, we provide full-stack development, implementation, and maintenance of digital health solutions.

Remote Patient Monitoring

We develop secure RPM software solutions that collect vitals, symptoms, medication adherence, and behavioral health data from sensors. Thanks to advanced analytics, the system can spot trends to adjust care plans,trigger interventions, improve patient outcomes, and lower costs.

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Healthcare CRM

CRM platforms manage patient communications via automated reminders and campaigns. They enable care team collaboration with shared record access and provide a referral management solution to improve downstream conversion rates.

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Revenue Cycle Management Solution

End-to-end revenue cycle software tools completely automate payment processing, claims filing, payer verification, insurance eligibility checks, analytics benchmark reporting, and more. It improves financial performance and compliance.

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Telemedicine Software

We develop HIPAA-compliant telehealth platforms that enable video visits, support remote specialist consults, e-prescribing, asynchronous messaging, and mobile care tools. We aim to provide your business and patients convenient access and reduce unnecessary office visits.

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Patient Engagement Apps

White-labeled apps help patients get a care plan overview and enable access to treatment history. They also connect users with care teams, prescriptions, lab results, and self-management programs. This drives usage, retention, and care plan adherence for better outcomes.

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Healthcare IoT Platforms

We develop secure IoT networks tailored to gather real-time data from medical equipment through sensors. Our custom analytics dashboards are invaluable tools, offering insights into workflows, usage patterns, operational adjustments, and strategic investments.

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