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Why mHealth App Development Matters

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With the advancement of technology patients have better opportunities to get faster and cheaper medical services. mHealth stands for mobile health and means the integration of mobile technology with healthcare. It helps patients and doctors to have more efficient communication, ensures quick access to health data, allows to monitor diseases, among other benefits. The development of mHealth apps greatly improves the patient experience in terms of time, efficiency and quality of care.
Healthcare providers face a challenge of designing and developing an mHealth app that fits their requirements. Let’s cope with this challenge together.

Goals of mHealth Apps Development

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Cost Reduction

We take care of designing a unique patients’ health records management system for your business. We take care of designing a unique patients’ health records management system for your business

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Healthy Population

With the help of mHealth apps patients can quickly identify abnormalities in health parameters, and start treatment at once. Disease prevention and on-time treatment contribute to the nation’s well-being.


R&D Enhancement

mHealth technology provides a strong database of health data and treatment experience, thus, giving a push to further studies around the health area.

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Use of Existing Services

Already existing mHealth apps are lacking scientifically verified knowledge, putting patients’ health at risk. However, they come in handy in modern mobile health programmes development.

Mobile Health App Development Services

We follow the principle of individual approach to each customer. We deeply investigate the project’s needs and goal, and a team of our experts suggests which features the mHealth app should contain to help the client meet the business goal. With us, you can implement such mhealth app development solutions:

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Health Information Exchange Applications

Health information exchange apps allow to securely share health data from one device to another. With the help of custom health app development, patients and doctors can seamlessly exchange health records; emergency room practitioners can avoid duplication testing by having access to medication history and recent radiology images.

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Telehealth App

Our team of mHealth app developers builds apps that allow patients and doctors to communicate remotely. After a video call or chat with a doctor, a patient can soothe pain faster, thus, having more time for rest. Doctors, in turn, have a more balanced workflow, since they can provide assistance anytime and anywhere.

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Hospital Apps

The medical mobile apps we build help healthcare facilities to cope with various management tasks. They help to control appointment management, make patient monitoring easier and more accurate, allow to manage inventory, and assist in other hospital-related tasks. Delegating routine tasks to the technology, patients and doctors can enjoy the streamlined treatment process.

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Remote Healthcare Apps

A team of our experts provides custom mHealth software solutions that allow patients to share their health data with physicians, nurses, and family members in real-time. Such applications allow patients to enjoy the treatment process without the need for hospitalization.

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Chronic Disease Tracking App

We build mHealth chronic disease tracking apps that are synchronized with other healthcare devices later on. This helps to track and analyze the health data of the patient suffering from a chronic disease. Such apps also come in handy in monitoring the patient’s post-treatment recovery process.

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Wellness Apps

We specialize in building custom healthcare mobile app development services such as mobile fitness apps. They help to take the most of physical activity. Fitness applications allow to schedule a workout, track running time and footsteps, manage diet plan, and track biological clock for women.

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Mobile App for the Healthcare Industry

We offer custom mHealth solutions that help healthcare facilities improve the general patient experience. Mobile apps for the healthcare industry ensure seamless patient and doctor communication on a regular basis, simplify administrative work, and make the emergency handling process more efficient.

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Integration with mHealth Apps

Our company offers software integration services with mHealth apps. We integrate wearable devices with smartphones and provide the software architecture for real-time monitoring. Integrated mHealth solutions minimize the challenge of health workers who use multiple devices and applications to track the patients’ health data.

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Benefits of mHealth app development solutions

We build mHealth applications that facilitate healthcare organizations with various hospital-related tasks needed to ensure seamless doctor and patient workflow.

For Healthcare Providers:

  • Appointment management
  • Diagnostic Accuracy, Consultation Recording
  • Treatment process improving
  • Real-time communication

For Patients:

  • Online Doctor Search
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Preventive Care
  • Real-time Health Monitoring
  • Easy Payment Options

For Administrators:

  • Healthcare Providers Management
  • Patients Management
  • Pricing and Commissions Management
  • Services Tracking
  • Analytics and Reporting

Why Empeek

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Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

We work with physicians, nurses, and other relevant stakeholders, in the development process. Their insights and expertise helps to ensure that the app meets the needs of healthcare providers and aligns with clinical workflows.

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Integration with Existing Systems

We take into account how the mobile app will integrate with existing healthcare systems, such as EHR systems or scheduling platforms. Overall, it improves efficiency, and helps to avoid duplication of data entry, and provide a comprehensive view of patient information.

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Strategic Alignment

Our goal is to develop a mobile app that aligns with the overall strategic goals and vision of your healthcare company. We help to understand how the app fits into your organization’s long-term plans and how it enhances patient care.

Project Success

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Mental Health Care – Moodlifters

A mobile app with a global aim to reduce stigma around mental health care. The program is based on years of research to help people relieve stress and anxiety and live the life they want.

  • Uncovered three essential user groups: medical providers, peer leaders, and patients;
  • Designed tailored user areas and functionality to meet the specific needs of different groups;
  • Identified five crucial aspects of mental well-being to be incorporated in the app: body, thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships.
  • Empeek’s team assisted with digitalisation of the program and is already implemented in medical practices across the US.
Explore Moodlifers Project

A Collaboration Platform for Treating Serious Mental Illness

VelloHealth is building industry-leading collaboration software for care teams that treat severe mental illness. The VelloHealth Collaboration Platform (VCP) is the company’s flagship product, designed primarily for Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams.

Goals and Deliverables: 

  • An MVP mobile app for ACT team members that allows participants to collaborate
  • A web app that allows admins to manage clinics and ACT teams
  • Designing mobile apps for IOS and Android to achieve a higher user adoption rate
  • Ensuring smooth integration with Netsmart’s EMR system
  • Designing and ensuring flawless integration with Twilio or Sendbird (a HIPAA-compliant communication platform)
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Telehealth solutions

Mend, Updox,, Teladoc.

EMR/EHR software

Epic, EHR Your Way, CampDoc, Pabau and others.

Healthcare CRM

Veeva CRM, HC1 Healthcare CRM, Evariant, VerioMed and similar.

HIS (Hospital Information Systems)

Azalea Health, athenaOne, Caspio and others.

Remote patient monitoring

HealthSnap, Optimize Health, Cadence Care, Athelas.


We place great emphasis on implementing robust security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive healthcare data while developing mHealth solutions.
Data Encryption
Two-factor authentication
Role-Based Access Control
Secure APIs and Data Transmission
Compliance with Regulations
User Privacy Controls
Secure Data Storage
Secure Development Lifecycle

Modern Healthcare App Technologies

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Analyze large volumes of patient data, detect patterns, and provide insights for diagnosis and treatment decisions.

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Healthcare IoT

Healthcare apps to collect and monitor various health real-time. It empowers users to track their health and enables healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions.

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Voice Assistants

We integrate Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant into healthcare apps to provide voice-activated interactions and facilitate hands-free access to information and services.

Our mHealth Development Tech Stack

We have expertise in a mobile development stack that encompasses a variety of cutting-edge technologies. Our toolkit includes React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Android, and iOS, allowing us to create custom and high-performance mobile applications for healthcare institutions.

Let’s Make the World of Healthcare More Accessible

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They were on a budget, and the app was delivered in a timely fashion. In terms of usage, the application’s interface was clean, extremely user-friendly, and very fast. They delivered on all of our performance metrics. In terms of communication, their response time was extremely fast.

Terry Rawlings, COO Modus Research Inc

They developed what they promised and they’re always on time. Empeek is flexible when we need new arrangements or need help with another project. They were able to come up with resources within a reasonable amount of time.  One thing that stands out about Empeek is they’re not arrogant. None of the people I’ve worked with are like that. Empeek’s team is always nice and friendly.

Gregor Jarisch, CTO EdTechFoundry AS

I am most impressed with the high quality of design and development, which is really important to us.  They have designed the product to be extensible, with a solid base and architectural backend to allow for product implementation and design scaling. Also, the product hasn’t been buggy at all, so we can support it without difficulty.
As an ongoing partner, they continue to dedicate a communicative, highly skilled team that meets deadlines and stays on budget.

Nathaniel Weiss, CEO (owner) VelloHealth LLC

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We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software

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Dealing with mHealth Platform Development, we believe in constant learning. We keep up with innovations and trends and regularly share acquired expertise in our articles.

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