Telehealth Consulting Services

Enhance your existing platform or get guidance on building a custom telehealth solution with our telehealth consulting services. We will analyze your requirements and concerns to assist with anything you need, be it product discovery or a software optimization strategy.

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Telemedicine Consulting

Telehealth consulting services can become a solid start to your new project or help you improve the efficiency and functionality of your current system.

Share your telehealth software idea with us to get professional discovery and a software development roadmap with specific deadlines and estimates. We will select the right technology platform to cover your business needs and ensure it seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use.

You may also ask us to audit your current telehealth system to find ways to enhance its operation and compliance. We can update and stabilize your software, implement new functionality, provide a tailored cloud migration strategy, and create incident response plans to mitigate potential disruptions and ensure business continuity.

Telemedicine consulting is a unique chance to improve patient care and healthcare operations through software.

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Our Telehealth Consulting Services

Project Discovery

We engage with key stakeholders to understand your goals, analyze existing systems, and create a detailed project plan with an estimate. This will give you a clear view of the product’s functionality and what it will take to build it.

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Compliance Advisory (HIPAA, FDA)

Our compliance consulting services ensure your telehealth solutions adhere to all relevant regulatory standards, such as HIPAA and FDA guidelines. We conduct thorough compliance audits and provide expert guidance on implementing necessary changes to meet these standards.

Software Audit

We comprehensively evaluate your current software systems to find areas for improvement and optimization. The audit includes assessing software performance, security issues, interoperability, and integration capabilities.

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Cloud Migration

Our experts develop a cloud migration strategy tailored to your needs and manage the migration process to minimize software operation disruptions. We can help with on-premises to cloud migration or switching to a different cloud provider.

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Third-Party Integrations

Integrate third-party telehealth solutions seamlessly with your existing systems to expand their functionality and capabilities. We can consult you on connecting telemedicine solutions with EHRs, practice management software, remote patient monitoring devices, and billing systems, among many other options.

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Custom Software Development Consulting

If you create a unique telehealth system or build tailored features from scratch, we can help finalize requirements, run a feasibility check, and select an optimum technology stack. Besides consulting, Empeek also offers custom software development services, so you can delegate any software development stage or the entire SDLC to our team.

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AI Implementation in Telehealth

Empeek can advise you on implementing predictive analytics, automated diagnostics, and customized treatment plans powered by AI capabilities. Such cutting-edge telehealth services will improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Get guidance on developing or integrating data analytics capabilities for telehealth to get valuable insights from the data you accumulate. Real-time reports and analytics will allow you to streamline your healthcare operations and monitor the efficiency of the adopted telehealth solutions.

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Legacy Software Modernization

Modernize your outdated telehealth systems with our expert consulting services. We will run a technical audit and test your legacy software to detect any weaknesses and share clear instructions on fixing them. We can also help you improve software performance, stability, and security.

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Empeek’s Telehealth Technology Consulting Process

Our telemedicine consulting ensures a seamless and efficient implementation of telehealth with compliance and optimized performance in mind.

Discovery Stage

We start with a comprehensive assessment of your telehealth system and requirements to validate the idea and map the software development strategy. This stage includes a series of discussions, a technical audit, basic prototype creation, and setting clear goals to guide the project.

Technology Selection and Estimates

We select the most suitable technology solutions based on the findings of the discovery and provide detailed cost estimates. We also evaluate various technology options, conduct feasibility studies, and present a comprehensive budget to ensure you make informed decisions.

Implementation and Integration

During this phase, we execute the project plan and assist with software development or integration into your existing infrastructure. Our team manages the implementation process, ensuring minimal workflow disruption and a smooth transition to new technologies.

Compliance and Security

We ensure all systems and processes meet regulatory standards, including HIPAA and FDA guidelines. Our compliance measures include regular audits and implementation of security protocols to protect PHI data.

Workflow Optimization

Our workflow optimization focuses on enhancing the efficiency of telehealth software systems. We identify software-related bottlenecks, such as slow data processing, confusing user interfaces, and integration issues, and implement improvements.

Ongoing Support

After software implementation and release, we offer continuous support to maintain and enhance your telehealth systems. Our services include regular system and security updates and troubleshooting to ensure your platform’s long-term success and optimal performance.

Other Healthcare Services We Offer

UI/UX Design

Enable smooth in-app navigation with user-centered UX/UI design that prioritizes accessibility and ease of use. We carefully analyze the target audience to adapt the application look and logic to their unique needs.

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Custom Healthcare Software

Use our services to develop a custom healthcare solution, be it an EHR system or smart device. We create tailored medical systems of different complexity and functionality, covering the entire software development cycle.

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EHR/EMR Development

Streamline patient data management, optimize the work of your medical team, and improve healthcare outcomes with certified EHR and EMR systems perfectly adapted to your organization.

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Medical Device Software

Create specialized software for medical devices that monitors patients’ health remotely, tracks vital signs in real-time, and provides timely help in emergencies.

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Support and Maintenance

Keep your healthcare software up-to-date, secure, and performing optimally with ongoing support and maintenance services.

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Dedicated Team

Get a remote team entirely concentrated on your project to focus on more critical business tasks while dedicated engineers take full care of software development.

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VelloHealth – Collaboration Platform for ACT Teams

We developed a platform that allows ACT team members collaborate closely, using centralized client profiles, mobile location tracking, shared notes and tasks, dashboards and reporting tools, and flexible functionality tailored to each team’s needs.

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UI/UX for Digital Mental Health Solution, mobile


HIPAA-compliant EHR System and Patient Portal for Mental Health Clinic

This is a HIPAA-compliant electronic health record (EHR) system and patient portal designed specifically for mental health clinic. We developed a comprehensive solution that offers advanced telemedicine, billing, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

Patient portal provides smart search, appointment scheduling, reminders, audio/video conferencing, access to documents and assessments, and payment history.

Coming soon
UI for EHR system and Patient Portal For Mental Health Clinic

Why Choose Empeek as Your Telemedicine Consultant Company

Industry Expertise
  • With almost a decade of experience in healthcare IT, we focus solely on medical software development. Our team has accumulated valuable expertise to adopt the best industry practices and ensure regulatory compliance for our clients.
ISO-Certified Quality Management
  • We are committed to internationally accepted standards and have obtained ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications. These certificates confirm our engineering processes center around quality and information security management.
Emphasis on Security
  • Data security and privacy are our top healthcare software development priorities. We thoroughly test the developed systems to detect vulnerabilities and implement access controls, data encryption, and other industry best practices to protect PHI.
Transparent Cost Structure
  • We believe in clear and honest pricing. Our transparent approach gives you complete visibility of costs without hidden fees. This way, you can plan your budget effectively and avoid unexpected expenses.
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What Clients Say

I am most impressed with the high quality of design and development, which is really important to us.  They have designed the product to be extensible, with a solid base and architectural backend to allow for product implementation and design scaling. Also, the product hasn’t been buggy at all, so we can support it without difficulty.

As an ongoing partner, they continue to dedicate a communicative, highly skilled team that meets deadlines and stays on budget.

Nathaniel Weiss, CEO at VelloHealth

We were building an MVP that will eventually serve as a full personal health record (PHR) solutions platform. The quality of their work was excellent. They’re a very smart, informed company that understands how to create a functionally-sound platform. They provide accurate cost estimates and timelines, which is very helpful as well. I enjoyed working with them. 

Jessica Blanding, Owner at Text and Online Counseling

How to Get Started

Step 1. Schedule an Intro Call

Set up an initial meeting to discuss your needs and explore how we can help optimize your telehealth software. The introductory call allows us to understand your goals and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2. Knowledge Sharing and Estimates

Share your project requirements during a series of calls so we can refine the details. We will provide a comprehensive estimate of costs and timelines based on the collected insights.

Step 3. Service Agreement

Once we agree on the details, formalize the partnership with a service agreement. This document outlines the project scope, timelines, costs, deliverables, and responsibilities.

A-Players Deliver Top Results

Alex Shpachuk

CEO & Co-Founder

Working with healthcare projects for more than 10 years

Anna Khmilova

Business Analyst

6 years in the Business Analyst role, IIBA® Member

Oleg Stefaniuk

Project Manager

Manages healthcare projects for 5+ years

Our Tech Stack

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How much does telehealth technology consulting cost?

The first introductory consultation is free. The cost of further services depends on the type and extent of the services required. Contact us and share your project details to get a quote.

What if my organization doesn't have a dedicated IT team?

If you don’t have an in-house team, we can assemble and manage a remote dedicated team tailored to your needs. Its size and composition depend on your software development needs, project scope, and duration.

What types of telehealth technologies do Empeek's consultants help with?

We can consult you on mobile apps for patient engagement and care delivery, secure patient portals for managing health information, and remote patient monitoring systems. We also have experience with mental health EHR systems, healthcare scheduling software, chronic disease management apps, and many other domains.

What to expect from a telehealth consulting service?

We start with an initial call to clarify your requirements and offer the most suitable form of consulting. Afterward, we can run a product discovery, tech audit, compliance advisory session, migration consulting, or advise on legacy software optimization and security upgrades.

What challenges can a consultant help overcome?

Our telemedicine consultants can assist in integrating new telehealth technologies with existing systems and achieving regulatory compliance. We can also provide a detailed estimate for your new project to help manage expectations and develop software with a clear plan and milestones.

What services are included in a telehealth technology consultation?

A telehealth technology consultation with Empeek includes project discovery, initial assessment, compliance advisory, and detailed software audits. It also covers cloud migration planning, integration of third-party solutions, AI implementation in telehealth, data analytics solutions, and modernization of legacy software systems.

What is the typical timeline for a telehealth technology consultation engagement?

Once you complete the contact form on our website, we will get back to you within days to plan an intake meeting. Then, the timeline depends on the scope of consulting services you chose, ranging from 2-4 weeks for discovery to months for ongoing support.

How do you approach assessing our existing technology infrastructure and readiness?

To assess your technology infrastructure and readiness, we first define the assessment objectives. Then, our team evaluates and tests the existing system’s core infrastructure components, identifies gaps, checks regulatory compliance, analyzes data management practices, and reviews IT policies and procedures.

What support is provided for conducting pilot testing and refining the telehealth solution?

We tailor a pilot plan to your needs, set up the pilot system, monitor its performance, and collect feedback. We also analyze the data and find areas for improvement. Then, our experts make the adjustments required before full deployment.

What services are available for ongoing telehealth optimization?

Empeek offers regular system performance reviews, security checks, and updates to optimize your telehealth solution. We also continuously monitor the software, troubleshoot, integrate new features and technologies per your requests, and ensure compliance with changing regulations.

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