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The Power of Data Analytics in Healthcare

Due to the digitization of health records and the widespread use of wearable devices, there has been a significant increase in the volume of health data accessible. This extensive reservoir of data holds immense potential for enhancing healthcare when effectively harnessed through advanced data analytics.

The analysis of substantial quantities of patient data enhances predictive capabilities for identifying individuals at risk, enables proactive interventions, streamlines hospital operations, and reveals insights that contribute to more well-informed diagnoses.

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Healthcare data analytics refers to analyzing healthcare-related datasets to uncover patterns and trends, enabling improvements at both the individual patient and business levels. It involves looking at a wide range of data to learn more about how diseases spread, how to reach out to people effectively, and how to improve healthcare overall. 

Data Integration and Interoperability

Our team can augment your capabilities in integrating diverse data sources and ensuring connectivity between systems. We develop custom solutions that enable an efficient exchange of information and facilitate comprehensive analytics and insights across your organization.

Cost Optimization

We understand the cost implications of implementing analytics solutions. Our approach considers software, storage, and ongoing maintenance costs. We work with you to design cost-effective strategies that align with your budgetary requirements.

Scalable Technology Infrastructure

Empeek helps overcome challenges related to legacy systems, inadequate storage capabilities, and limited computing resources. Our team ensures that your medical data analytics solutions handle growing volumes of information.

What We Offer

Data Science has huge potential to revolutionize modern healthcare into a more proactive, predictive and personalized system.

Big Data Analytics

As a healthcare data analytics consulting company, we specialize in custom solutions for processing and analyzing data, enabling quicker decision-making in diagnosis and facility workflow.

Integration and Management

We help organizations integrate and manage diverse data sources, offering custom solutions for seamless connectivity between systems and repositories.

Fraud Detection

Our analytics solutions employ advanced fraud detection algorithms, analyzing patterns, anomalies, and history to protect healthcare integrity, reducing financial losses for clients.

Visualization and Reporting

We create tools to simplify complex healthcare data into understandable summaries. Our team builds custom dashboards, charts, and graphs for your practice, enabling data-driven decision-making and KPI

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Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions That We Provide

Healthcare managed analytics involves analyzing healthcare-related datasets to uncover patterns and trends, enabling improvements at both the individual patient and business levels.

Insurance Claims Analytics

We develop solutions that analyze claims data to identify patterns, detect fraud, assess risk, and optimize claims processes. It enables efficient claims management and cost containment strategies.

Clinical Analytics

We design custom clinical analytics software to help providers analyze clinical outcomes, identify best practices, check patient safety, and enhance their experience. This software leverages health records, medical codes, and clinical information and helps Data Analysts reduce time on drawing conclusions. 

Pharma Analytics

Leveraging in-house analytics software allows pharmaceutical companies to optimize their data collection and analysis processes, resulting in increased operational efficiency, faster product launches, and improved profitability.

Healthcare Payer Analytics

Analyzing healthcare payer data enables insurance companies to gain valuable insights into prevailing healthcare trends and patterns, empowering them to adapt their health plans accordingly. Also, provider organizations can leverage these insights to modify their medical service offerings.

Financial Analytics

By adopting custom financial analytics solutions, you can gain comprehensive insights into your revenue cycle, billing, and financial performance. It results in better profitability, and shows value for all stakeholders. 

Supply Chain Analytics

Our team of engineers assists businesses in the development of cost-effective solutions to optimize their supply chain operations. As a result, you streamline inventory management, reduce costs, enhance supply chain visibility, and ensure timely delivery of critical resources.

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VelloHealth – Collaboration Platform for ACT Teams

ACT is an integrated, self-contained mental health treatment program in which team members work together collaboratively. 


  • Centralized client profiles with demographic, clinical, and care planning data
  • Mobile tracking of client locations to coordinate visits
  • Shared notes, tasks, and notifications for care team members
  • Dashboards and reporting on client cases and team activities
  • Flexible functionality to meet needs of different ACT teams


Coming soon
vello health UI - mental health collaboration platform


HIPAA-compliant EHR system and Patient Portal For Mental Health Clinic

We’ve built a HIPAA-compliant EHR system and Patient Portal for them with advanced telemedicine, billing, and reporting & analytics modules.

Patient Portal includes:

  • Smart search;
  • Appointment scheduler;
  • Automatic reminders;
  • Audio & video conferencing;
  • Documents & assessments;
  • Payment history.
Coming soon

What Clients Say

I am most impressed with the high quality of design and development, which is really important to us.  They have designed the product to be extensible, with a solid base and architectural backend to allow for product implementation and design scaling. Also, the product hasn’t been buggy at all, so we can support it without difficulty.

As an ongoing partner, they continue to dedicate a communicative, highly skilled team that meets deadlines and stays on budget.

Nathaniel Weiss, CEO at VelloHealth

We were building an MVP that will eventually serve as a full personal health record (PHR) solutions platform. The quality of their work was excellent. They’re a very smart, informed company that understands how to create a functionally-sound platform. They provide accurate cost estimates and timelines, which is very helpful as well. I enjoyed working with them. 

Jessica Blanding, Owner at Text and Online Counseling

Why Choose Empeek for Healthcare Data Analytics Services

At Empeek, we deliver customized solutions tailored to your specific needs by adhering to open communication, active engagement, and a deep understanding of your objectives and challenges.

Impactful Outcomes

As an agency with a decade of experience, we deeply understand the healthcare industry and deliver solutions that drive impactful outcomes.

Proven Track Record

Dedicated approach pays off. Our portfolio showcases our ability to deliver results, improve patient care, optimize operations, and drive solid benefits.

Technology Partnerships

We have implemented over 10+ healthcare analytics projects for various clients. Our partnerships enable us to leverage innovative solutions and stay at the forefront of analytics advancements.

Data Privacy and Security

Our strict adherence to data protection regulations ensures your sensitive information is safeguarded. You can trust us to handle your data with confidentiality and integrity.

Outsourcing and Outstaffing Approach

We are flexible in terms of cooperation models. Depending on where you are in adopting analytical solutions, you can outsource the whole development or find unique offshore talents for special tasks.

Our Tech Stack

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What is healthcare data analytics?

Healthcare analytics supposes analyzing and interpreting large informational volumes. It helps gain insights and make informed decisions using advanced analytical techniques, statistical models, and technology tools.

What is the purpose of data analytics in healthcare?

The purpose of data analytics in healthcare is to extract valuable insights and knowledge from healthcare data to improve patient outcomes, optimize operations, enhance decision-making, and identify trends and patterns that can contribute to healthcare delivery and research advancements.

How is data analytics used in healthcare?

The application of data analytics in healthcare is wide. It predicts trends, supports clinical decision-making, manages population health, evaluates outcomes, improves operational efficiency, and detects fraud.

What steps can be taken to ensure the security and privacy of healthcare data?

To ensure security and privacy, you should take several steps:

  1. Ensure strong access controls;
  2. Encrypt data;
  3. Update and patch systems;
  4. Conduct regular security audits and risk assessments;
  5. Train staff on security;
  6. Implement backups and disaster recovery plans;
  7. Follow regulatory requirements;
  8. Check and detect security incidents;
  9. Enforce privacy policies;
  10. Engage external security experts.

What are the potential barriers to implementing healthcare data analytics solutions?

The main potential barriers to its implementation are the following:

  • Data Structure Issues

Healthcare data is often unstructured, fragmented, and lacks standardization, making it challenging to aggregate and analyze effectively.

  • Missing Data and Data Sparsity

Incomplete or missing EMR data and data sparsity due to limited patient visits pose challenges for accurate analysis and insights.

  • Security Issues

Protecting patient privacy and ensuring data security is crucial, considering the sensitive nature of healthcare data and the potential vulnerability to breaches and cyber-attacks.

  • Data Irregularity

EMR data recorded only during hospital visits creates irregular data structure and time intervals, making it difficult to consistently analyze and extract meaningful insights.

  • Biases in Data

Bias in data collection, biased sampling, incomplete or inaccurate data, and variations in data collection practices across healthcare organizations can introduce bias and impact the quality and reliability of the analysis.

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