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Providing custom software solutions, our mental health apps are HIPAA-compliant and assist customers in maintaining calm well-being.

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Our Business Philosophy


Enhanced Analytical Tools

Our software app development team provides convenient analytical dashboards for doctors, which give pieces of advice on how to improve patients’ states of mind. Data-driven solutions on an up-to-date basis backed by modern medical databases improve healthcare services.


Excellent Patient Experience

Apps designed for people with mental ailments have intuitive interfaces, soft color schemes, and mild audio notifications. Every tiny detail matters when we talk about a patient’s mental health status. Custom mental health software development solutions make the user experience more comfortable.


Agile Development Approach

We shorten the time to market for your mental health app. Agile management allows you to reduce redundancies and create top-notch software for your target audience. Bespoke app development provides you with new marketing insights.


Timely Support

You have a unique ability to communicate with us on any software development and marketing nuances. We know how to develop mental health apps using all required technologies.

Benefits of Mental Health App Development Solutions


Customer-Centric Care

It is essential for people with mental health diseases to be comfortable with the user interface and for physicians to have a robust connection with patients. Custom mental health app development enhances users’ experience and improves treatment.


Reduced Costs

Mental health software development saves medical facilities money. Using a mental health app doesn’t require the patients to visit the doctor whenever they need help. So healthcare organizations manage their personnel more efficiently.


Remote Mental Health Monitoring

Doctors can track patients’ day-to-day activities and give particular recommendations. App’s features save time for customers’ visits to clinics.


Better Treatment

Creating gamification, guided meditations, different psychological exercises, and other tools aid patients in diminishing their ailments. The development of mental health software helps caregivers and patients in the treatment process.


Progressive Analytics

Physicians utilize dashboards with analytics to handle any possible patients’ mental issues promptly. Clinics provide support due to such diagnostics more efficiently.


Advanced Progress Tracking

Build-in progress monitoring app features can help users track their health status. They can see their activity results. In the end, patients are more inspired to continue the treatment process.


Timely Caregiving

Users get professional aid in emergency mental illnesses cases and other matters on time. Clinics provide such necessary healthcare services for patients and economize both customers and their expenses.


HIPAA Compliance

Security issues are even more crucial for people with mental ailments. HIPAA compliant services boost trust among patients.

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Cost of Mental Health Software Development

The mental health app development budget starts at $10,000. No one will tell you exact numbers from the get-go. A custom mental health application development solution can be an uncomplicated app with essential features or a multifunctional medium with complex analytics. So, to understand the price of mental health software development, reach out to our support. They will collect your project’s requirements and share estimated expenses. The most crucial components that affect the mental health software development funding include:


Scope of Your Target Audience

Your customer type determines app development characteristics. It’s a starting point to specify the cost of mental health software development.


App’s Complexity

Easy-to-handle mobile application costs less than a complicated multifunctional app. More sophisticated mental health software with multiple cutting-edge features takes more time and effort, thus, resources to create and implement.


Location of the Software Development Team

Hourly rates and project deployment times in various countries differ. You have the choice to outsource or do in-house development. But bear in mind your budget


Third-Party Integrations

Consider if you need third-party integrations and weigh out all pros and cons of API functions. Take into account flexibility, usefulness, and time to develop features. Integrations save costs but bear in mind the app’s quality.


Mental Health App Development Services

Empeek delivers custom mental health solutions and services for patients, caregivers, doctors, and medical organizations. We create state-of-the-art software architecture with HIPAA-compliant encryption, reliable third-party API integrations, and optimal functionality. Our team provides app development services, which give timely first psychological aid to users and gradually resolve their issues, so they feel happier. A growing number of delighted customers increases the chances for your project to be reliable and successful.

How Can Your Business Grow Through Custom Mental Health Application Development?

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Our Success stories


Mental Wellness App

The project is a mental wellness program that strives to reduce the stigma around mental health care. Personal and accessible, the program is based on years of research. Equipping people with hands-on techniques aims to help them relieve stress and anxiety and live the life they want.


  • Easy meeting scheduling;
  • Smart reminders & notifications;
  • Reward system;
  • Progress tracking graphs.
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The app to keep families connected

Our EMR software development company designed the app to connect caregivers, patients, and families in one virtual space. Backed up by robust code and intuitive design, this cross-platform solution automates and simplifies patient and doctor interactions with the help of a variety of tools, including appointment scheduling, medication reminders, interactive chat, and many others.


  • 2-factor authentication;
  • Data encryption;
  • Secure file sharing;
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant software.
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