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How Can Outsource Software Product Development Help?

Personalization is king, and custom healthcare product development offers a personalized approach to interacting with clients, patients, vendors, and staff. 

It simplifies business life and operations, allowing you to focus on growth and creating services that drive patients’ loyalty. Dedicated digital products designed for your needs offer flexibility, efficiency, advanced security, and personalized end-user experiences. This approach enables companies to stay ahead of competitors by gathering customers’ feedback and improving as needed. 

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Our Key Services in Healthcare Software Product Development

Our development services can help you validate your ideas, develop functional prototypes,
and gather essential information to create a successful product.

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Project Discovery Phase

The discovery phase enables businesses to gather essential information to inform their product development strategy, including identifying potential challenges and opportunities, estimating costs and timelines, and defining the project scope.

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PoC Development

Our team can help you validate assumptions and determine the technical feasibility of your idea. This is one of the most effective methods for determining whether a software product or feature can solve a business problem.

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Functional Prototype

We’ll brainstorm with you important features while guiding you to select the best solutions and the most suitable tech stack. After that, we’ll develop a functional prototype to demonstrate the information architecture, test user flows, and actual user interactions.

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MVP Development

Our healthcare MVP development services can help you decrease the number of development iterations and improve your product on the go. This process allows you to gain valuable feedback to determine if there is a need for your product in the market, if it is competitive, and if it meets the audience’s needs.

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Accelerate Time To Market By Using Our Software Product Development Services

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Key Steps for Healthcare Software Product Development

As a outsourcing software product development company, our design process ensures that we fully understand the needs of the stakeholders and develop solutions that meet those needs while complying with regulatory requirements.

During this stage, we identify the requirements of the product, and define goals of the business. This process involves gathering and understanding the needs of the stakeholders and translating them into a set of functional and non-functional requirements.
Once we have a clear understanding of the scope, we develop strategies to execute it. This includes creating use cases, user stories, wireframes, and other documentation to make the process transparent and easy to understand.

Business Analysis

The design stage aims to create an intuitive User Interface (UI) that decreases learning time and increases user adoption. Close collaboration between designers, developers, and stakeholders is key to ensuring that the design is technically feasible and doesn’t slow down the development process. The goal is to create a product that offers an optimal user experience, and adheres to regulatory compliance standards.


The project planning stage is crucial to ensuring that all stakeholders understand the project objectives, results, and limitations clearly. During this stage, the project manager, development team, and stakeholders collaborate to create a detailed project plan that outlines the scope of the project, expected deliverables, budget, timeline, and resource requirements.
The planning stage aims to minimize risks and delays in project delivery by identifying potential issues and developing contingency plans to address them. It also ensures that the project meets the expected quality standards within the specified budget and timeline.

Project Planning

Empeek’s specialists do the programming according to the project requirements and design specifications outlined in the previous stages.
This stage involves close collaboration between the development team, project manager, and stakeholders to ensure that the product meets the desired functionality, quality, and performance standards. We use an iterative approach, where our team builds, tests, and refine the product in small increments.
Regular testing and quality assurance measures are crucial during the development stage.


Testing aims to identify bugs, errors, or defects in the software product and ensure they are addressed before the release.
During this stage, our team performs various types of testing, including unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing. This process is essential for delivering a high-quality, bug-free, secure healthcare software product that complies with regulations.


Deployment involves releasing the software product to end-users and the market. Successful deployment ensures the correct configuration that results in required performance and meets quality standards. In addition to software installation and integrations, we also provide technical support. DevOps specialists are actively involved in this phase, as they are responsible for the software product’s architecture.


This stage is critical to the success of any software system because it helps to ensure that the software remains relevant and useful over time.
Our specialists check the software for any issues or bugs so it remains secure and compliant with regulations. We put emphasis on preventive maintenance that involves making changes to the software to prevent future problems or errors from occurring.
This stage also includes performance monitoring, error reporting, software updates, and security patches.


Why Empeek

Dedication to solving our customers’ most complex problems is at the heart of everything we do. Being a healthcare software development provider, we form full-fledged teams with corresponding expertise to each specific project.

Industry Expertise

We’ve been delivering complex and sophisticated healthcare solutions and integration with medical devices for more than 7 years. Among our projects are apps that keep families connected, cardiac care devices, EHR/EMR platforms, and many others.

Dedicated Team

Our development team is always ready to walk the extra mile to ensure on-time delivery and top product quality. While you are dealing with strategic business challenges, our developers are working on tailored, complex solutions.

Tech Expertise

The Empeek team is well-equipped to meet any software requirements. With the help of technological innovations, we help our clients to provide affordable services to their patients.

Business Vision

Understanding potential risks of software development in healthcare and the scope of the project is crucial. We precisely analyze all the specific business requirements before bringing forward the development plan.


Secure software development in healthcare is our top priority. We believe that prevention is better than treatment and thus conduct manual and automated testing to ensure that the system is resistant to hacking and protects patient data.


We build trust through transparency and follow the principle of accurate estimates, on-time delivery, and honest response to no matter how tough or sensitive questions the client asks.

Project Success

Advanced IoT Remote Monitoring with Senior-Friendly User Interface (UI)

  • Developed a strategic product development plan which includes the latest advancements in health measurement tracking technology;
  • Designed a secure infrastructure for data processing and sharing;
  • Uncovered essential features that would make up the core of the app;
  • Senior-friendly UI that is reflective of the unique needs of the end-users.
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Reducing Stigma Around Mental Health Care Globally – Moodlifters

  • Uncovered three essential user groups: medical providers, peer leaders, and patients;
  • Designed tailored user areas and functionality to meet the specific needs of different groups;
  • Identified five crucial aspects of mental well-being to be incorporated in the app: body, thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships;
  • Successful digitalisation of the program which is implemented in medical practices across the US.
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Our Clients Say

Their feedback on how we could improve the product, especially the UI design, was very helpful. The app has been used to screen thousands of patients and their feedback has been positive. Empeek went above and beyond to meet all needs, while their proactive approach and commitment made them a reliable partner.

Edward Worthington, IT Director at Northern Physicians Organization

Empeek brought in additional resources to ensure the end product was exceptional. The solution provides the company’s clients with important leverage in security and application features. The team was organized and tracked issues efficiently. I will continue to use Empeek as my development company of choice.

Micheal Goodwin, COO, Server@Work

I am most impressed with the high quality of design and development, which is really important to us.  They have designed the product to be extensible, with a solid base and architectural backend to allow for product implementation and design scaling. Also, the product hasn’t been buggy at all, so we can support it without difficulty.
As an ongoing partner, they continue to dedicate a communicative, highly skilled team that meets deadlines and stays on budget.

Nathaniel Weiss, CEO (owner) VelloHealth LLC

Our Tech Stack

The usage of the right technologies plays a crucial role in developing a successful medical app. Whatever software requirements you have, we are well-equipped to meet them. Empeek offers over 100 professionals with considerate health tech development experience support you on any project development stage.

Front-End                      Angular                       React                       Vue


Back-End                          NET                     Node.js                      Python                                  PHP


Mobile                                       React Native                       Android                       IOS


Cloud hosting                      AWS                      Azure                      Google Cloud Platform                        Heroku


Databases                      Microsoft SQL Server                Postgre SQL                Oracle              Mongo              Firebase


MQS                                             Rabbit MQ                       Kafka                       MSMQ


Build Server                     Jenkins                      Azure DevOps                        Bamboo

Healthcare Software Integrations We Implement

Our electronic health records solutions help you achieve exceptional results



Software Product Development 1
Software Product Development 2

Telehealth & Secure messaging

Payment & insurrance

Software Product Development 3
Software Product Development 4

Products we deliver meet international security standards:      HIPAA       HITECH        TX-HB300     CCHIT       HL7        CDA       CCD      CC

Security Always Comes First

Say goodbye to data security concerns by working with a software-compliant partner. Whether it is a clinical trial system, medical billing platform, or care management solution, an advanced custom healthcare software firm Empeek is always focused on the product’s security.



We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software

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What types of healthcare software product development do you provide?

Our team has experience with various healthcare projects. The most popular are electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine platforms, medical billing software, patient portal solutions, etc. We specialize in custom software development to tailor our services to your needs.

What does your custom software product development process look like?

We begin by gathering requirements and defining the project’s scope. Then we move into the design and development phase. Afterward, we work on the testing and deployment stages. And then continuously monitor and maintain the software. Our specialists provide regular updates and opportunities for feedback throughout the process. Thus, our clients are always on the same page with us.

Do you create HIPAA-compliant products?

We specialize in healthcare product development that meets all the necessary regulations. These include HIPAA regulations, HL7, GDPR, HI-TECH, DICOM, and FDA. Our developers have the necessary experience, and we closely collaborate with industry experts in our clients’ domains to ensure top-notch results.  Thus, we can provide guidance and support throughout the compliance process.

How much does custom software development for startups cost?

Our services are priced based on the project’s scope. It means the cost varies depending on the specific requirements. We provide detailed estimates before we begin. Thus, our clients have complete transparency.

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