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Our Business Philosophy

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Improved Health Monitoring

View all devices on one screen and make data-driven decisions. Connected devices track patient health by dozens of parameters, providing clinicians with valuable insights. Health monitoring using ppg signal allows to track metrics such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, etc. Custom healthcare IoT solutions also send alert notifications if there are any emergency events such as heart failure, asthma attack, blood pressure, or blood sugar spike.

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Excellent Patient Experience

In case of an emergency, patients can quickly get in touch with a doctor through a mobile app. Using remote patient monitoring devices, the physician instantly checks the patient’s health portfolio and identifies the ailments on the go. This way, custom  IoT solutions for healthcare reduce the risk of severe health consequences and save lives.

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Transparent Medicine Management

Build an IoT infrastructure that helps doctors monitor the treatment doses and effectiveness. Custom IoT solutions for healthcare, like smart pillboxes, automatically remind patients about the medications they had to take but missed. Such an extended network of healthcare IoT devices enables you to centralize and better control the medicine flow.

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Routine Tasks Automation

Connected devices eliminate the pen-and-paper way of work, automate routine tasks and administrative operations. Medical personnel don’t have to collect and record patient data manually. Custom healthcare IoT solutions development enables users to automatically get notifications in case of any critical changes in patient status.

Benefits of Healthcare IoT Solutions

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Decreased Costs

Medical teams don’t need to check the patient’s vital signs at regular intervals manually. Medical IoT software development provides constant attention to every patient and cuts down the cost of care. Sensors instantly analyze numerous health parameters.

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Customer-Centric Care

When a hospital or clinic is equipped with connected IoT devices, they can focus on patient needs and treatment quality. Medical IoT software development allows adopting the value-based care approach that is leading the modern healthcare industry.

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Improved Treatment

The development of healthcare IoT software helps healthcare organizations tackle the increasing need for better diagnostics. Healthcare professionals can access real-time information and make data-driven decisions to keep their practice efficient.

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Remote Chronic Disease Monitoring

Access to the healthcare infrastructure in remote areas is still limited. That’s where wireless IoT solutions change the game. Connected through the IoT network, they help you securely capture health indicators from any distance.

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Optimized Drug Management

Drug management is a major expense in the healthcare industry. Custom medical IoT solutions like RFID-marked medication containers allows to manage the supply chain efficiently. You optimize equipment location tracking, laboratory management, and inventory accounting.

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Easier Caregiving

With high-end wearable devices, you enable caregivers to lead fulfilled lives while someone cares for their loved ones. Remote patient monitoring systems include location tracking, and health status monitoring. It reduces the caregiving burden and enables care recipients to get professional help.

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Advanced Femtech

When it comes to hormones, birth, or pregnancy, accurate measurements and careful monitoring are essential. IoT wearables, connected to mobile apps bring more awareness to women’s health. We build custom medical IoT software for fertility trackers, period care & tracking, pregnancy & nursing care, and sexual wellness.

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Enhanced Analytics

Healthcare IoT software development gives healthcare services an efficient way to handle big data. Medical devices and trackers collect health metrics for data segmentation, performance analysis, and reporting. They provide clinicians with detailed health information and enable self-monitoring for patients.

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Cost of Medical IoT Software Development

The healthcare IoT app development budget starts at $10,000. Yet you should know that without profound product analysis, no one will tell expenses for sure. Medical IoT solutions may require both a simple data processing app and a multifunctional platform with complex analytics. Hence, to learn the price of medical IoT software development, contact our support. They will gather your product requirements and share estimated costs. The most critical factors that affect the healthcare IoT software development budget include:

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Number of Features

Estimating the cost of iot implementation in healthcare industry, mind functionality. Sophisticated systems with multiple advanced features take more time and, hence, resources to design and deploy.

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Hardware Type

Custom healthcare IoT solutions are developed to integrate with specific hardware, be it a glucose monitoring device or wearable. Hence, the complexity of hardware, number of sensors, and other capabilities affect the cost of IoT software.

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Data Processing and Storage Volume

Since custom medical IoT solutions process big data, you should take data processing and storage costs into account. Such expenses contribute to the price of the development of medical IoT apps and software maintenance.

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Software Development Team Location

If you delegate healthcare IoT software development services to a remote team, the cost may be lower than in-house medical IoT development. Remote services provide you with a dedicated team working at local hourly rates.

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Medical IoT Development Services

Empeek delivers custom IoT solutions and services for care providers, healthcare organizations, and wireless medical device manufacturers. We configure cutting-edge software architecture and data analysis algorithms to let custom IoT medical devices quickly analyze vast amounts of data. Empeek can assemble a dedicated team to cover the entire SDLC or take up specific tasks to speed up your product launch.

Unlock the Potential of IoT to Enhance Patient Care and Drive Medical Innovation

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Project Success


End-to-End Development of the Cardiac Care Mobile Device

The cardiac data collection device is based on a portable electrocardiogram sensor. It’s small and convenient enough to wear throughout the day under clothes. The sensor contains a battery, Bluetooth, and electrodes. The electrodes are put on specific points on the abdomen and chest and record the heart’s min and max electrical activity.


  • Two-way IOT integration;
  • Complex dynamic ECG graphs representation;
  • Live ECG data streaming from Patch to the web portal;
  • Complex reporting flow based on processed data.
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Wireless Medical Monitoring In Real-time

A real-time medical monitoring system was designed to capture, analyze, and decode patients’ vital signs and various psychological parameters. With app users ranging from hospitals and other medical care providers to simply health-conscious people, this IoT-based solution won the hearts of many users with its seamless user experience.


  • Real-time data sync & instant data sharing;
  • Personalized surveys;
  • Medication reminders & smart notifications;
  • Scalable cloud storage.
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Why Empeek

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Support and Maintenance

IoT software needs a constant update and security risk assessment. We understand it well and incorporate relevant measures and services from the very beginning of our cooperation.

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Project Management Approach

We incorporate best project management practices into daily life of our company. Transparent task and goal management, talent allocation and time used, all this and more you can review in our internal management system.

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With Interoperability In Mind

We take care that your software is compatible with systems of other vendors. This is particularly important when sharing and transmitting data, so other programs could effectively process it.

Security At Every Step of The Way

When it comes to IoT development, serious security measures must be taken to comply with all regulations and protect users’ data. We implement a set of features to make sure that your solutions can be trusted.

  • Robust Monitoring And Logging Mechanisms
  • Secure OTA Update Mechanisms 
  • Secure Coding Practices
  • Firmware Integrity Checks
  • Data Encryption
  • Protection Measures Such as Anonymization
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Our Cloud Tech Stack

Cloud tools
aws cloud AWS
azure cloud Azure
google cloud Google Cloud Platform
heroku Heroku
DevOps Tools
13 Jenkins
14 Bamboo
15 Kubernetes
16 Azure DevOps

Why To Invest In Healthcare Iot Software Development?

Healthcare IoT devices bring forth a new level of care that, just a few years ago, was unimaginable. The technology is evolving rapidly, and companies are engaged in long-term IoT development as the number of wearables continues to grow exponentially each year.

  • Within three years, over one-quarter of Americans will regularly use devices that track their health and medical data, helping their doctors understand their well-being.
  • By 2026, there will be a lot more mobile devices connected to the internet, leading to increased data availability and improved healthcare options for patients globally.
  • A notable increase in RPM users in the United States, reaching a total of 70.6 million users by 2025. This highlights the increasing popularity of devices that monitor health from a distance.
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Our Client Say

They were on a budget, and the app was delivered in a timely fashion. In terms of usage, the application’s interface was clean, extremely user-friendly, and very fast. They delivered on all of our performance metrics. In terms of communication, their response time was extremely fast.

Terry Rawlings, Modus Research Inc Position, COO


Dealing with Healthcare IoT Software Development, we believe in constant learning. We keep up with innovations and trends and regularly share acquired expertise in our articles.

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What are the key benefits of using IoT devices in healthcare?

The key benefits of using IoT devices in healthcare include:

  • Remote patient monitoring for real-time health data;
  • Improved patient outcomes through personalized insights;
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings;
  • Empowered patients and improved patient experience;
  • Data-driven decision-making and improved healthcare delivery.

It’s important to address data security and privacy concerns when implementing IoT devices in healthcare.

Can I hire Empeek to develop a healthcare IoT project?

Empeek is an excellent choice for developing your healthcare IoT project. Our experienced team deeply understands healthcare technology and specializes in developing innovative solutions. Visit our Case Study page to learn more about our capabilities.

How much does it cost to develop IoT in the healthcare industry?

The cost of developing IoT solutions in the healthcare industry can vary depending on project complexity, desired features, hardware requirements, and integration needs. Therefore, considering the custom nature of this kind of project, the price suggestion would not be right. 

Before starting the development, Empeek conducts an in-depth Project Discovery and only then we are able to provide our clients with estimates. 

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