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Why Process Digitization Matters

Digitization in healthcare is the process of converting hand-written information into a digital format. Many patients expect to use digital services in the future. Thus healthcare businesses feel the need to automate and digitize processes. The digitization of business services enables the automation of administrative tasks, provides better treatment services, and reduces costs, among many others. Driven by the wish to help more people receive proper medical assistance, we help our customers streamline healthcare business processes inside their organizations.

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Advantages of Process Digitization

Digital transformation helps healthcare facilities organize interconnected systems for both patients and doctors. There are plenty of ways medical businesses can benefit from process digitization, and we have highlighted the core ones:

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Streamlined Processes

Synchronize integration between new and legacy systems to streamline productivity and improve accuracy.

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Better Decisions

Connect patient data with detailed reporting to equip medical staff with reliable insights to make better medical decisions.

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Business Growth

Analyze company data to see trends, predict changes, and quickly anticipate the constantly evolving market demand.

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Interaction with Clients

Digitized communication processes via chats and video calls help to provide faster and more efficient medical services.

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Reduced Costs

Let the technology automate administrative tasks and allow doctors to give care to a bigger number of patients.

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Better Staff Communication

Streamline the medical data exchange process with the help of digitization to help patients receive more accurate diagnostics.

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The digitization of business processes allows to deliver better care with higher efficiency.

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EHR Digitization

Automate all existing processes by investing in a digital EHR system. It helps to streamline management and improve communication within and outside healthcare organization leading to cost reduction and improved productivity.

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Automate Invoicing

The process of manual invoice handling is time-consuming and error-prone. Digitization relieves medical staff from filling in the payment data and allows them to concentrate on patient care better.

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mHealth and Telemedicine

Mobile health and telemedicine software solutions grant patients access to digital care. Such applications help them to get in touch with doctors quickly to receive general illnesses’ treatment and chronic conditions management.

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of medical things or IoT is one of the key digital transformation technologies. It allows healthcare providers to receive real-time data, making the treatment process faster and more accurate.

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Case Management

Case management applications allow to tackle numerous patient-related queries like claims, incidents, and queries. Investing in case management digitization, you speed up the claim data processing several times.

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Automated “Next Batch Action”

Businesses in healthcare can use technology to analyze the needs and desires of customers and predict the next suitable service. Patients expect healthcare managers to feel their pain point, and here “next best action” service comes in handy.

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The goal of digitizing business processes varies from organization to organization, hovewer many healthcare businesses end up with one or several goals highlighted below:

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Data Management

One of the problems is large quantities of data collected by healthcare facilities. Without a trusted AI system capable of analyzing the inner data, it isn’t easy to provide high-quality care. For this reason, businesses in healthcare digitize internal administrative and clinical processes to ensure better interaction with patients.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage

By applying digital technology, medical companies significantly increase the quality of service they provide and make better and faster decisions. Digitization allows you to improve operational processes and respond to the patient’s needs faster, giving you a competitive advantage among other businesses in healthcare.

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Increase Top-line Growth

For both small businesses and large enterprises, the goal is the same: increase revenue. Digital technology streamlines interaction with clients allowing to provide more services. For example, with the help of telemedicine, doctors can assist more clients during the day, and insurance companies can submit more claims using mobile apps.

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Improve the Customer Experience

Feeling the need to turn to a doctor, patients expect to have the seamless treatment and financial experience. Technologies like AI, digitized patient records, machine learning, chatbots, and many others speed up patient care without losing on the quality of care. As a result, positive customer experience allows healthcare organizations gain a competitive edge.

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Cost Reduction

Digital transformation allows businesses in healthcare to reduce costs in many ways. For example, traditionally, patients are required to travel to the healthcare facility to get any treatment. The expenses include doctor fees, lab fees, cost of medicine, etc. With the help of process digitization services like RPM solutions, clinics can significantly reduce the cost of care.

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Decrease Doctors Workload

Clinicians usually spend one-third of their time filling in the patient data. Overloaded with mundane tasks, they often suffer burnout. Technologies like AI, machine learning, and basic software solutions allow to automate routine tasks. As a result, doctors experience reduced burnout and increased job satisfaction.

Success Stories


Digitalizing Medical Emergency Services

A web-based app for emergency service providers keyed to the hospital’s Health Information System (HIS) displays various health parameters, stores patients’ health records, and generates emergency reports with a few simple clicks.

  • camera ID recognition;
  • customizable vital signs dashboard;
  • real-time GPS tracking;
  • pre-built reports;
  • encrypted connection layer.
Learn more >

EHR and Telehealth in a Single Platform

A HIPAA compliant EHR/EMR system was developed for a US-based hospital to replace its legacy software. This patient-focused solution enhances patient experience through simplified treatment workflows, optimized medical record, and user-friendly telemedicine solutions.

  • care provider and patient portals;
  • billing & invoicing tools;
  • automated HIPAA activities.
Learn more >
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