Emergency Medicine EMR/EHR Web Application


The project is a quick-response solution that simplifies emergency reporting and allows private emergency service personnel to easily access the patient’s medical records. It scans the patient’s ID card to transmit time-critical information to an emergency cab in a matter of seconds.


To streamline the emergency process and make it more consistent, a US-based care provider hired us to develop a digital health solution for handling situations where human lives are at stake.

Their subsidiary, a private EMS, faced the problem when they would come to the scene of an accident not knowing the patient’s medical history. Manual call reporting has also doubled the work for the hospital and the EMS, so they needed a time-saving solution.

Ordinary doctor’s practices, such as diagnosis, prescribing medicine, emergency consultation, are the main physician focus. Doctors don’t have much time filling in blanks, forms, and other documentation, especially if they need to fill paper ones. 

Digital solutions help EMS save time and rescue human lives by establishing electronic health records (EHR) into physicians’ practice. EHR is a kind of electronic medical record (EMR), where all patients’ digital data is stored.

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The EMR App Development Requirements

So the development of emergency medicine EMR application software for a specific vendor considers that all data used within EMS should be in electronic form. And only after that, we can create EMR software for emergencies. Another story is when you need emergency room EMR software. All web app information should be protected and transferred as fast as possible. Its interface should be user-friendly and technical support must be top-notch.

If we systematize all requirements for urgent care EMR software, they can be described as follows:

Comfortable navigation in a web application for acute treatment

Maximum user-friendly interface with favorites lists, single-click selections, and search queries simplifies interactions with documents within EMR. It should be beneficial for both medical staff and patients.

Integration and interoperability

EMR should integrate with other databases (labs, pharmacies, and other organizations, which are critically important for emergency medicine). So any updates in one database should be synchronized in another. Interoperability, on the other hand, means a certain level of data exchange and its interpretation between different parties. This feature includes different APIs for specific roles within each organization.

Technical support and training

 Support for every EMR implementation step is a must-have for development, primarily when dealing with emergency medicine.

Focus on functionality for patients

There are several things to think of: online registration, messaging, notifications, pre-authorization for payments, and other features.

Mind the specifics

Emergency care differs from other types of medical treatment. So EMR/EHR should be developed mainly for urgent care needs.

Provide efficient reporting

EMR/EHRs assist doctors in reporting. They help them to avoid redundant paperwork, increase their efficiency, and lower labor costs. Reports should be relevant, easy-to-form, and easy to transfer. 

emergency services


We created a web-based app that is keyed to the hospital’s Health Information System (HIS). The emergency operator uses the ID number to query the HIS data to the app launched on an ambulance car. It can be a mobile workstation with a tablet or iOS/Android smartphone.

The app displays various health parameters, such as allergies, meds list, recent treatments, past acute admissions, major surgeries, and blood type. We enhanced the connection with a 2-factor authentication and a HIPAA-compliant PHI encryption.

After receiving prefilled patient information, the doctor generates an emergency report and sends a summary PDF to the HIS system. Since then, the hospital was able to generate patient-related documents from the system beforehand, without going through the tedious multi-step reporting procedure.

Our EMR software for urgent care satisfies all requirements: navigation, interface, interoperability, technical support, and reporting for both doctors and patients.


  • Camera ID recognition
  • Customizable vital signs dashboard
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Pre-built reports
  • HIS integration
  • Encrypted connection layer


  • 1,5 times quicker response for emergency medicine data entry
  • the ambulance gets to the patient 20% faster
  • protects user’s data with PHI encryption
  • electronic reports save time on paperwork

The Bottom line

In the end, the emergency department of EMS has got a reliable, easy-to-operate web app. This emergency medicine EMR software application saves precious time, increases medical personnel productivity, and cuts costs.

Our company provides EHR software development as well as mhealth app development services. Contact us to get more information.


Do you provide technical support?

Yes, we assist your company in every stage of the project implementation.

Can you create a custom web application for a specific EMS?

Yes. It will be HIPAA compatible.

Can your solution be used in other areas of medicine?

Yes. But it streamlines doctors’ efficiency and saves time, primarily for urgent care.

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