EHR and Telehealth on a Single Platform


A HIPAA-compliant EHR system replaced the legacy software for a US-based hospital and helped them to reach more patients. The software simplifies the treatment workflow and helps patients to receive better care, no matter the distance.


Our customer is a healthcare provider that provides pediatrics, psychiatry, pathology, and other ambulatory services. Their existing EHR system was 7 years old and desktop-based. The interface needed a facelift, the back-office workflows and user authentication process needed an upgrade.


In the course of EHR system development, we optimized the medical record input, automated the authentication, and built some 3-rd party API integrations. Also, a built-in telemedicine module was created to help the provider reach more patients.

First, we automated the fundamental hospital processes — patient appointments scheduling, medical history records access, and bills & accounting.

To unload the staff from routine tasks and flatten the readmission rates curve, we created a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine portal where a dozen of vitals are monitored in real-time. The cost of electronic health records system mostly depends on the features included into the system, one of them is HIPAA compliant payment processing.

telemedicine portal

We also bridged the gap between patient and doctor by creating a multi-language appointment notification module. After a tele- or hospital visit, the patient gets a post-appointment survey via text or email to rate their experience. We also specialize in telehealth software development. Visit our page to get more insights.

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Alex Shpachuk Alex Shpachuk CEO
Alex Shpachuk is the owner and strategic partner of Empeek. His effective leadership and a visionary approach to the future of healthcare turned the company into a dynamic environment attracting the brightest minds with the common vision for product impact and service excellence. With over a decade of experience in software engineering and comprehensive knowledge of designing and deploying tailor-made solutions for healthcare providers, Alex channels his passion for software development and consulting into the written word.

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