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About Our Healthcare IT Company


Empeek is a trusted custom medical software development company based in Ukraine. With over 100 experienced specialists on board, we deliver medical software solutions to enhance the quality of treatment in the USA.

We are a team of experts united around one crucial aim: to resolve the global market’s problems with the help of technology. Our innovative solutions allow medical institutions to enhance the patient experience, reduce medical administrative costs, and ensure data security. By providing medical software development services today, we believe that we will help a lot of people get better medical services tomorrow.

Our Portfolio

Our clients have impressive ideas, and we help to bring them to life. Proven
expertise in developing custom healthcare software allows us to tackle business
issues better than any out-of-the-box software

EHR upgrades with embedded telehealth and automated features

What we did:

  • Automated patient appointment scheduling, medical history records, bills & accounting, upgrading the legacy system
  • Created built-in telemedicine modules to enable the healthcare provider to reach more patients through its platform
  • Implemented third-party API integrations to expand the legacy system’s functionality
  • Ensured HIPAA compliance of the developed portal
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Hospital building

IoT software development for cardiac care monitoring through lightweight wearables

What we did:

  • Created data collection algorithms, mobile app, and backend for a mobile cardiac telemetry device
  • Managed the end-to-end SDLC from concept to deployment
  • Enabled 24/7 patient tracking with automated abnormalities detection and task management for medical teams
  • Prepared the developed solution for FDA and HIPAA checks
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Web app development to provide emergency personnel with quick access to patient data

What we did:

  • Created a web app to give emergency services real-time access to a patient’s medical history
  • Connected the web app to the hospital’s Health Information System for comprehensive interoperability
  • Achieved instant transfer of HIS data, including allergies, meds, blood type, treatments, past acute admissions, and major surgeries, to the app
  • Secured data processing with two-factor authentication and HIPAA-compliant PHI encryption
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Our Fields of Expertise in Custom Medical Software Development

Discover how we can help you grow your healthcare business with advanced custom
healthcare software development agency. Your product vision and our tech expertise
will shape the smooth ecosystem needed to create a profitable and user-friendly solution

Home 1

EMR/EHR Software Development

Streamline your medical practices with an advanced patient records system that automates core doctor-patient interactions.

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Home 2

Telehealth / Telemedicine

Revolutionize patient experience and grow loyalty at an accelerated pace with telehealth development by skilled programmers.

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Home 3

Healthcare CRM

Improve patient care, diagnostics, and care coordination with a near-zero effort by delegating CRM development to our medical software company.

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Home 4

Cloud-Based HS Migration and Support

Hire our dedicated software engineers to move your legacy system to the cloud and have a skilled team to handle maintenance.

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Home 5

Custom mHealth App Development

Uncover the power of healthcare apps tailored to your organization’s needs to grow efficiency and patient engagement.

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Home 6

Business Process Digitization Services

Shift from outdated healthcare management approaches to patient-centric care with custom apps developed for you.

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Home 7

Remote Patient Monitoring

Adopt software that automatically tracks patients’ health 24/7, turns the recorded data into helpful insights, and allows you to manage care remotely.

Home 8

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Process large health data volumes efficiently to enable data-driven decision-making for better patient care and disease prevention.

Home 9


Power your healthcare apps with AR/VR to revolutionize training for medical professionals, augment telehealth services, enhance surgeries, and more.

Home 10

AI and ML-based Technologies

Embrace leading-edge AI/ML technology to benefit from in-depth data insights and automate many regular healthcare operations.

Home 11

HIPAA Compliant Software Development

Develop medical software that meets the core US regulations, including HIPAA, and other local laws, as applicable.

Home 12

Healthcare Software Solutions

Create health applications tailored to your unique business requirements, whether it is a sleep-tracking app or sophisticated IoT software.

Home 13

Data Analytics

Turn raw data into informative statistics to evaluate your performance and identify opportunities to become more productive.

Home 14

Patient Engagement Solutions

Introduce easy patient registration and scheduling, messaging capabilities, online bill settlement, and other features that simplify patients’ lives.

Home 15

Chronic Disease Management Solutions

Provide patients having chronic conditions with convenient health tracking, remote treatment options, medication reminders, and other valuable features.

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Services We Provide

As a healthcare software development company, we provide top-notch custom healthcare
software regulation development services across a variety of technologies.
We have the spark, ambitions, and expertise to convert any idea from the concept
stage into a ready-to-go solution that would bring ultimate value and unlock new
business opportunities to its customer.

Home 2

Software Product Development

As a healthcare software development agency, we focus on understanding your user’s needs to find the best software engineering solution. Starting from your idea, we analyze, design, build and launch the product to the market.

Home 16

Custom Software Development

Empeek creates applications tailored to specific business requirements and includes only the necessary functionality. With custom development, you can get your own platform and stop paying hefty subscription fees for third-party integrations.

Home 17

Mobile Development

We have a mobile development department that has launched dozens of healthcare apps, both native and cross-platform. They can create anything from a simple meditation solution to a health-tracking app synchronized with IoT devices and a web admin panel.

Home 18

Web Development

Empeek developers create business websites and complex web platforms for healthcare organizations. You can ask us to design a web portal for patients, medical staff, and administrative teams or connect multiple parties in a single EHR system.

Home 19

UX/UI Design

We research user needs to design products that are convenient to use and have outstanding usability. Our healthcare apps are highly intuitive, which increases user satisfaction and the overall quality of health services provided through them.

Home 20

Software QA & Testing

Empeek offers core testing services, including functional, GUI, non-functional, installation, usability, ad-hoc, and static, to ensure the quality of developed software. We provide QA assurance as a separate service and complete it as a part of the SDLC.

Home 21

Internet of Things Development

We develop software to power smart devices for heart rate, sleep, glucose tracking, and other remote patient monitoring uses. You can hire us for consulting, separate tasks, or end-to-end development and maintenance.

Home 13

Business Analysis

The discovery phase is an important stage to identify the needs of the client, stakeholders, and end-users. We analyze the strong and weak sides of the product. This helps us find the best solution for product development, considering both the business and technical perspectives.

Home 22

Technical Support

Empeek continues to support the software we develop or can undertake the maintenance of your existing system. Outsourcing the technical support, you won’t need to keep an in-house engineering team.

Home 23

Project Handover

If you already have a product and need to finalize it, let us finish the work for you. You can also order project handover services to speed up development, switch an engineering vendor, or get the missing expertise.

Home 4

Cloud-Based Solutions

Make an IT infrastructure more cost-effective by migrating to the cloud with our help. Empeek engineers can fully manage the migration, audit your legacy system to recommend updates, or implement additional cloud-based features.

Home 24

IT Consulting

Dealing with custom healthcare software development, you may have doubts about the best technology or face insurmountable tech difficulties. Our engineering experts will analyze your problem to advise an optimum solution with practical implementation guidelines.

Home 12

HIPAA Compliance

Empeek follows HIPAA requirements in every project we develop and can guide you on becoming regulatory compliant as well. We audit your software to list the required changes and can provide engineers to make the necessary updates.

How We Work

We provide the full cycle of custom healthcare software regulation development services.
Discover the working process from the point you contact us to the final product launch.

1. Analysis

We identify requirements and analyze the market gap to create the best solution to achieve your business goal.

2. Design

We create intuitive design interfaces based on best practices and research findings. As a result, you get polished visualization of a user-friendly healthcare software solution.

3. Development

Be it healthcare IoT, healthcare CRM, software for medical devices, or telemedicine, we leverage the best technological solution to bring the product to life.

4. Testing

Our QA team conducts all types of testing to ensure that the final product works spotlessly.

5. Deploy

Deploy is propbably the most important part of the healthcare product development. the final software instalation, and configuration is our responsibility.

6. Support

After the product is launched, our cooperation is not finished. You can rely on our tech team to support the product, maintain and modernize it.

Got a new project idea? Ready to implement innovative solution to boost healthcare?

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Our Business Philosophy

We are driven by the mission to create custom technology solutions that shape the future of healthcare. Aiming at customer success, we focus on what truly matters in healthcare custom software development. Learn our core principles that make our customers happy.

Home 25

Attention to Detail

We know that even the tiniest error may lead to inevitable outcomes. That is why we master strong attention to detail every day, which helps us achieve software excellence in every project.

Home 26

Highly Personal Approach

Every business has a unique DNA. Looking into the nature of our clients’ businesses helps us to tackle various challenges and uncover hidden business opportunities for our customers.

Home 27

Flexible Collaboration

As fans of a win-win strategy, we keep an open mind to various ways of working. While sticking to our agreements, we are ready to adapt your processes, resources, and tools. Alternatively, if you’d like to take a load off your shoulders, we can suggest best practices for collaboration based on your project requirements.

Home 28

Fairness and Transparency

Our goal is not to get you hooked on our services and trick you into paying more than primarily agreed. Fair play is everything for us, and we take pride in being 100% transparent with our customers. We stick to an agreed budget and timeframe at all times without padded hours or inaccurate SOWs.

Home 29

Full Commitment

We do what we promise no matter what. With the utmost responsibility for project success, we put our clients’ interests before our own even if it means losses to us. This allows us to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations and eliminate operational & technology problems haunting their organizations.

Home 30

Insight-Driven Innovation

Innovation is an integral part of our company’s culture. We keep an eye on the latest innovations and tap into industry insights to provide our customers with valuable feedback on their project ideas. We do not chase the trends blindly, but focus solely on the innovations that yield real results and aim for long-term success.

Why Empeek

Dedication to solving our customers’ most complex problems is at the heart of everything we do. Being a healthcare software development provider, we form full-fledged teams with corresponding expertise to each specific project.

Industry Expertise

We’ve been delivering complex and sophisticated healthcare solutions and integration with medical devices for more than 7 years. Among our projects are apps that keep families connected, cardiac care devices, EHR/EMR platforms, and many others.

Dedicated Team

Our development team is always ready to walk the extra mile to ensure on-time delivery and top product quality. While you are dealing with strategic business challenges, our developers are working on tailored, complex solutions.

Tech Expertise

The Empeek team is well-equipped to meet any software requirements. With the help of technological innovations, we help our clients to provide affordable services to their patients.

Business Vision

Understanding potential risks of software development in healthcare and the scope of the project is crucial. We precisely analyze all the specific business requirements before bringing forward the development plan.


Secure software development in healthcare is our top priority. We believe that prevention is better than treatment and thus conduct manual and automated testing to ensure that the system is resistant to hacking and protects patient data.


We build trust through transparency and follow the principle of accurate estimates, on-time delivery, and honest response to no matter how tough or sensitive questions the client asks.

Business analysts, project managers, QAs, full-stack developers, DevOps, and product designers support you on any project development stage

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Our Passion

Home 31

Far too many medical organizations find themselves crippled by inefficient technology. Our mission is to help healthcare institutions prevent this stumbling block.

Being a custom healthcare software development vendor for many years, we’ve created a lab environment for identifying and examining the most common operational pain points. We provide a full realization of the product creation process: turn ideas into a product, launch it to the market, and maintain its further development.

That is why we know exactly what kind of struggles healthcare service providers face along the way. Shall we put an end to them together?

Feedback On Our Services

Great products depend on great collaboration, and excellent cooperation depends on trust. We’ll earn yours by acting as one team and welcoming you into every step.

I am most impressed with the high quality of design and development, which is really important to us.  They have designed the product to be extensible, with a solid base and architectural backend to allow for product implementation and design scaling. Also, the product hasn’t been buggy at all, so we can support it without difficulty.
As an ongoing partner, they continue to dedicate a communicative, highly skilled team that meets deadlines and stays on budget.

Nathaniel Weiss, CEO (owner) VelloHealth LLC

We were building an MVP that will eventually serve as a full personal health record (PHR) solutions platform. The quality of their work was excellent. They’re a very smart, informed company that understands how to create a functionally-sound platform. They provide accurate cost estimates and timelines, which is very helpful as well. I enjoyed working with them.


Jessica Blanding, Owner Text and Online Counseling LLC

They developed what they promised and they’re always on time. Empeek is flexible when we need new arrangements or need help with another project. They were able to come up with resources within a reasonable amount of time.  One thing that stands out about Empeek is they’re not arrogant. None of the people I’ve worked with are like that. Empeek’s team is always nice and friendly.

Gregor Jarisch, CTO, EdTechFoundry AS

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Our Tech Stack

The usage of the right technologies plays a crucial role in developing a successful medical app. Whatever software requirements you have, we are well-equipped to meet them. Empeek offers over 100 professionals with considerate health tech development experience support you on any project development stage.

Front-End                              Angular                       React                       Vue


Back-End                          NET                     Node.js                      Python                                  PHP


Mobile                                       React Native                       Android                       IOS


Cloud hosting                       AWS                      Azure                      Google Cloud Platform                        Heroku


Databases                             Microsoft SQL Server                      Postgre SQL                      Oracle                     Mongo                      Firebase


MQS                                             Rabbit MQ                       Kafka                       MSMQ


Build Server                        Jenkins                      Azure DevOps                        Bamboo

Healthcare Software Integrations We Implement

Our electronic health records solutions help you achieve exceptional results



Home 32
Home 33

Telehealth & Secure messaging

Payment & Insurance

Home 34
Home 35

Products we deliver meet international security standards:      HIPAA       HITECH        TX-HB300     CCHIT       HL7        CDA       CCD      CC

Security Always Comes First

Say goodbye to data security concerns by working with a software-compliant partner. Whether it is a clinical trial system, medical billing platform, or care management solution, an advanced custom healthcare software firm Empeek is always focused on the product’s security.



We keep deepening the expertise to meet your highest expectations and build even more innovative software

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Home 37
Home 38
Home 39

Featured Insights

Dealing with healthcare software development we believe in constant learning. In our articles you can find the latest advice on health tech best practices, innovative ideas, healthcare data analytics, information security, telemedicine software development, and software for medical devices, among many other topics.

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