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About the Project

Empeek was tasked with developing an innovative AI system to improve real-time heart monitoring solutions. We combined big data, expertise of cardiologists and machine learning algorithms to create a cutting-edge platform that classifies heart issues, with a minimum human interaction.

Before implementing the AI system, standard approach had a number of drawbacks that were hindering company’s expansion. Each desicion-making process was time-consuming, prone to human errors, and due to high demand of human-resources – very limited scalability.

AI-powered Heart Monitoring: A Case Study in Improved Efficiency & Accuracy | Empeek 1
6+ months
2-5 team members
AI-powered Heart Monitoring: A Case Study in Improved Efficiency & Accuracy | Empeek 2

What We Did

  • We developed a neural network model based on cardiologists’ expertise and a large database of heart rate data that the company gathered over its history.
  • Designed system that review and deny events below 50% threshold.
  • Implemented automated classification and recognition of data.
  • Neural Network AI automatically accepts and denies escalated and common events.
AI-powered Heart Monitoring: A Case Study in Improved Efficiency & Accuracy | Empeek 3

Heart Events Recognition

AI-Powered automation we developed handles specific common and escalated events.

Common Events
Escalated events
AI-powered Heart Monitoring: A Case Study in Improved Efficiency & Accuracy | Empeek 4

AI Tech Stack

After the Discovery Phase, the team decided to work with the following technologies:

Development and learning

Google Colab

Neural Network

Tensorflow and Keras

Exported format of the learned model


.Net model execution framework


Data Storage

Google BigQuery

Product’s USP

  • First-to-market AI solution for real-time heart monitoring in its niche;
  • Combines human expertise with AI capabilities;
  • Ensures human oversight and final decision-making.
AI-powered Heart Monitoring: A Case Study in Improved Efficiency & Accuracy | Empeek 5

Benefits of AI Implementation

Optimizes the workflow

Reduces human errors

Handles large volumes of data

Improves efficiency and accuracy

How AI System Works?

AI-powered Heart Monitoring: A Case Study in Improved Efficiency & Accuracy | Empeek 6

About Empeek

Engineering a better healthcare future.

Empeek is a custom healthcare software development company that helps healthtech startups and medical facilities create and leverage innovative, HIPAA/HITECH compliant technology solutions such as EMR and telemedicine systems, patient-centered crossplatform apps, AI-powered tools, IoT ecosystems, and others.

150+ Specialists

8+ Years on the Market

HIPAA & GDPR Compliant

iso 2-1
iso 1-1

Healthcare Solutions We Develop

RPM Development

We have expertise in developing remote patient monitoring software that allows healthcare providers to monitor patient health outside clinics.

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Healthcare IoT

Empeek provides custom IoT solutions for care providers, healthcare organizations, and medical device manufacturers. We can assemble dedicated teams to quickly develop and launch products.

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Custom EHR/EMR

Empeek delivers customized electronic health records systems tailored to healthcare providers’ needs. 

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mHealth App Development

We develop mHealth applications that integrates technology and healthcare. The goal is to connect patients and doctors to enable efficient communication and quick health data access. 

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Software for Medical Devices

Empeek develops software specifically for medical devices that ensures data collection, analysis, and integration with your existing systems. 

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Patient Engagement Solutions

We are skilled in developing patient engagement solutions that provide patients with convenient access to health information, appointment scheduling tools, and educational resources. 

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Can AI predict heart disease?

AI shows promise in predicting heart disease. AI models trained on vast datasets of patient information can identify patterns and risk factors associated with heart disease. This already help doctors flag patients who might benefit from preventive measures or closer monitoring.

How is AI used in cardiology?

Cardiologists are using AI in several ways:

  • To analyze scans and images
    AI can analyze CT scans, echocardiograms, and other heart images to detect abnormalities that might be missed by human eyes.
  • To predict risk factors
    AI systems can analyze patient data to predict the likelihood of developing heart disease.
  • To optimize treatment plans
    AI can help doctors tailor treatment plans to individual patients based on their specific risk factors and medical history.

The system provides recommendations, and does not intend to fully replace human experts.

Which artificial intelligence tool may help predict heart attacks?

In general, there are AI tools with the potential to predict heart attacks. Some analyze CT scans for coronary calcium buildup, a risk factor for heart attacks. Others analyze electronic health records for patterns associated with future heart events.

What is the AI to read EKG?

How do doctors use AI to diagnose patients?

AI is currently used as a decision-support tool, not a replacement for doctors. Doctors use AI to analyze data and get insights that can inform their diagnoses. The final decision always rests with the doctor’s expertise and judgment.

You might be interested in learning about Top 10 Real-World Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Healthcare.

How is artificial intelligence used in cardiovascular imaging?

AI can analyze various cardiovascular imaging techniques like echocardiograms, CT scans, and MRIs. This analysis can help detect abnormalities in heart structure and function, assess the severity of heart disease, and even predict future complications.

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