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What is the Clinical Decision Support System?

CDSS in healthcare provides valuable insights and recommendations to aid in diagnosis, treatment planning, and overall clinical decision-making. These systems analyze diverse sources of information, including EHRs, laboratory results, and medical literature, to generate evidence-based suggestions. 

CDSS assists in selecting the most appropriate treatment plans by considering individual patient factors and up-to-date clinical guidelines. Moreover, it helps healthcare providers stay current with the latest research and best practices. Decision support system in healthcare industry serves as a valuable complement to the expertise of professionals, promoting better-informed decisions and contributing to the overall quality of clinical services.

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Benefits of Using CDSS Software

From enabling data-driven decision-making to enhance preventive care and chronic disease management, clinical decision support systems contribute to a more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-centric healthcare environment.

Enables Data-Driven Care

Custom CDSS improves decision-making by using patient data intelligently. It enhances diagnostic accuracy and treatment precision, improving overall healthcare outcomes.

Reduces Costs

CDSS systems can significantly cut expenses tied to errors and readmissions. It optimizes resource utilization, and fosters financial efficiency within your care business.

Boost of Productivity

Customs CDSS solutions streamline workflows, which empowers healthcare professionals to focus on patient care and results in increased overall productivity and efficiency.

Patient Safety

CDSS can enhance safety through real-time alerts and evidence-based recommendations. It prevents potential risks and errors, ultimately ensuring a safer healthcare environment.

Better Quality of Care

Hospitals using AI support also experience fewer total vascular events compared to people receiving standard post-stroke evaluation and treatment (2.9% vs. 3.9%). (GOLDEN BRIDGE II study).

Facilitates Diagnosis

Custom CDSS solutions assist healthcare professionals in making accurate and timely diagnosis. It enhances overall diagnostic capabilities and reduces diagnostic errors.

Enable Preventive Care

CDSS promotes proactive healthcare by delivering timely reminders and recommendations. It allows preventing potential health issues and contributes to a preventive care approach.

Chronic Disease Management

Vendors can optimize long-term care with CDSS´s continuous monitoring, personalized interventions, and timely alerts. It can improve the management of chronic diseases for better patient outcomes.

Ease Clinical Documentation

Custom CDSS systems simplify and improve record-keeping processes. It ensures accurate clinical documentation and reduces administrative burden.

Enable Data-Driven Care With Our Custom CDSS Development Services.

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Types Of Decisions CDSS Software Help With

CDSS healthcare software empowers medical providers with evidence-based recommendations. From diagnostic support to treatment planning, prescription ordering, and chronic disease management, each supported decision type, elevates the precision and effectiveness of patient care. 

Diagnostic Support

CDSS systems employ advanced algorithms to analyze a comprehensive array of patient data, including medical history, symptoms, and diagnostic test results. The introduction of  artificial intelligence and machine learningassist healthcare professionals in identifying patterns and correlations to facilitate accurate and timely diagnosis. The systems provide clinicians with a differential probabilities, and relevant supporting evidence to guide their decision-making process.

Treatment Planning

Such software is designed to support clinicians in developing personalized and evidence-based treatment plans. It incorporates patient-specific factors, such as age, comorbidities, and genetic information, along with the latest clinical guidelines and research findings. Through dynamic decision trees and predictive modeling, it recommends optimal treatment options, and takes into account efficacy, potential side effects, and individual patient preferences.

Prescription Ordering

CDSS employs an algorithm that conducts drug allergy checking and reviews patient profiles for potential drug interactions, and adherence to formulary guidelines. It assists healthcare providers in selecting the most appropriate medications based on the patient’s condition and ensures safe and effective prescription practices.

Chronic Disease Management

It focuses on improving the care of patients with chronic conditions. It incorporates real-time monitoring of vital signs, lab results, and patient-reported data to assist healthcare providers in optimizing treatment plans. The system offers dynamic care plans, personalized education materials, and automated alerts for potential complications.

Compliance Checking

CDSS ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, institutional protocols, and industry standards. It employs rule-based logic to review and validate documentation, orders, and procedures that help healthcare organizations maintain compliance.

Contextual Reference Information

This type of CDSS software integrate the latest medical literature, clinical guidelines, and contextual information specific to the patient’s condition. This aids healthcare professionals in making informed decisions by providing quick and relevant references tailored to the clinical context.

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​​Key Features Of Custom CDSS Software

Empeek´s custom clinical decision support software goes beyond conventional systems and is designed to improve quality of life of both patients and care providers.

EHR Integration

While building custom CDSS software providers can integrate Electronic Health Records (EHR) system and enable a unified healthcare information flow.

Analytics and Reporting

We build custom CDSS software that includes robust analytics and reporting capabilities. This functionality empowers healthcare organizations to continuously refine their practices, enhance patient care, and meet evolving healthcare challenges effectively.


This is one of the most critical features of any CDSS that ensures uninterrupted communication with various healthcare systems and platforms.

ePrescribing Integration

Our custom CDSS software integrates with ePrescribing systems, streamlining the medication ordering process.

Advanced Decision Algorithms

Custom CDSS software use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze complex datasets, identify patterns, and generate recommendations.

Preventive Care Reminders

It uses patient data reports and evidence-based guidelines to schedule and prompt necessary screenings, vaccinations, and lifestyle interventions.

Clinical Documentation Prompts

This feature helps healthcare providers to capture and record crucial patient information. This provides comprehensive and accurate documentation that results in informed decision-making and improves employees satisfaction.

Post-coordination Alerts

The system utilizes real-time data feeds and predictive analytics to alert healthcare providers to potential complications that allow prompt intervention and post-procedural care planning.

CDSS Software We Can Engineer for You

Our clinical decision support software is not just a solution, it’s a tailored approach to revolutionizing your healthcare practices. Whether it’s enhancing diagnostic accuracy, refining treatment plans, or streamlining workflows, our CDSS is your personalized guide to informed decision-making. 

Custom CDSS Software For Your Specific Needs

Our approach to developing CDSS software is characterized by a careful tailoring process that allows the solution to align with the unique requirements of your healthcare environment. Some capabilities include:

  • Integration with existing EHR and hospital systems;
  • Comprehensive view of patient information;
  • Ability to accommodate future growth and changes;
  • Automated documentation;
  • Evidence-based clinical guidelines.

Integrating With Your Existing EHR/EMR System

Recognizing the importance of a unified healthcare information ecosystem, our service includes the integration with your EHR or EMR system. Specific features encompass:

  • Ability to integrate with other hospital information systems;
  • Secure and standardized data transfer protocols;
  • Real-time data exchange between the CDSS and EHR/EMR;
  • User-friendly interface within the existing EHR/EMR environment.
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Mobile And Web-Based Access

Tailor-made CDSS software may include flexible options for both mobile and web-based access. Some of the features comprise:

  • Secure and reliable access to the CDSS on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops;
  • Offline functionality for accessing critical information and recommendations even without internet connectivity;
  • Granular control over user access and permissions based on their role (clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc.);
  • Secure messaging features for communication with patients or other healthcare providers;
  • Ability to export data for further analysis or sharing with colleagues.
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Discover How We Can Design Custom CDSS Software That Aligns With Your Specific Healthcare Practices

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Next Steps

Step 1. Free Consultation to Discuss Your Needs

We start the process with a free consultation, where our team engages in a discussion to understand your specific CDSS software requirements. Through collaborative dialogue, we ascertain the unique aspects of your healthcare environment. It allows our professionals to gain insights into the challenges and goals that will shape the development of a tailored solution.

Step 2. Estimate Provided Based on Requirements

Following the consultation, we provide a detailed estimate for the development of your custom CDSS software. This estimate is built based on the specific features, functionalities, and complexities identified during our discussion. It ensures transparency in understanding the investment required for the creation of a bespoke solution tailored to meet your precise healthcare needs.

Step 3. Timeline for Completion Based on Project Scope

Along with the estimate, we establish a clear timeline for the completion of the CDSS software project. The timeline is aligned with the project scope, outlining milestones and deliverables. This ensures a structured and efficient development process, providing you with a realistic expectation of when your customized CDSS software will be ready for implementation.

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  • Shared notes, tasks, and notifications for care team members.
  • Dashboards and reporting on client cases and team activities.


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Overcome Challenges With Our Tailored Solutions Designed To Bring Ease To Your Healthcare Practices

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Why Choose Us for Your CDSS Software?

Empeek is a leading health information technology company with a proven track record. Choosing us means gaining scalability for your custom clinical decision support software, and a cost-effective approach tailored to the specialities of your niche.

We Focus on Usability

Our dedicated team prioritizes user experience with intuitive interfaces. We aim to ensure easy adoption and streamlined decision-making for healthcare professionals.

Regulatory Expertise

We confidently navigate complex healthcare regulations and guarantee compliance and adherence to industry standards in CDSS development.

Proven Experience

Empeek´s track record of successful CDSS implementations is backed by a history of delivering effective and impactful solutions for diverse healthcare settings.

Interoperability and Integration

We integrate your CDSS with existing systems and foster interoperability to create a cohesive healthcare ecosystem that maximizes data utility.


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Custom Software Development

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What are the examples of clinical decision support systems?

Some of the most popular clinical decision support systems are the following:

IBM Watson for Oncology — it assists oncologists in making treatment decisions by analyzing medical literature, clinical trial data, and patient records.

Cerner PowerChart — it integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR) to provide real-time clinical decision support for healthcare professionals.

UpToDate — it is a web-based clinical decision support system that provides evidence-based information to support medical decisions.

What is CDSS?

A clinical decision support system (CDSS) is a form of health information technology designed to help clinicians, staff, patients, and other stakeholders with personalized information and knowledge to aid in healthcare decision-making. CDSS includes a range of tools integrated into the clinical workflow to augment and refine the decision-making process.

What are the examples of clinical decision-making in nursing?

Clinical decision-making in nursing is a process where nurses assess, analyze, and choose appropriate actions to address the unique needs of their patients. It involves a systematic approach that integrates critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and clinical judgment. Some examples are the following: 

  • Medication Administration

Nurses decide on the appropriate dosage, timing, and administration route based on patient needs and medical orders.

  • Patient Assessment

Nurses make decisions about patient priorities and interventions based on ongoing assessments of vital signs, symptoms, and overall health status.

  • Care Planning

Nurses create individualized care plans, considering patient goals, preferences, and clinical guidelines to optimize patient outcomes.

What are the pros and cons of clinical decision support systems?

Some pros and cons of clinical decision support systems are the following:


  • Efficiency: They streamline workflows and reduce errors, optimizing healthcare processes and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: They provide evidence-based recommendations, improving the decision-making process for healthcare professionals.
  • Improved Patient Outcomes: They support preventive care and chronic disease management, contributing to better overall health outcomes.
  • Personalized Recommendations: They offer tailored suggestions based on individual patient data.
  • Increased Knowledge Base: They provide access to the latest medical research and guidelines, keeping healthcare professionals informed and up-to-date.


  • Cost: Based on the scope, complexity, and the duration of the project, the development cost of a CDSS can vary. Additionally, the implementation and maintenance costs can be significant. Book a free consultation to find out an estimate for the development of your custom CDSS.

User Resistance: Healthcare professionals may resist adopting CDSS, thinking that it disrupts established workflows or challenges their clinical expertise. Empeek provides support and training to smoothen the integration of your custom CDSS to your teams.

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