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We offers clear-cut estimations and feature breakdow for your product concept. Whether you’re a startup or a business, we provide insights into cost, time, and risk.

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What Is the Discovery Phase in Project Development?

The discovery phase is the first step in successful digital product development.

Your idea begins to take shape in the form of a plan that covers business goals and user needs. It is the stage where we create design with a human-centered UI, usable prototypes, and deliver peace of mind to our clients. You can’t predict the future, but with project discovery phase service, you create it with your hands, the way you want it to be.

A lack of clear IT project objectives tends to result in a 70% IT project failure rate, according to CIO research. Additionally, lack of clear planning is one of the top five reasons why development fails to meet deadlines.

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What Are the Benefits of Project Discovery Service?

With the project discovery phase in place, you put yourself on track to running a successful business, rather than worrying about the direction your company is heading. If you want to:

Share Common Product Vision

Companies that utilize a discovery phase have 80% fewer requests for clarification from the dev team. In addition, businesses observe a 25% reduction in revisions and bug fixes post-launch.

Keep Your Money Safe

No business owner wants to wake up to a development invoice that is three times higher than initially projected. And will you have proof that it could be done in a more cost-efficient way?

Develop the Right Functionality

How many functions does the iPhone have? How many of them do you use every day? 5% of product features are used 95% of the time. We help in setting priorities to reach the desired outcome.

Grow Investment Opportunities

Investors invest in people, and only then in ideas. Success is not a matter of luck, but instead the result of effective organization. Show the board that you are prepared and can be trusted.

Product Scaling

55% of clients would pay 10% or more for a good or service to get a superior experience. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the implementation of new features to meet user requirements.

Understand the Timeline

Make the development process predictable and easy to understand. A proper Discovery Phase allows you to proper evaluate the time required to launch the product and conduct early tests if needed.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

Benjamin Franklin

What If You Skip the Discovery Phase?

  • You risk exceeding your budget and do not finish the least usable development phase
  • Working with a tech stack that is less scalable and more costly
  • Missing deadlines and endless revisions
  • Make an impression of a less trustful business opportunity in the eyes of your investors
  • Failing to grasp the bigger picture of the project and be prepared for possible downsides
  • Start working with a vendor and find out that you don’t match. In the end, you have code that is written by different companies and even languages.
Project Discovery Phase 2

Discovery Phase Roadmap for Software Development

Below, we break down the process that enables us to develop digital product concepts effectively:

Requirement Collection

Step one involves scheduling a few knowledge transfer sessions to gather and analyze information relating to fundamental goals, general scope, and targets. We record every meeting — this process requires minimal time and expenses.

Technical Audit

Next, our team conducts a technical analysis of your product concept to propose relevant technologies, tools, platforms, and services. The timeline for this process highly depends on the complexity of your business model.


As a result of the requirements collection process and technical audit steps, we can accurately define the scope of the work. Now it’s time to formulate a list of features that the digital product will contain, including the exact tech stack required to make things happen. Additionally, we define any measurable criteria relating to the project’s successful outcome.

UI/UX Design

Next, it’s time to create all visual references (Screen Mockups, Wireframes, Prototypes) based on the requirements of your project in accordance with the best human-centered design principles.

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Estimation and Roadmapping

Based on the results from the steps above, we estimate the time and costs involved in delivering the defined scope. In addition, we create a roadmap for successful process development management, which includes an estimation for each milestone and feature — no hidden costs.

Project Documentation

You’ll receive a set of crucial documents with a complete description of the product concept, including all implementation processes: requirements, functionality, team, design, tech stack, and financial aspects.

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Make a Plan and Prepare Yourself for the True Startup Journey

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What Are the Deliverables

Features Breakdown

Depending on the approach selected for the project, we can provide you with detailed instructions for Waterfall or high-level documentation for Agile development that includes a few iterations ahead.

Proposal on Technical Stack

We propose technologies to be used alongside a list of libraries, APIs, etc. This also includes interactions between modules and third-party integration.

UI/UX Designs

Did you know that every $1 invested in UX results in a return between $2 and $100? We can provide it at different levels of fidelity, so it can be chosen depending on the project’s needs.

Proposal With Estimates and Timeline

It’s in our best interest to find an optimum solution that is not only obtainable, but also manageable. The commercial proposal covers financial, functional, and time aspects.

High-level Project Roadmap

The roadmap will give you a step-by-step guide of each stage and milestone. So you will know how, what, and when.

Team Composition

You will be advised on what skills are required from your team, and how large your product development team needs to be to fulfill objectives and meet deadlines.


IoT remote monitoring

A custom solution for IoT remote monitoring that would allow the care team to obtain all the necessary metrics and make people comfortable with health data measurement.

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Project Discovery Phase 3


Access, Track, and Manage Drug Testing Data

A comprehensive system for accessing, tracking, and managing drug testing data. The developed product assisted in completing over 1 000 000 drug tests in the highly regulated industries like Oil & Gas, Aerosppace, Healthcare and similar.

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Project Discovery Phase 4


Reducing Stigma Around Mental Health Care – Moodlifters

Discovery phase challenges solved:

  • Based on data received from the client, we identified three core user groups which were a medical provider, peer leader, and patient;
  • Design different user areas and functionality;
  • We identified five domains of mental well-being that had to be reflected in the app: body, thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships;
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Project Discovery Phase 5

Use Our 7 Years of Experience to Get the Most of Your Idea

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What Do Our Clients Value About Us?

They make the collaboration effortless by facilitating a smooth development process and satisfying requirements. Internal stakeholders are confident in Empeek’s ability to deliver, supplementing continued engagement.

Rob Keast, Director at Praxis Cloud Solutions Limited

Their feedback on how we could improve the product, especially the UI design, was very helpful. The app has been used to screen thousands of patients and their feedback has been positive. Empeek went above and beyond to meet all needs, while their proactive approach and commitment made them a reliable partner.

Edward Worthington, IT Director at Northern Physicians Organization

Empeek brought in additional resources to ensure the end product was exceptional. The solution provides the company’s clients with important leverage in security and application features. The team was organized and tracked issues efficiently. I will continue to use Empeek as my development company of choice.

Micheal Goodwin, COO, Server@Work

Why Do Discovery with Empeek

We Put People First

People are at the heart of every project that we get involved with, whether it is maintaining a motivated and productive workforce, or developing products for you and your users.

We Look at the Future

We are interested in the long-term impact your product will bring. We want to make sure that your product works. We built our business based on values, not on transactional cooperation.

We Have a Large BA Team

The key to success comes from a talented workforce. We hire experienced experts, and software engineers to run comprehensive requirements discovery for our customers.

We Customize Services

Every customer gets the full scope of research and deliverables requested. We don’t take any shortcuts.

We Are Accurate

A data-driven software development plan. Our business analysts use reliable data sources to gather the information required for a successful launch.

Strong Soft Skills

We ask the right questions. We adopt your communication channels and take a personal approach to our relationship.

Companies Rely On Empeek

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Get in Touch with Our Discovery Consultant. Start Your Hussle Free Development.

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Tools That We Use

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How can I be sure that you delivered the right estimation and recommendation?

Empeek started its journey in 2015. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner that delivers as promised, without hidden costs. Our staff possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to give recommendations and build software. The discovery phase is perhaps the most important, and we allocate these projects to only the most knowledgeable and experienced team members. Additionally, Empeek promotes a learning culture inside the organization and annually increases our allocated budget for continued education and advanced certifications.

How much does your service cost?

We offer two types of payment options:

  • T&M (task-based). The time and materials cooperation model is a good option for those who want to focus on product development. This model allows you to modify plans by saving resources, flexibly manage the development scope, and quickly respond to market demands.
  • Fixed Price Project. This works well for small projects with minimal risk. In this case, we can accurately provide you with the expected cost and delivery date.

What does the discovery phase of a software project include?

The project discovery phase includes a comprehensive analysis of your requirements. Based on the results, we create a data-driven project implementation roadmap. This includes product vision, user and functional requirements, timeline and cost estimates, project scope, risk assessment, and recommendations relating to architecture, tech stack, and team composition.

Who requires the product discovery phase?

The project discovery phase yields maximum benefits for companies considering developing a new product or scaling an existing one. Startups need discovery to validate ideas relating to software development, formulate requirements, and attract investors. Existing software owners run research for optimization.

What information do you need to start software discovery?

We need as many details about your project as possible, starting with business goals, market niche, competitors, budget, timelines, legacy software, and any other relevant information. We can offer project discovery phase services even if you only have a general idea or concept.

How long does the IT project discovery phase take?

The IT project discovery phase service is a custom service. This means that the delivery time may take anywhere from one week to a few months. Many factors influence this timeline. It depends on the idea and business request.

How can I be sure that you will not copy my idea?

We always sign an NDA. Also, each cooperation agreement states that you own the idea and all the results. It includes code, wireframes, prototypes, etc.

Who is involved in the discovery phase?

Empeek will assign a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Lead, UI/UX Designer and any other subject matter experts that are required.

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