Lab Testing Platform: A Comprehensive Cloud Portal for Managing, Tracking, And Accessing Drug Testing Data

Applicant Information

About The Product

This is a comprehensive cloud portal for managing, tracking, and accessing drug testing data. It was developed by Empeek for Applicant Information, a US-based Consumer Reporting Agency. Applicant Information provides background screening and drug testing services to employers, contractors, and property managers across the United States and guides them through the complexities of employment laws and federal mandates.

The system brings together Applicant Information’s customers (single-location and multi-location companies and consortium company groups) and vendors (collection sites, labs, Medical Review Officers (MRO)). The users can only access the subset of the system that belongs to their company or company group. Access to various screens and features is further restricted based on the user’s role.

Lab Testing Platform: A Comprehensive Cloud Portal for Managing, Tracking, And Accessing Drug Testing Data 1

Target Industries

This project focuses on the US market and covers a wide range of industries that by legislation are required to carry out drug tests regularly.


Healthcare Institutions



Aerospace and Defense


Information Technology

Private Security








Lab Testing Platform: A Comprehensive Cloud Portal for Managing, Tracking, And Accessing Drug Testing Data 2

Business Case

When Empeek first joined the project, the company’s internal system was ten years old, Windows-based, and was restricted to office hours and local machines. The ongoing maintenance was cumbersome and quite costly. The complex workflow required significant manual effort. It also led to slow turnaround times, limited visibility, and increased potential for human errors. As business grew, existing tools and processes could not scale.

Competitors offered quicker response time
Collection sites had no visibility into upcoming tests
Labs would only know about a test when they received a specimen
Doctors could only review results when they arrived from the labs


Develop an enterprise lab testing system with similar functionality (to the old one) that could also be accessed on various devices or while users travel. It should have been a unified platform that would connect customers, collection sites, labs, and doctors.

Streamline Compliance

Simplify compliance with evolving legal testing requirements


Reduce manual labor coordinating complex test logistics

Faster Lab Results

Accelerate test result turnaround time to customers

Drive Efficiency

Lower operational costs through automation, both for customers and for the their own business

Foster Growth

Support business growth and future expansion

Empower Access

Provide flexibility for customers to access data remotely

Core Challenge

Labs that run the tests use outdated technologies. That’s why the new product implementation was limited in some aspects. Some modules had to be adapted and adjusted to these old technologies to ensure compatibility and efficient integration with existing hardware and software.

Lab Testing Platform: A Comprehensive Cloud Portal for Managing, Tracking, And Accessing Drug Testing Data 3

What We Have Achieved

The portal delivered impactful benefits across Applicant Information’s business. The company anticipates a full return on investment in less than 35 months.

Cost Savings

Lower overhead and staffing needs reduced costs by 45%.

Accelerated Turnaround Time

Cut testing cycle time by 75%.

Improved Compliance

Random test assignment ensures unbiased, compliant programs.

Enhanced Visibility

Customers gain transparency into real-time applicant status.

Business Growth

The system unlocks capacity to seamlessly scale.

Risk Reduction

Automation eliminates manual data errors.

Staff Utilization

Staff of Applicant Information’s clients moved to higher-value work like customer service.

Testing Volume

Has increased by 350%. Risks from manual errors have also been mitigated.


The portal is integrated with M-Files document management, Xero Accounting, PSP Crash & Safety database, Datalink (MVR’s), Fonality click-to-call, and email-to-fax services.

Lab Testing Platform is integrated with Quest Diagnostics, Labcorp, Psychemedics, eScreen and some other labs and collection sites. So the orders are automatically confirmed and the results are received via web service calls.

Lab Testing Platform: A Comprehensive Cloud Portal for Managing, Tracking, And Accessing Drug Testing Data 4

Security Measures

  • The fields identified as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are encrypted in the database and masked during export.
  • The portal is HIPAA-compliant. It runs under HTTP over SSL.
  • The users are periodically required to change their passwords. All attached documents stored in the database are encrypted.
  • An extra layer of security was added with 2-factor authentication with one-time passwords and fingerprinting.
  • Third-party software firewall on top of the hosted firewall software and denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) protection.
  • The log entries are stored in a separate database for security reasons
Lab Testing Platform: A Comprehensive Cloud Portal for Managing, Tracking, And Accessing Drug Testing Data 5

Key Features

Randomized Testing

Proprietary pool generation algorithms enable unbiased, compliant test assignments. It’s possible to create a group based on different parameters: testing frequency, type of biomaterials, etc. The feature contributes to a more efficient and organized process.

Specimen Tracking

End-to-end chain of custody and status visibility.

Lab Selection

Users can see a list of labs that perform needed tests. Information about each includes a working schedule so users can choose the best option and a time slot.


Tests are automatically routed to integrated labs like Quest and Labcorp.

Super Tenant—Tenant structure

It allows to manage access and user rights depending on their organizational affiliation.


Tools for billing, invoicing, pricing tiers, and financial reporting. In addition, the system informs about the validity period of the test.


Robust reporting and dashboards to analyze testing data.


Automated notifications keep customers updated on status.


HIPAA compliant with encrypted data, 2FA, and access controls.

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