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Why Pharma App Development Matters

Did you know that the global number of pharmaceutical apps tripled in 2013-2016? What do the numbers mean? The data tells that managing one’s healthcare is extremely convenient and saves time when done through the use of a smartphone. When the world is going COVID-closed, online orders and home deliveries skyrocket. With the data in mind, how can your business profit from pharma app development services? Find the answers below.

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Benefits of Pharma App Development

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Improve the Communication with Customers

Smartphones are the most used screen device after laptops among customers who reach for pharma services. Due to the pharma apps, businesses get an opportunity for top-notch communication via screen, yet timely services. They also reach more potential customers.

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Introduce Your Business Authenticity

Pharma apps make your business distinctive if they go along with the company’s pharma products. For instance, patients buy glucose tablets and food supplements. What if a glucometer-and-food app went along with them? The feature will enhance one’s treatment and differentiate your company in the pharma market.

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Data Collection

The app allows you to collect trade-related data. The app tracks the dosage and the treatment period along with one’s frequency of buying the product. The user can leave comments and review the products. In the end, you can learn the patient’s consumption habits and implement business practices that will comply with them.

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Cooperate with Hospitals and Clinics

Pharma development improves the communication between doctors and patients. Hence, pharmacy management system enhances cooperation with hospitals and clinics. For instance, the app might prescribe healthcare professionals in the customer’s area while allowing doctors to control the patient’s intake during the treatment process.

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Functions and Features of a Pharma App

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Assists Customers

Most clients use a pharma app when the nearest store is short of the medicine they need. An efficient pharmaceutical app will detect the closest pharmacy that has the necessary drug in supply. In the end, the customer can pre-order the drug or order home delivery.

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Tracks Customer’s Medicine Intake

There is a high chance a customer is one’s patient. Tracking one’s medicine intake is a remarkably helpful feature for both doctors and their patients. Due to the medicine-tracking feature, a customer is in charge of their treatment and avoids taking the same drug twice.

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Ensures Customer Safety

Another feature is the app’s ability to identify the compatibility of drugs. For instance, mixing different opioids simultaneously might lead to health complications. Meanwhile, the app will detect which drugs are incompatible with each other. Hence, the client will be safe.

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Reminds Customer’s Time to Order

Patients with chronic conditions will need the app for regular orders of their medicines. Sometimes, the pharmacy will be out of stock. While a distributor maintains the storage of the pharmacy’s products, they stay in connection with the pharmacy but not the client. However, because an app is a direct link between a pharma company and their clients, the latter will get the accurate delivery info timely.

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Best Pharma Services Offline

A pharma application can work offline so your patients will no longer depend on the Internet connection. From now on, customers can search for diagnostic steps and book the medicine with home delivery offline. The same goes for doctors who can make sure their patients adhere to the prescribed medicine without the use of the Internet by checking in with their patients through the app.

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Others In-Built Features to Consider

Location tracking feature of pharma app allows to detect the drugstore where patient can buy it. Don’t forget that pharmacist’s must have an access to change the order’s data. And the courier! If your app focuses on home deliveries, make your product is comfortable for everyone involved in the pharmacy business. An efficient mobile app for pharmacies guarantees that courier receives all notifications on the order.

Services We Provide

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Customer Apps

This solution allows to choose a pharma product from certain category and make an order. A customer can easily access the product’s info like side effects or ratings. The can also include features like online chatting, prescription uploading, and pre-ordering.

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Pharmacist Apps

Due to this solution, pharmacists can easily manage and collect orders while staying in constant touch with couriers and other team members. Such apps also notify them about new orders, display doctor’s prescriptions, manage inventory, and finances.

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Courier Apps

Designed for couriers, the tool provides flawless communication between couriers, pharmacists, and customers. Couriers get access to the info on the order status and order details like the customer’s phone number and address.

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Admin Panels

The team can manage the products’ data and business payments. They can also send notifications like the weekly or monthly refill alerts or suggest substitutes as a part of virtual assistance to the customers.

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Pharma App Development Company

As a pharma application development company, Empeek is a team of tech-savvy experts with a decade of experience in creating modern solutions. Our goal is to provide custom-tailored technology solutions to healthcare problems globally. With the help of our pharma app developers, you’ll turn your pharma idea into business reality.

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Project success

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Drug Testing System

Our recent pharma app development project is a drug testing system tailored specifically for the needs of a US-based company. The app allows customers to order drugs 24/7, has a 2-step authentication, and easily integrates with Xero, Fonality, other systems.


  • 24/7 test ordering & tracking;
  • Integration with Xero, M-Files, Fonality, etc.;
  • 2-factor authentification;
  • Predictive, wildcard & map search.
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Clinical Screening Tool

The project was designed to analyze social determinants of health like food, employment, and housing of the Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. It provides flawless workflow management, and creates reports and analytics matching the medical care.


  • Camera ID recognition;
  • Reports & analytics;
  • Workflow management;
  • Available in English and Spanish.
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