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Drug Testing System is a comprehensive system for accessing, tracking, and managing drug testing data. The system was developed for the US-based company specializing in drug testing and background screening for over 1,000 residential communities, defense contractors, and companies in the Transportation and Oil & Gas industries. The company with less than 50 employees assisted in completing over 1 000 000 drug tests.

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When Empeek first joined the project, the company’s internal system was ten years old and Windows-based. The ongoing maintenance was cumbersome and quite costly.The competitors who offered quicker response time were earning more while our client’s system was restricted to office hours and local machines.

Besides, software programs for drug testing couldn’t put every participant together in this drug test process. So a particular drug testing system development was needed to integrate everything and everyone.

But company’s owner has a specific vision, idea, and a way to overcome any hindrances. So he contacted us to build a web-based drug testing system for US customers.

There were specific challenges for us:

1. Integrate everything in one place for drug testing system.

We needed to create a web-based system to combine data from 

  • vendors and companies who wanted to test their employees
  • employees themselves
  • laboratories, which provide tests 
  • medical review officers (MROs) who approve test results. 

There was created a random pool of companies. We send out a message to each of its employees about where and when they can do a drug test. He/she goes to the lab, and then the laboratory should send the results of the drug tests into the system.

2. Put medication test results into a drug test notification system.

So our task was to automate interactions with laboratories. When the result is ready, – they automatically send all the data to the system. And also create a separate screen for doctors. So they instantly can see all the data and figure out whether the test is negative or positive.

We should take into account the planning, processing, and statistics of results.

3. Meet all requirements from legislative to customers.

There are certain legislation requirements for drug testing in the USA, e.g., from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Any company can order drug testing (if they want to test their employees). But there is a specific list defined by law: drivers, pilots, etc.

Besides that, we needed to consider all the requirements of many clients to design documentation.

4. Systematize companies’ information within the drug testing software application.

Each company has its own location. It has its types, statuses, representatives, opening hours, when this company works, contact information. So there was a challenge: how to do separation and gradation of data within.

5. Establish a drug test code system.

Each laboratory has its panel code to identify drug tests. The task was to reconcile this information so that the employee need only bring the test to the lab.

6. Provide sensitive data protection.

There are a lot of sensitive data within the drug-testing system. So one of the challenges was to protect the data concerning personal health, contact information, and other closed information.

7. Build an easy-to-use billing section.

An essential component of the service is monetization. The company has to know what it should pay to the MRO, the lab, and how much the company and vendors have to pay.

Lab Test Tubes


Our work consisted of the following steps:

  • Documentation
  • Backend, frontend, and microservices
  • Reports creation

Each stage was thoroughly tested. In the end, we created a product that seamlessly connects all participants: customers, vendors, employees, labs, MROs at all stages of this process: from the company’s request to billing for drug testing.

We developed the web service and established communication with the labs, their drug testing, and other departments. These connections helped us enable reliable automatic drug testing download from labs into the company’s system. 

All legislation, customers, vendors, laboratories, employees, MRO’s, and our client’s requirements were met. This consortium is the selection result of different organizations with different goals. 

We designed documentation and selection tools that satisfied all their needs. You can see any activity within the software for managing drug testing data since every interaction is logged. The employee can choose a suitable location via our drug testing software system. So, we created a unique and simple panel code system that reconciles different labs’ codes. This suite of systematized data decreased transactions’ time. 

A developed data management system encrypted using 2-factor authentification. It protects any user within a web-based drug testing program software from data leaks to another company or a person.

A sophisticated billing section has payments, scheduling, and transferring features. So the new microservices-based web application allowed the company to shorten the time to process the request and follow up with the client.

The customer’s team can now access and manage data in real-time, from any device (phone/tablet/PC) and any location. The system is intuitive and easy to navigate. The users can access the most commonly referenced information in one click with the help of a central search bar.

The new HIPAA-compliant web platform officially replaced the legacy system in January 2019.


  • Increases the productivity of drug testing system due to integration: interactions between customers, vendors, labs, employees, MROs are all in one place;
  • Reduces labor costs on managing drug testing system;
  • Protects sensitive data with the encryption system;
  • Controls your earnings and costs using a sophisticated billing system.

The results speak volumes

The company assisted with over 1 000 000 drug tests via the drug testing system. This fact means that the web application is reliable, easy to use, and motivates companies to do drug testing since it is cumbersome.

So if you need pharma app development with perfect quality, you can apply to us. We also provide other pharma software development services

White us a note to start the collaboration with us.


  • Angular
  • Azure
  • Entity Framework


  • 24/7 test ordering & tracking
  • 2-factor authentification
  • integration with Xero, M-Files, Fonality, etc.
  • predictive, wildcard & map search


Can I use this drug testing software in my region?

Only if you are a US-citizen

Who works with drug testing clinic software?

According to the US laws, certain companies for whom it’s obligatory: transportation, aviation, and other organizations. But if you want you can apply too.

Who decides whether the test is negative or positive?

A chosen certified MRO within the software gives his professional opinion, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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