MVP Development

Design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that contains just enough features for early use. It is the barebones of functioning systems that have the potential to be scaled and iterated on in the future.

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What Is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

MVPs are working digital products that allow you to prioritize the development of essential product features so you can hasten the time to market, monetize your idea with proven product demand, and accumulate data for investor pitching.

At Empeek, our MVP development process is no different than what you would expect from full-scaled software. The only difference is that the product (MVP) is initially released with limited features and resources. MVPs are a great way to move forward with product development without a substantial investment of time and money. Furthermore, they’re a great tool for gathering client feedback to improve your product on the go.

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The Benefits of MVP Product Development

Now, you might be asking yourself ‘What’s the fastest way to release my product and start getting customers?’  The answer is simple — an MVP-based approach. There’s no better way to gather accurate data regarding your product and users with minimal effort.

Obtain Paid Customers

Monetize your idea by transforming it into a working product, complete with essential features, and sharing it with your target audience. As a result, entrepreneurs will be able to visualize its value from a market positioning and demand point of view.

Accelerate Learning

Owning and operating an MVP will give you a good understanding of business growth, customer value, and the demands of the market. Soon, you’ll know exactly what you need to develop to get the most out of your product.

Maximum Speed

No need to raise millions in investment before releasing the first version of your product. The lean approach to MVP development ensures your product will hit the market in no time.

Boost Your Brand

It’s been proven that early testing helps spread the word about your product and brand. A quality MVP is the first step to establishing a trustworthy brand.

Craft A Business Model Canvas

MVPs and early testing will help you develop and refine your business model. Business models depict the components and activities required for startups and existing business operations.

Determine User Flow

Create a seamless user experience and learn how customers are going to use your digital product. Its an ongoing learning process where we strive for continues improvements.

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Full-Cycle Custom MVP Software Development Services

Designing an MVP involves more than coding; it’s a team effort with a specific goal and mission in mind. Our process involves around-the-clock communication and quality assurance. This approach allows us to accurately estimate the technical requirements involved so we can deliver your software on time, every time.

Step 1. Discovery Phase

This refers to an active listening stage. We want to hear all about how your idea was born, including your business goals. Think of this as a knowledge-sharing phase where you hand over the keys to your data, putting it in the hands of our team. This includes information from customers, subject matter experts, and other critical stakeholders.

The Discovery Phase helps define an MVP’s core features so we can align your ideas with your business goals. At the end of this phase, you’ll receive a proposal that includes cost, estimated time, stack, and team composition.

Who’s Involved?

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Lead
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
Learn more about Discovery Phase

Step 2. Product Design

Once the Business Analysis phase is complete, we create the design of different levels of fidelity.

This starts with close cooperation between you (the client) and our (Empeek) PM and UI/UX designer. With us, there is no “cookie-cutter” approach — every client receives a tailored experience.

Who’s Involved?

  • PM
  • BA
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Technical Lead
Learn more about UX/UI Services

Step 3. Planning

During this stage, we define all the necessary resources for the job. This includes evaluating the capacity of the project, setting milestones, and pre-planning software development sprints. If an MVP requires more than one feature, its functions are prioritized and specific milestones and sprints are allocated. This way, you can appropriately plan user testing sessions and prepare for investment pitching.

Who’s Involved?

  • Project Manager
  • Technical Lead
  • QA Engineer
  • Business Analyst

Step 4. Development

Once we’ve put a team together, it’s time to execute the plan. Keep in mind, timelines for software development vary as each project is unique, complete with a diverse range of requirements. That said, once tasks are allocated, our team works around the clock vigorously testing away. Think of the project manager as your team’s voice and ambassador.

We work according to Agile methodology, which includes planning, sprints, and demos to foster incremental growth.

Who’s Involved?

  • Project Manager
  • Dev Team
  • Business Analyst

Step 5. Quality Assurance and Control

Our approach to testing is based on proven strategies and best practices. We initiate the QA process as early as possible to detect vulnerabilities and determine the most effective strategy for managing risk.

Who’s Involved?

  • Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Analyst
Learn more about QA&Testing

Step 6. Release

After several iterations, you’ll receive a customized working software package. You’ll come to understand the true potential of your digital MVP as soon as it’s up and running and ready to be tested by real users. Empeek’s DevOps guarantee a smooth and successful deployment.

Who’s Involved?

  • Project Manager
  • DevOps
  • Business Analyst

Step 7. Maintenance

At Empeek, we guarantee stable product performance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We take full responsibility for application and server performance monitoring (including enhancement and adjustment) and new feature development.

Who’s Involved?

  • Project Manager
  • Dev Team
  • DevOps
  • Business Analyst
Learn more about Maintenance Services
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At Empeek, We Develop MVPs That Are:

Thought through

The Discovery Phase lays the foundation for the work that lies ahead and allows us to outline exactly what needs to be built so we can get there faster.


We always test and then retest to ensure your users have a smooth experience and provide you with valuable feedback.

Business oriented

We understand that a business can’t exist without revenue from targeted users. We go out of our way to achieve synergy between your business objectives and audience needs.

No compromise when it comes to UI/UX

We believe in the power of the user experience, including its effect on the success of MVPs. With this in mind, we take care to craft intuitive designs that are proven to boost user adoption.

Ready to scale

We specialize in building architecture that’s 100% scalable. Once you have a full understanding of the true demand for your product, simply continue developing your existing MVP solution.

Reflection of Your Vision

We employ a team of experts with a versatile skill set and deep knowledge of the ins and outs of project development. As a result, you’ll receive a product that reflects your vision.

One way of coming up with MVPs is by asking yourself: What would you do with your product once you’re done building it? What if you did that now instead?

Eric Ries

Why Empeek?

Our values are centered around learning and growth. Outlining them allows us to remain focused so we can deliver the most value to our clients.

We Put People First

Whether it’s maintaining a motivated and productive workforce or developing products for you and your users, people are at the heart of every project we’re involved with.

We Look to the Future

We’re interested in the long-term impact of every project. Our business is built around values, not transnational cooperation.

Strong Soft Skills

We ask the right questions. We take over your communication channels and take a personal approach to building relationships.

A Vast BA Team

We employ a highly-skilled team of business analysts, project managers, UX/UI designers, DevOps specialists, QA experts, and software engineers to run comprehensive discovery.


This includes a data-driven software development plan. Our business analysts rely on credible data sources to gather the information required for a successful launch.

Healthcare Expertise

Software development in the healthcare industry requires special dedication and knowledge. With our knowledge your product will be legally compliant and speak directly to users’ needs.


A Collaboration Platform for Treating Serious Mental Illness

VelloHealth is building industry-leading collaboration software for care teams that treat severe mental illness. The VelloHealth Collaboration Platform (VCP) is the company’s flagship product, designed primarily for Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams.

Goals and Deliverables: 

  • An MVP mobile app for ACT team members that allows participants to collaborate
  • A web app that allows admins to manage clinics and ACT teams
  • Designing mobile apps for IOS and Android to achieve a higher user adoption rate
  • Ensuring smooth integration with Netsmart’s EMR system
  • Designing and ensuring flawless integration with Twilio or Sendbird (a HIPAA-compliant communication platform)
Explore the Project
vello health UI - mental health collaboration platform


A Home Care Management Platform

A home care management platform that enables healthcare workers to optimize care management. The platform works by centralizing the tools used to track and respond to important health events such as admissions, discharges and transfers (ADT), chronic care management, and Covid response.

The MVP includes:

  • An appointment management feature that grants supervisor admin access to manage nurses’ calendars
  • An AI algorithm that recommends nurses. The algorithm is designed to prioritize the proximity to the patient (so nurses can reach them quickly), current workloads, healthcare experience matching (for patients with similar health issues), and other factors
  • An ADT notification feature that synchronizes with a third-party system (MiHIN). Notification is received in a unique HL7 format
Coming soon
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What Our Clients Say

Their competence surpassed the level of their professionalism.
Empeek met all the discussed requirements and provided documentation, feedback, and solutions in a professional and timely manner. They efficiently managed and tracked the workflow and progress, meeting the client’s expectations. Furthermore, they showed worthwhile competence and professionalism.

Liam Terblanche, CTO at Airvantage

They were an excellent organization to conduct business with.
Thanks to the Empeek team, the project was completed at 2% less cost before the expected deadline. They maintained an excellent communication flow, proving their reliability as a partner.

Jerry Pierrottie, Director of Operations at Safety Council of Southwest LA

Your Idea Is in The Hands of Tech Experts

We have broad access to talented “techies” with varying expertise. We can assemble a dev team in no time, complete with versatile skills based on information gathered from the Discovery Phase, including your project’s unique requirements.
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How much does MVP development cost?

The cost of MVP development varies depending on many factors, including:
Type: web or mobile app
Device: iOS or Android
Single-feature app or multiple-features apps
Cooperation model: Material-based or dedicated team

There is no “ready-made template.” Every MVP project is unique, requiring an in-depth analysis for proper development. Let’s discuss your idea and evaluate the scope.

What are the benefits of MVP development services for startups?

At the beginning of our journey, we had to determine what services the market was short on and learn how to evaluate competitors, and find our first customers. For this reason, we understand how important it is to have clarity regarding what to do and expect.

An MVP is the best way to start small and scale as your startup grows. MVPs allow you to put your idea to the test, with real users and, best of all, only a tiny investment of time and money.
Among other benefits, MVPs allow you to:

Develop early relationships with your customers
Compile your first email list
Improve your product’s positioning before full-scale development and investment pitching
Get a clear understanding of your business model
Boost brand visibility

Long story short, relying on speculation and guesswork regarding your business idea is not an option. In a technology-driven world, the best time is now. The Empeek team is standing by, ready to assist you on your journey.

How to choose the right MVP development company?

Choosing the right partner for MVP development can be a confusing ordeal, especially considering the number of companies on the market.

When doing your research, ask yourself the following questions::

How many years has the company been on the market?
Does the company have a solid reputation and experience with MVPs? (web platforms like Clutch and Upwork will help you to understand vendor’s reputation)
Does the company provide you with a clear plan and step-by-step guide to their MVP development process?
How is their communication process built?
What does their Discovery process look like?
What similar case studies are they willing to share?
Do they mention potential risks?
What’s their approach to your business goals?

For more guidance, feel free to get in touch.

What’s the difference between MVP development services and custom software development?

Spotting the differences between MVP development services and custom software development can be challenging. Although both services involve coding, they require different approaches and are tailored toward different goals.

MVP development services aim to deliver an essential feature set within a working product for a minimal investment of time and money.

On the other hand, custom software development is a full-scale project that may take months or years of continuous development. Custom software development should be considered second in line once you’ve proven market demand.

What type of MVP development for startups do you offer?

There are many types of MVPs. At Empeek, we divide them into Low Fidelity MVPs and High Fidelity MVPs.

Low Fidelity MVPs
These early-stage solutions don’t require a substantial investment of time and money. The most popular include customer interviews, landing pages, explainer videos, and ‘Fake Door’ MVPs.

High-Fidelity MVPs
These are more complex systems that require coding.
Typically, these are preferred by business owners that aim to prove a product’s effectiveness (functionality, features, and connected services). At the same time, entrepreneurs gather feedback and track user interest.

Examples of high-fidelity MVPs include digital prototypes, including “Wizard of Oz” MVPs, “Concierge” MVPs, single featured MVPs, etc.

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