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We help medical start-ups and healthcare facilities create and maintain innovative technological solution keeping every project secure and on budget

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Advanced Healthcare solutions is our Core Competence

We work together to solve problems. While you are dealing with the strategic business challenges, we address the technical issues. Empeek adheres to global best practices and modern standards to deliver secure high-quality products.


Our Business Philosophy

Our electronic health records solutions help you achieve exceptional results.


Discovery Phase

Understanding potential risks and the scope of work is crucial for complex projects. This is a good point to feel how comfortable you are working with us.


Prototyping and PoC

Sometimes, it’s hard to predict whether your innovative idea will thrive. It’s always a risk. Eliminate the risk by investing in PoC.


MVP Creation

Ready to bring your idea to the market? We know how exciting introducing a new product feels.


UX/UI Design

We understand how important a good visual presentation is and will help you to create a modern and intuitive product design.


Product Maintenance

Need to add new features after a successful product launch? Our tech experts will implement it.



Yes, software engineers could cope with this work, but isn’t it better to let the DevOps do his job?

How We Charge

We use two primary pricing methods


Fixed Priced

Fixed price model works well for small projects, containing minimum risks. In this case, we can accurately provide the final cost and the delivery date. We are comfortable with going fixed price, however there are several points to consider before opting for this model.
If your project is quite complex or has a lot of possible technical risks, we must allocate additional funds to cover all vague points. This leads to an unnecessary budget increase so, in this case, we offer the next cooperation model.


Time and Materials

Time and materials cooperation model is a good option for those who want to focus on product development. This model allows you to modify plans by saving resources.
Most of our clients opt for time and materials. They trust us, know that we don’t pad hours, and communicate all the issues occuring during the development process. This model allows to flexibly manage the development scope and quickly respond to market demands.
Note: in case you don’t have project specification, we can help you to gather requirements.

We are Open to Talk

A great project starts with a quick reply. We value our clients’ resources and minimize the time they wait for service consultation. Contact us and start discussing your next big project today!

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