When Smart People Come Together

We, Alex and Roman, had launched Empeek in 2015 from a small baroque apartment.
Since then, we worked outside of the university rooms and found ourselves doing code for e-commerce projects, sharing economy startups, and healthcare businesses. Nothing foretold troubles.

While building our portfolio, we became seasoned IT partner that can handle projects from small apps to enterprise-level systems. The beginning of the Euromaidan and war in 2014 had shaped our values and vision for the future. While keeping an eye on every detail, Empeek kept growing.

Good times called us for good measures so that we started hiring top talents and moved into a 900 sq.m. office in Lviv, Ukraine. Since watering plants in our little office 5 years ago, Empeek has made some brilliant software and gathered a beautiful team capable of solving strategic and technological problems for our US customers.

Why Empeek?

First things first, it sounds cool. And it is also a proper word to describe the extraordinary things we have in our office atmosphere. We embraced this quirky word from day one, but no one remembers the story’s origins.

What We Stand For

Embracing The Differences

Our inclusivity and people-oriented strategy help us to build more creative and user-oriented solutions. That’s why our US, UK, and European partners with different cultural backgrounds do not feel any cultural gaps. And yes, there’s no micromanagement or one-size-fits-all instructions here.

Commitment & Responsibility

We stick to our word and call it what it is. To keep everything synced, we communicate smoothly while keeping it short and sweet. Empathy and 100% involvement is a key driver of our communicational success.

Do One Thing Well Excellent

Our engineers keep up with the latest framework and technologies to understand the market and implement only the things that matter. When we’re starting our cooperation, our goal is to exceed your expectations and sustain a win-win partnership.

Let Empeekers Grow

We encourage proactive employees and sponsoring every opportunity to grow. Our brainiacs make internal knowledge sharing sessions every 2 weeks and participate in top-notch events all around the world.

Efficiency Comes First

We focus on long-term success over short-term profits and advocate the Occam’s razor principle. Practical solutions here are paid more than working hours. That’s why there’s no room for nepotism at Empeek.

Leadership Team

Roman Konstantinov, Managing Partner
Roman Konstantinov
Managing Partner

A Visionaire in a nutshell. Roman can easily design great and small projects from scratch. He is a seasoned manager and thinker. You may catch him reading Yuval Noah Harari, watching The Blacklist, or ranking burgers by deliciousness.

Alex Shpachuk, Managing Partner
Alex Shpachuk
Managing Partner

Alex is a real treasury of knowledge, although he likes fishing quadcopters out of a tree. Regular tinkering in technology reflects his detail-oriented approach and consistently reliable solutions. Started as an avid math student, he quickly raised to a leader with 10+ years of proven experience.

Yuriy Dobryanskyy, CTO
Yuriy Dobryanskyy

Tea-addicted technology geek who rides dozens of kilometers daily. He is a seasoned engineer who can quickly evaluate customer ideas into a technical project. His dog is the most important part of his life. His dog might have written this.

Khrystyna Skop, CFO
Khrystyna Skop

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Khrystyna is obsessed with numbers. She also makes stuff out of yarn, paper, fabric, and clay. Whatever else she can get her hands on. You’ll usually find her gardening, calculating, or training.

Oksana Makhnyk, Business Development Executive
Oksana Makhnyk
Business Development Executive

Oksana is a true client advocate. She’s your go-to-person if you need someone who would invest their time and energy into understanding your business and give you realistic expectations of what the solution will be. She’s also a massive Ves Anderson fan and enjoys a good indie movie.

Lidia Kachmarska, Head of QA Department
Lidia Kachmarska
Head of QA Department

Lidia is passionate about quality assurance, has an appetite for luncheon meats, and drives only electric vehicles. In her spare time, Lida chills in a cozy family atmosphere.

Olexandr Krupenko, Head of Legal Department
Olexandr Krupenko
Head of Legal Department

Olexandr loves to solve complicated legal issues with smart and apparent decisions. His passion is to maintain and organize the legal processes of Empeek. When he’s not learning foreign judicial practices, you can find him making ice-cream investments.

Olha Chaplyk, Office Manager
Olha Chaplyk
Office Manager

Olha ensures the comfort environment, makes great onboarding for newcomers, cares for the internal educational activities at Empeek. She is all about the work-life balance strategy and exciting corporate parties.

Our Mission

To serve, inspire, and empower people through the software they use.

Verbal Accolades

They were on budget, and the app was delivered in a timely fashion.- John Doe, Apple
They freed me up to grow my business.- John Doe, Apple
They came up with good solutions and were proactive with new features and ways to use the platform.-
We enjoy working with Empeek because they’re able to respond and scale quickly.-
We were confident in Empeek’s technical ability from the start, and they delivered on our expectations.-
Their feedback on how we could improve the product, especially the UI design, was very helpful.-
With very little input from me or my business team, Empeek did an excellent job.-

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