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Our Story

Eighteen years ago, two University friends met in their first year of studying and started learning programming. In those days, downloading a new rap album even at the class with the fastest internet took the whole lecture, and an account on Gmail was by invitation. Three years later, the boys released the first commercial project and continued working on several others until they established a software development company named Empeek.

The company’s goal is to help entrepreneurs build effective business-oriented solutions. To achieve this, we follow the “done is better than perfect ”principle and treat our client’s success as our own. This means that before making any suggestion on functionality, be it an architecture solution or design vision, we initially analyze the benefit our client will gets from it.

Our Core Values

The company stands on three core principles which lie in the heart of everything we do to deliver exclusive high-end products.



We ask hard and fundamental questions to define whether particular feature is obligatory. We know how important it is to deliver the project on time and with budget in mind.



Delivering cutting-edge products means constant learning and development. That is why we believe that the culture of transparency and tolerance engenders new ideas and the thirst for growth.



Advanced healthtech development wouldn’t be possible without accountability. Each of our team members thinks twice before making a promise and sticks to it in any case.

Successful Product Requires Dedicated Minds. Learn How to Bring the Next Great Idea to Life.

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How We Work

The Empeek team takes full responsibility of your project from the very concept to production. Skilled Business Analysts, CTO, Project Managers, QA’s, and Web-and-Mobile Software Developers step-by-step bring your product to life.


Business Analyst

All your requirements are in hands of an attentive BA. This person knows how to get max result with min resources.


UI/UX Designer

This precious germ of our team visualizes all your ideas in a detailed way.


Project Manager

Smooth project development is the PM’s responsibility. This team member is your main contact point during the whole process.


Web Developer

Every required feature for a web-based application come to life with the help of web developer.


Quality Assurance

QA monitors every phase of the project developement to ensure perfect result.


Chief Technical Officer

A real tech guru advices you on which technology to use to accomplish your business needs.



Development Operations Engineer streamlines the whole project development process.


Mobile Developer

This skilled programmer helps you meet the business goal implementing top-notch functionality.

Meet Our Team

The team of dedicated Business Analysts, Designers, Project Managers, Web and Mobile Developers, QA’s, and DevOpses support you at any development stage.


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