Case studies

Photoplethysmography is a simple technique to measure blood volume changes. Visit our case study to learn how the principles of PPG processing measurement were applied to IoT the solutions.
Many physicians make use of solutions for remote patient monitoring in their practice. ▶️ Learn the core features, development process, and benefits of our new IoT solution in the case study.
Learn how Empeek software development company has designed a mobile and web telehealth solution for ACT teams ✅ Get insight into project requirements, functionality, tech stack, and challenges
The project of our customer is one of the mobile cardiac telemetry products that revolutionize patient care. Discover how the medical device was developed and implemented in our case study.
The project is a digital data collection solution allowing to collect visual data with the help of a detector and scanner. Learn about LiDAR based app for telecom case study. ✅ Technical stack of the project ✅ Implementation ✅ Features
A HIPAA-compliant EHR system replaced the legacy software, simplified the treatment workflow, and helped a US hospital reach more patients.
Discover how emergency medicine EMR software streamlines patient care.✅ This web app is an intelligent response for emergency reporting✅ Software can be used for a mobile workstation.
A cross-platform solution enhances patient experience and connects caregivers, patients, and families in one virtual space.
This case study deals with a real-time health monitoring system which▶️ was created as an IoT-based solution. ▶️ The app development is HIPAA and GDPR compliant by design.
Overview We designed the SaaS field service management software keeping the needs of small and mid-sized service companies in mind. It completely transforms the information exchange between the back office…
Overview This app is a web platform that allows users to share their experience and sports equipment among people from all over Australia. It brings together gear seekers and trusted…
Overview This intuitive financial portfolio management platform provides instant access to monetary tools and data analytics and simplifies investment management. The system helps corporate and private clients manage their finances…
Overview The project is a cutting-edge e-trading platform for supporting the growth in profitability for investors and leaders. The platform is a brainchild of trading industry veterans. We made it…
Overview The project is an artists-driven software suite of desktop, web, and mobile apps all synced. It allows watermark photos in bulk and export them or share them on social…
The project is an augmented reality platform that playfully connects print products with the digital world. The marker-based AR solution provides an intuitive and joyful experience by turning magazine pictures into a colorful 3D model.
Overview The solution is an intelligent GPS fleet tracking system meant for managers making data-driven decisions. The project is a SaaS solution developed by the New Zealand company to serve…
Overview The Screening Tool is a surveying software with an automated patient referral system. It is used to screen Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries for social determinants of health (SDH) such…
Overview Drug Testing System is a comprehensive system for accessing, tracking, and managing drug testing data. The system was developed for the US-based company specializing in drug testing and background…
Overview The project is a mental wellness program that strives to reduce stigma around mental health care. Personal and accessible, the program is based on years of research. Equipping people…
Overview The product is the biggest Swedish marketplace for local service companies. It includes the best features of leading home service platforms and connects real estate agents, service companies, and…

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