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Impact of Medical App Development on the Healthcare Industry

Clinical practice has undergone constant transformation since healthcare organizations began utilizing medical app development services. Now, with hundreds of software applications on the market, many routine and time-consuming tasks have been automated to the point of a one-click operation.

The entire experience for patients and medical professionals has significantly improved and become more accessible due to internet connections, wearable devices, and smartphones. Now, you can delegate numerous tasks to mobile health apps or other platforms, stay in touch, and monitor specific measurements in a convenient and safe way. Appointments, consultations, medical records, and prescriptions have become accessible to those who were deprived of such services in the past or limited by location or age. Whether you want to conduct medical research, follow up on your mental health, or make a correct diagnosis, everything you need is in the right app.

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Healthcare App Development for Every Care Provider

Our mobile healthcare app development process begins with conceptualization, helping to define business goals. We then move on to designing and building medical apps for clients, including hospitals, pharmacies, private clinics, startups, and MedTech enterprises.


As a physician, you may encounter challenges when utilizing telehealth solutions for treatment. However, you can maximize the effectiveness of your diagnostic process by leveraging mobile apps that integrate electronic health records. Additionally, modern healthcare apps offer automation capabilities to reduce unnecessary procedures, enable remote patient monitoring, and assist in selecting the most appropriate course of treatment.

Hospitals & Clinics

Serving a large target audience and dealing with ever-increasing data volume poses a significant challenge for hospitals. By utilising healthcare software development services, you can empower your facility and improve operational efficiency with a custom care coordination app. Simplifying the communication between patients and particular units will reduce unnecessary visits, cancellations, and phone calls.


Volumes of orders, refills, and prescriptions are growing yearly, making pharmacists overworked and frustrated. However, with the assistance of medical apps, such as an electronic prescribing app, you can expedite the process of getting patients the required medication faster by connecting directly to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and care facilities. Enable virtual consultations, eliminate phone calls, faxes, or paper prescriptions to prevent potential fraud or harmful activities and support safety measures.

Healthcare Startups

New technologies are focusing on lowering the cost of basic healthcare services without losing the quality of care. From innovative revenue cycle management platforms that optimize processes within a healthcare organization, to mobile health applications that enable virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring. As a healthcare startup, you can make a difference in healthcare management, and our healthcare app development company can help make your ideas tangible.

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Healthcare Apps We Develop

Medication & Prescription Management Apps

These solutions allow to manage medication, keep track, and set reminders when to take it. Also, it enables pharmacies to follow patients’ medication prescriptions and prevent fraud.

Chronic Illness Management Apps

Such applications are designed to deliver maximum efficiency in following up on patients with certain illnesses. Usually, it contains records and tracks essential measurements.

Doctor-Patient Messaging Apps

You can remotely consultate and follow up without compromising security and keeping patient data confidential. Also, it improves trust between a healthcare provider and a patient.

Pharmacy Workflow Management Apps

A pharmacy can automate workflow processes and various tasks, such as dispensing medicine to patients; searching for prescription details; safely storing documents, and managing refills. 

Custom Telemedicine Apps

It allows healthcare facilities or providers to schedule face-to-face appointments and consultations with patients. It should comply with HIPAA data control, storage, and virtual care regulations. 

Mobile Apps for Medical Devices

These apps can remotely monitor vital measurements and transfer data to a platform or provider for analysis. It can be used to make treatment plans or send alerts to patient’s smartphone.

Health Education and Wellness Apps

Such solutions are useful for self-health education to keep track of daily nutrition and calories, emotions, exercise intensity, sleep cycle, water, and step counter.

Caregivers Apps

Applications of such type allow tracking of vital measurements of patients, shopping for supplies, scheduling appointments, requesting transportation and medication, or finding a pharmacy.

Core Features of Healthcare Mobile App

The introduction of mobile applications started the transformation of the healthcare system. Now, it plays a vital role in delivering numerous services, connecting providers and patients all over the world without any obstacles. Implementing healthcare apps means leveraging staff efficiency, communication, and quality care.

Automatic Notifications 


Accessing Medical Records

Multi-factor Authentication


Friendly UI

Alert System

Symptoms Recognition

Vitals Tracking

HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare App Development Process

We understand your need to develop a market-competitive app solution that responds to the leading security HIPAA standards. As a healthcare app developer, Empeek will execute the development process according to your goals and necessary regulations.

Discovery & Planning

The first stage prior to development requires conducting business and technical research. As a healthcare app development company, we define which programming language, framework, and libraries will better suit your business goals and overall software performance.

The result of the discovery phase is a development plan that includes cost estimates, a timeline, and the possible number of iterations. It also provides information on the tech stack and development methodology, such as Kanban, Agile, or others.

Every software feature and function should be evaluated to decide whether it adds value and stays for development.

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Product Development 

At this stage, every previous insight and decision about an app comes to life. Transparency in the workflow and communication remains the top priority, ensuring that no changes or challenges during development are overlooked. You will be regularly updated on progress and receive reports and demos upon successfully finishing a certain piece of software. This process helps compare actual results with the previous timeline estimation and budget. By considering previous experience and current challenges, as a healthcare mobile app development company, we are ready to take on complex projects and put forth the most effort required to deliver the product.

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QA & Testing

Testing and quality control don’t come as a separate stage but more as a continuous process that helps ensure the correct performance and fix errors in the application.

When the development comes to an end, our testers will conduct beta testing with you to show the final result, demonstrate how your custom healthcare app works, and determine whether or not it meets the set of requirements and goals. Every element, such as error messages, push notifications, links, texts, design compliance and responsiveness, and page loading, will be meticulously checked to guarantee a smooth user experience.

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Release & Maintenance

After conducting all tests and final checkups, we move to the most anticipated stage of development, which is product release. You will gain full control over the application and code, ready to reach your business goals. Whether you have in mind further expansion, we can become your partners and take care of future maintenance when required. In special cases, we can keep working on constant improvements and adding more features to apply interoperability expertise to healthcare wearable devices, chips, and software to ensure maximum results over time.

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Create Customized Cloud-Based Business Platforms

Design scalable and integrated cloud platforms with robust security protocols tailored to clients’ unique operational needs.

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Our Core Healthcare App Development Services

Improve your care business by building better software, modernizing systems, and implementing innovative technologies with Empeek. Our experienced healthcare app developers will focus on designing valuable tech and healthcare solutions.

Legacy Software Modernization

Empeek can help you build new architecture or replace outdated medical software products so that you will be able to prevent any critical system glitches or crashes that can affect workflow or data. Whether it takes upgrading or transforming the whole system, we will help you identify and plan the process to make it less time and cost-consuming.

Our healthcare application development services employ many strategies applicable to updating legacy software. Empeek’s healthcare software developers will define the most suitable approach and execute the whole strategy.

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IT Consulting

Empeek provides a wide range of consulting services to aid healthcare facilities and providers in overcoming tech challenges. Our experts can help with implementing digital health solutions, integrating EHR systems, or making operational transformations.

We will help you make the right business decision, mitigate risks and difficulties in delivering high-quality patient care, and make the operational process more efficient and cost-effective.

Whether you are considering expanding or adding extra value to the business, we will provide effective consulting that is based on our vast healthcare app development experience.

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Web Development 

Our healthcare app developers are ready to pick up any challenge and create a custom solution for you. Building a tailored web app requires a lot of experience, defining business goals, and changing the workflow. We will consider security measures, possible growth, and further expansion of your product. The future of your business will be secured with our user-centric and easy-to-navigate design, tailor-made integrations, and cross-platform compatibility.

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Software Development for IoT

If you want to design IoT healthcare devices and supporting software that follows government security standards, whether it’s FDA, HIPAA, or HL7, Empeek’s expertise in medical app development is a perfect match.

Our expertise in clinical health also includes building mobile health apps that can gather a large amount of health-related data, process it, and generate custom reports for patients and care providers; apps that collect data from wearable devices and track vital parameters in real-time; hospital data management systems; complex telemedicine solutions, and more.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The ability to handle complex data is the main use case for applying Machine Learning in the healthcare industry. There are signs that you may consider using this technology:

  • If you are working with medical imaging and require a reliable classification tool;
  • If you are working with medical research based on clustering and grouping similar information;
  • If your scope of expertise requires reliable predictions about business revenue, metrics, patient numbers, and other types of statistics;
  • Whether you are looking into irregularities in a patient’s behavior, early disease diagnoses, or epidemic outbreaks.

The obvious benefits of ML-driven solutions are significantly accelerated drug and research discovery, diagnosis, automated data management, and accurate results. With our healthcare app development services, you will multiply your return on investment and performance.



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Become a leading company that uplifts its technology level and performance capacity by using DevOps solutions. Empeek will maximize the coordination between Dev (development) and Ops (operations) processes. It will ensure the following benefits:

  • continuous integration (CI) that allows updating code and changes;
  • continuous delivery that readies for code changes and automatic testing across platforms;
  • continuous deployment that will automate the release process, push into production, and configure rollbacks;
  • microservices that can segment every process inside the application as separate ones to ensure flexibility and no disruptions;
  • infrastructure as code helps to replace manual deployment or provisioning with a programming approach to servers, databases, and storage infrastructure.
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Additional App Development ServiceS We Provide

Empeek excels at custom healthcare software development and provides inclusive app development services. We value craftsmanship and efficiency in every project and are ready to help bring your healthcare app idea to reality.

Consulting of Healthtech Startups

We can define your priorities and business goals to choose the most suitable tech stack to efficiently develop your product. As a result, you gain the trust of investors to continue the development.

Solution Enhancement of Existing Platforms

Solution enhancement is an efficient way out when there is no need to design something from scratch but effectively incorporate customers’ feedback. 

Healthcare Integrations of Multiple Solutions

Healthcare app developers can assess existing architecture and implement tech solutions that make the work of various software vendors smooth and reliable.

Business Analysis to Elicit Requirements

Our BA team members can engage in group or personal interviews to elicit project requirements and direct questions at stakeholders or end-users. 

Need a Customized Solution to Improve Business Processes?

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Why Choose Empeek

Precise Budgeting

Our estimations accurately forecast costs with over 90% of projects landing on budget. This provides a reliable financial roadmap you can plan your initiatives around.

Boundless Talent Sourcing

We source best-in-class specialized experts from our vast global talent network. This allows us to secure tailored technical capabilities that perfectly match each project’s unique needs.

The Dream Team Delivery

Our streamlined hiring and onboarding rapidly assembles all-star project teams. These comprise the premium technical skills and experience strategically selected to achieve your goals.

Swift Delivery Velocity

Our agile processes rapidly configure modular components to architect exceptional products. This enables us to deliver at breakneck speeds while maintaining high quality.

Adaptive Approach 2.0

We maintain constant engagement with clients to stay ahead of changing needs. This allows us to predict shifting priorities and pivot project plans methodically before misalignment occurs.

Constructed for Agility

We bake cutting-edge iterative processes into our DNA. This empowers project teams to rapidly remix deliverable configurations and functionality sets when conditions change or new opportunities arise. Reshaping on the fly drives efficiency.

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Cooperation Models

Time And Material Based

The most flexible approach for healthcare app development services is when you pay for the time and resources invested into the project by our team for your mobile app development. It also ensures greater adaptability and transparency and is suitable to satisfy the dynamic requirements of healthcare app development.

Fixed Price-Range

The main advantage is to work within a fixed budget for the healthcare app development after completing the discovery and planning stages of the development process. Suitable for small healthcare app development projects with a clear and consistent scope of work. 

Iterative Planning

The project estimate will be based on certain roadmap milestones. Therefore, we can provide only a price range based on the estimate of work and a fixed rate based on value interaction. 

What Clients Say

I am most impressed with the high quality of design and development, which is really important to us.  They have designed the product to be extensible, with a solid base and architectural backend to allow for product implementation and design scaling. Also, the product hasn’t been buggy at all, so we can support it without difficulty.

As an ongoing partner, they continue to dedicate a communicative, highly skilled team that meets deadlines and stays on budget.

Nathaniel Weiss, CEO at VelloHealth

We were building an MVP that will eventually serve as a full personal health record (PHR) solutions platform. The quality of their work was excellent. They’re a very smart, informed company that understands how to create a functionally-sound platform. They provide accurate cost estimates and timelines, which is very helpful as well. I enjoyed working with them. 

Jessica Blanding, Owner at Text and Online Counseling


EHR for Behavioral Health

We’ve created web and mobile applications to help doctors and patients optimize the treatment process.

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UI For Health app


HIPAA-Compliant RPM Platform

We built a MVP of remote patient monitoring system that supports up to 10k monitoring patients and devices.

Coming soon
mobile app for the RPM System
iso 2-1
iso 1-1

Our Tech Stack

Cloud hosting
google cloud11
Microsoft SQL Server
Build Server
azure devops


What should I expect from our first two calls?

Before scheduling a call, we will sign an NDA, and then during the first meeting will discuss project planning and discovery to define your goals, and suggestions. Our healthcare mobile app developers will handle the next calls to share knowledge and insights. It lets us understand your project goals, define the main requirements, and provide correct estimates. 

How much does it cost to develop a healthcare app?

The cost depends on many factors, such as used technologies, difficulty, or type of functions. Empeek provides estimates according to the results of a Discovery Phase.  For example, healthcare mobile app development may cost less than custom web app.

Every custom healthcare software development project is a complex venture that require in-depth analysis to save costs and meet the real need of a business.

Is the healthcare app you develop HIPAA compliant? 

Yes, healthcare application development by Empeek meets HIPAA standards and other necessary regulations.

How can I improve the security of my healthcare apps?

We suggest the following practices: 

  • End-to-end encryption;
  • Session time-out;
  • Role-based access;
  • Multi-factor authentication;
  • HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR standards.

Does every medical app need to be HIPAA compliant

No, not every app should be HIPAA compliant. However, in case your healthcare application operates with protected/sensitive information or covered entities according to HIPAA rules.

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