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Eliminate security vulnerabilities, reduce maintenance costs and update your software to meet the requirements of current industry standards and protect your business from potential reputational damage.

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My legacy software system uses outdated technology, causing issues with integration, reduced efficiency, and potential data security risks. Additionally, finding skilled personnel to maintain these old systems is challenging, causing increased operational costs and downtime.

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At Empeek, we can implement a modernization strategy that involves migrating your up-to-date application to a modern system, optimizing your entire codebase & infrastructure, and updating components of your IT stack to align with your business goals and processes.

Legacy Application Modernization Services We Offer

Software System Assessment and Audit

We scrutinize your existing software systems, identify inefficiencies, and pinpoint areas for potential enhancement. This proactive analysis provides a clear roadmap for your system upgrade journey.

Cloud Migration

Our software migration service is designed to transition your legacy software onto secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud platforms. It enhances operational efficiency while facilitating data management, and disaster recovery.

Software Re-Engineering

Empeek’s experienced engineers will transform your outdated software to meet modern standards by restructuring and optimizing your existing system, improving its performance while preserving its inherent business logic and value.

Integration Services

We provide integration between your legacy and modern systems by creating interoperability between disparate systems. It enables data exchange, and ensures that your business operations run at its peak performance.

Application Modernization

Our application modernization services are aimed to upgrade your legacy applications to the latest technological standards, making them more agile, efficient, and compatible with evolving business landscapes.

Testing & QA

Empeek’s Testing & QA team rigorously vet your upgraded software for any potential flaws or vulnerabilities, ensuring it meets the highest standards of performance, security, and user experience.

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Benefits of Legacy System Modernization Services

Legacy Code Dependency Reduction

Legacy modernization services are designed to lessen your dependence on old, and typically complex, legacy code, significantly reducing technical debt. When you update your software, you’re able to simplify processes, boost productivity, and avoid the problems that usually come with legacy software maintenance.

Lower Maintenance Costs

By updating your systems, you can significantly cut down on the expenses involved in keeping old legacy systems running. Transitioning to recent, more user-friendly platforms makes it easier to tackle issues and lessens the time and resources needed for maintaining the system, leading to substantial financial benefits.

Retiring the Mainframe

Legacy system modernization allows you to decommission your old mainframe. This shift to more recent, adaptable, and expandable technologies leads to quicker processing, improved data access, and meets the needs of our quickly evolving business world.

Boost Productivity

Legacy system replacement can significantly boost productivity. Modern software platforms are typically more efficient and intuitive, reducing the time employees spend navigating outdated systems and enabling them to focus more on value-adding tasks.

Improved Compliance

Revamping your old systems can notably enhance your ability to comply with regulations. The latest software platforms are built considering recent regulatory requirements, which simplifies the process of adhering to rules and standards specific to your industry.

Increased Security

Security is a prime benefit of IT infrastructure modernization. Modern platforms offer robust security measures to protect against current threats, ensuring your valuable business data remains secure from potential breaches.

Legacy Application Modernization Roadmap

Discovery & Assessment

Our collaboration kicks off with a comprehensive discovery and evaluation phase. Our team will carry out a detailed study of your existing legacy software system, pinpointing its pros and cons. We will grasp your business procedures, technical needs, and the difficulties tied to your current system.


After the discovery and assessment phase, we move into planning and strategize the best approach for modernizing your software. This involves outlining the technical blueprint, defining the project timeline, identifying necessary resources, and setting clear, achievable milestones. 


With a well-crafted plan in place, we commence the implementation phase. Our team of seasoned professionals will start the modernization process, adhering to best practices and standards. We’ll keep you updated with regular progress reports and make sure the transition causes minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.


Upon completion, we proceed to the release phase. Your modernized software system, now ready for deployment, will be introduced into your operational environment. We ensure a smooth transition and provide support to manage issues that may arise.


Following the implementation, we carry out a retrospective analysis. We’ll evaluate the project’s success against the initially set objectives and gather feedback. This step is crucial for continuous improvement and learning. It’s also a moment to plan for future enhancements, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of digital transformation.

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If not now, then when?

Delaying the modernization of your legacy system can lead to several potential risks and complications.

Data Loss

Over time, older systems become more susceptible to failures, data corruption and you may face significant data loss.

Lack of Workforce

As technology evolves, fewer IT professionals have the expertise to maintain and troubleshoot older systems. As your experienced staff retire, it will be difficult to find replacement.

Inefficient Management

A dwindling pool of qualified personnel can lead to operational bottlenecks, slowing down your business processes and impacting your service delivery.

Increased Downtime

As your legacy system ages, it’s likely to experience more frequent breakdowns and require more maintenance, leading to increased downtime.

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Project Success

Pulse – Automated Drug Testing Portal

The legacy system that our client used become expensive to maintain and was cumbersome.

Now, the updated product’s software has already assisted in completing over 1 000 000 drug tests in the Transportation and Oil & Gas industries.

The portal automates the process for all the parties involved: Applicants, Employees, Employers, Vendors, Collection Centers, Labs, Transportation Companies, and Independent Medical Review Officers.

Explore the Project
Automated Drug Testing Portal's UI

Why Us?


Empeek brings knowledge and experience in modernizing legacy software systems. Our team is proficient in IT consulting services, the latest technologies and methodologies, ensuring your transition is on time and within budget.


We understand that every business has unique needs. At Empeek, we tailor our modernization strategies to align with your specific requirements and business objectives, providing a solution that truly fits.

Technical Support

Empeek’s commitment to our clients extends beyond the project delivery. We offer robust technical support to ensure your modernized system operates efficiently, addressing any issues promptly and reducing downtime.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is integral to our service delivery. Our QA team rigorously tests your modernized system to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance, security, and reliability, guaranteeing a solution you can trust.

What Clients Say

I am most impressed with the high quality of design and development, which is really important to us.  They have designed the product to be extensible, with a solid base and architectural backend to allow for product implementation and design scaling. Also, the product hasn’t been buggy at all, so we can support it without difficulty.

As an ongoing partner, they continue to dedicate a communicative, highly skilled team that meets deadlines and stays on budget.

Nathaniel Weiss, CEO at VelloHealth

We were building an MVP that will eventually serve as a full personal health record (PHR) solutions platform. The quality of their work was excellent. They’re a very smart, informed company that understands how to create a functionally-sound platform. They provide accurate cost estimates and timelines, which is very helpful as well. I enjoyed working with them. 

Jessica Blanding, Owner at Text and Online Counseling


How do I know if my organization needs legacy software modernization services?

One prominent sign is difficulty integrating new systems or applications with your existing software. This could lead to operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Additionally, if your legacy system is frequently causing downtime or requires constant maintenance, it is likely time for modernization. Business process optimization might be hindered as well, with your legacy system potentially impeding streamlined operations and agile decision-making.

Another crucial factor is the availability of skilled personnel. As technology evolves, it can become increasingly challenging to find individuals proficient in maintaining older systems. If you’re facing high maintenance costs or issues with regulatory compliance, these are further indications that your organization could significantly benefit from modernization services.

How long does the legacy software modernization process take?

The duration of the legacy software modernization process, which includes software development, can vary greatly, as it’s dependent on factors such as the size and complexity of your existing system, the chosen modernization strategy, and your organization’s readiness for change. 

Each project is unique, and depending on the scale and scope, a typical modernization effort can range from several months to a year or more. It’s important to note that the focus should be on ensuring a smooth transition, maintaining operational continuity, and enhancing system capabilities rather than merely rushing to complete the process.

How much does legacy software modernization cost?

The cost of legacy software modernization depends on several factors, including the complexity of your current system, the modernization strategy employed, and the degree of required customization. Additionally, costs account for stages like assessment, planning, implementation, testing, and support.

However, it’s essential to consider the significant long-term IT cost reduction that comes with modernization. Transitioning from legacy systems to contemporary, user-friendly platforms dramatically simplifies troubleshooting and reduces the time and resources spent on system upkeep. This leads to substantial cost savings over time, offsetting the initial investment in modernization.

Why must legacy software be changed?

Legacy software systems often need to be updated or replaced due to various factors that can impact an organization’s efficiency and software scalability. Firstly, legacy systems may lack the speed and performance of modern applications, leading to inefficient operations. These older systems can also struggle to integrate with newer technologies, causing compatibility issues that can hamper business agility and growth.

Secondly, legacy systems can pose significant security risks as they may not be equipped to handle modern cyber threats. Furthermore, maintaining and troubleshooting these systems can become increasingly challenging and costly as fewer IT professionals are versed in outdated technologies. Modernizing legacy software can address these issues, enhancing operational efficiency, security, and overall business performance.

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