[Case Study] Healthcare Integration: Upvio and Elation EHR

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GetHealr is a healthcare technology company focused on streamlining operations for medical practices. One of their current projects is the integration of two key systems: Upvio, a Practice Management (PM) system, and Elation, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. The primary objective is to synchronize appointments between these systems, ensuring efficient calendar management for providers.

Project Overview

Duration: 1,5 months

Team composition: QA, Developer, DevOps, PM

This project aims to integrate two healthcare systems, Upvio (Practice Management) and Elation (Electronic Health Record), to synchronize appointments and enable communication between users. This will streamline scheduling and improve data flow between the systems.

[Case Study] Healthcare Integration: Upvio and Elation EHR 1

Brief Systems Description

Upvio PM System

Used for daily administrative tasks and appointment scheduling. Users include providers and patients. Patients utilize an Appointment Booking Form to schedule appointments, while providers and medical assistants can create appointments directly.

Elation EHR System

Used for documenting and storing patient medical information. Users include providers and medical assistants, with only providers and medical assistants being able to schedule appointments.

Integration Requirements

The integration project involves several key requirements, including:

  • Patient Management
    Create, edit, and delete patient records in both Upvio and Elation systems.
  • Provider Management
    Match and synchronize provider information across both systems.
  • Payment management and Payment monitoring
    Full integration of payment capabilities for payment processing and reporting.
  • Event Scheduling
    Create, edit, and delete time-blockers (provider unavailability) in Upvio and Elation.
[Case Study] Healthcare Integration: Upvio and Elation EHR 2
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Appointment Synchronization

We develop real-time API integration to automatically update appointments in both systems upon creation, modification, or deletion in either system.

Messaging Integration

We enabled integration of Upvio’s messaging functionality (once released) with Elation’s messaging system.

User Management

Map equivalent user roles (e.g., Admin, Provider, Staff) between Upvio and Elation for access control to appointment and patient data.

Payment integration

Integration of payment processing modules that brings visibility to financial health of the organization.

[Case Study] Healthcare Integration: Upvio and Elation EHR 3

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