Healthcare in the cloud: what’s the deal?

As a healthcare provider, how well do you manage the company’s most vital resources: people, supplies, clinical data, and financial assets?

There’s no silver bullet, but you can create a multi-facility cloud solution to cut the total cost of ownership. Let’s explore how you can say goodbye to expensive servers and hardware and redirect employees to more strategic activities.


Empeek team of experts is ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Value-based reimbursement and bending the cost curve is a crucial element of any healthcare company operations. Legacy systems often can’t support the company’s processes, while their maintenance costs a pretty penny.

Here at Empeek, we advocate that healthcare should focus on quality and affordability. A good thing cloud technology makes it possible for any company, and here’s how it can help you. 

The cloud-based system allows you to:

  • pay only for performance you need
  • scale any business process
  • avoid extra costs on data storage
  • smooth departments collaboration
  • ensure HIPAA & GDPR compliance

But the cloud-based healthcare solutions offer more than data sharing and infrastructure savings. We consider it can solve an age-old problem of connecting stakeholders and move healthcare toward a streamlined delivery model.

While legacy systems are expensive, the all-in-one solutions often can’t cover the unique processes of each company. That’s why we deliver custom cloud solutions for healthcare providers.

Your cloud migration process can be smooth, thanks to Empeek’s expertise in healthcare IT services. 

First of all, we’ll help you to determine your needs and choose a reliable cloud partner – our team is Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS certified specialists. 


Let us help you achieve greater business results - our software development experts push the limits to deliver the most advanced solutions.

Then we’ll plan the migration and execute it smartly and smoothly, with:

  • Minimal disruption time
  • Order of migration of applications
  • Deadlines and tracking of key metrics 
  • Changes to end-user processes

Once your cloud-based system (or cloud migration process) is completed successfully, we implement monitoring to help identify and fix any issues that might come up with the cloud environment.

Get in touch with our experts to find out more about how your company can reduce unnecessary expenditures and scale your business.

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Alex Shpachuk Alex Shpachuk CEO
Alex Shpachuk is the owner and strategic partner of Empeek. His effective leadership and a visionary approach to the future of healthcare turned the company into a dynamic environment attracting the brightest minds with the common vision for product impact and service excellence. With over a decade of experience in software engineering and comprehensive knowledge of designing and deploying tailor-made solutions for healthcare providers, Alex channels his passion for software development and consulting into the written word.

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