EHR and telehealth on a single platform

EHR and telehealth on a single platform
  • Category Medical
  • Time in developing 16 months
  • Country USA


A HIPAA-compliant EHR system replaced the legacy software for a US-based hospital and helped them to reach more patients. The software simplifies the treatment workflow and helps patients to receive better care, no matter the distance.


Our customer is a healthcare provider that provides pediatrics, psychiatry, pathology, and other ambulatory services. Their existing EHR system was 7 years old and desktop-based. The interface needed a facelift, the back-office workflows and user authentication process needed an upgrade.


We optimized the medical record input, automated the authentication, and built some 3-rd party API integrations. Also, a built-in telemedicine module was created to help the provider reach more patients.

First, we automated the fundamental hospital processes ā€” patient appointments scheduling, medical history records access, and bills & accounting.

To unload the staff from routine tasks and flatten the readmission rates curve, we created a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine portal where a dozen of vitals are monitored in real-time.

telemedicine portal

We also bridged the gap between patient and doctor by creating a multi-language appointment notification module. After a tele- or hospital visit, the patient gets a post-appointment survey via text or email to rate their experience.


  • Care provider and patient portals
  • One-click appointment scheduling
  • Automated HIPAA compliance activities
  • AI -powered data deduplication & reporting
  • Medical imaging & lab results notifications