Mobile AR Platform

Mobile AR Platform
  • Category Other
  • Time in developing 1 year
  • Country Germany


The project is an augmented reality platform that playfully connects print products with the digital world. The marker-based AR solution provides an intuitive and joyful experience by turning magazine pictures into a colorful 3D model.


The project was implemented by experts on the intersection of tech and culture. The main question was: how can we transfer moving images into a regular book format? AR technology is rapidly changing the market, so the Empeek team came in to craft a cutting-edge AR app.


The app is a SaaS product that allows publishers to upload their media (the images for magazines, brochures, and any printed material) to the server. After the photo-video pair is uploaded, a mobile app user can hover their phone over the picture and see the image go live. The corresponding video immediately starts streaming to the phone.

As a marker-based solution, the application calculates the position and orientation of a marker to position the content. After identifying the static trigger image, the algorithm activates a graphic overlay, tracking fixed coordinates, and starting a video.

The project is enhancing ads through cutting-edge technology. The app lets publishers get more out of their ad campaigns, sell the tailored, interactive pages, and enrich their readers with meaningful visual content.


  • .NET
  • React
  • React Native


  • Cloud storage for publishers
  • Intuitive AR interface
  • Wikitude vision technology

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