Fleet Tracking Service


The solution is an intelligent GPS fleet tracking system meant for managers making data-driven decisions. The project is a SaaS solution developed by the New Zealand company to serve logistics businesses. Industry leaders, such as Clarkson Electrical, Harrison Grierson, and Platform 4, beneficially use it.

Fleet Tracking Service


The app is a complete and scalable software solution for New Zealand logistics companies. It has a web UI for the back office, which helps to receive useful insights from the interactive dashboard, running cost meters, and various reports.

Integration with Iridium satellite guarantees 24/7 real-time tracking and gives managers a big picture. There are also mobile apps for fleet managers and drivers, dedicated to improving logistics facilitation.

We equipped the application with a sophisticated geofencing system. It allows drivers to find better routes and speed-up the unloading process. The solution’s integration with major New Zealand fuel suppliers, such as Mobil, BP, Caltex, and UBP, improves the operations streamline.

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