Why Outsource to Ukraine?

Ukraine lays on a unique frontier between Western and Eastern civilizations. Surprising cultural insights are creating an intersection of ideas, concepts, and solutions. Hereabouts are people and innovations that come from diverse industries, i.e., IT and agriculture. Meet Ukraine – the brains & grains country.

It’s convenient for travelers, and there are lots of things to see. No waste of time – fly to Prague, Berlin or Warsaw, only for two hours. There are no issues to book a personal meeting because of a highly developed infrastructure. Considering the seven-hour time difference, Ukraine is an attractive and reasonable choice for North American companies.

Including smooth workflow and communication. No delays, no jet lags, no night calls. Our day starts just before yours, so we’re already working.


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Business Driven Country

Ukraine is a skyrocketing country, according to the annual The World Bank report. It is becoming a more transparent, more proficient, and more attractive IT outsourcing destination. Nowadays, Ukraine hits the latest Doing Business ranking getting up by five positions. For example, country performance in “Enforcements of Contracts” has been swiftly increased.

Today Ukraine provides standardized LLC legal form, transparent tax policy, and one of the world’s best disclosure indexes. Don’t worry about legal issues or NDA. Pro-Western and pro-business government is systematically reforming country to face the economic and environmental challenges. No doubt that the local IT community is developing even faster.

Dignity, Freedom, Future

Instead of repairing the old reality, Ukrainians are creating the new one. Ukraine is on the road to sustainable development with her security and responsibility growing by leaps and bounds. Day by day country is building pillars for the EU membership in line with the Copenhagen criteria. Thus, now there are creative industries boom.

Nowadays, in Ukraine, there are many built-up areas for highways, road safety, and freight transportation. Many of young civil servants are in love with the smart roads and traffic control systems, implementing them all around the country. The future is already in Ukraine.

0 to 100 IT Market

Let the money talk – IT industry has grown by several dozens, from $80 million to $4 billion over the last years. Today there are more than 1000 software development companies throughout the country, and the whole Ukraine IT industry is expected to reach a $10 billion value by 2021. M&A work miracles, so it should come as no surprise that global tech giants are already operating there. Microsoft, Apple, Siemens, Oracle, Magento, and Boeing, to name a few.

Human Capital

Several R&D centers in Ukraine are going hand in hand with a dynamic tech community. Take a look at PyCon Ukraine, iFourm, or IT Arena – major tech events in Ukraine are gathering thousands of high-skilled techies. But it wasn’t like those communities fall out of a tree. It’s the energy of young and talented developers who aspired to be the best. Grammarly, Petcube, MacPaw, Nimses, Attendify, DepositPhotos – all these unicorns are the intersection of a robust educational system and a beneficial business climate. It’s difficult to overestimate the flexibility of Ukraine’s IT outsourcing.

Ukraine is smart. It isn’t strange that the World Economic Forum named Ukraine among the top ten countries by the number of engineering graduates. With a total population of about 43 million, there are 99.7% of literacy and 60% of Ukrainians have a secondary or higher education, and two of the TOP-500 world universities are in Kyiv.

Today Ukraine is home to the most significant IT engineering force. Highly skilled technicians are embracing international expertise day-by-day. There are over 640 000 graduates, including 130 000 engineers each year. Percent of computer science graduates is the best in Eastern Europe – every 10th alumnus is an engineer. Most of them also have international certifications and job experience abroad.

The entire IT sphere is expanding, and Ukraine is setting high standards for the whole market. Hence, there is no problem with communication, soft-skills, and thorough expertise. 80% of Ukrainian engineers have at least a B2 level of English. They’re modern, hard-working, and creative specialists. STEM kind communities all around the country are driving Ukraine’s economic growth into the global paradigm. Meanwhile, Ukraine is one of TOP-8 of countries with the best programmers, according to SkillValue.


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Reasonable Expenses

The average salary for Ukrainian programmers is between $15000 – $40000 annually. Compared to American or European IT engineers, it’s about a savings of 70 – 80% per highly skilled employee. By contrast, living in Ukraine is safe, breezy, and quite affordable. 100 Mb/s internet will cost you $5. Mere 480 Sqft room in common area is about $400 monthly. Lower rates do not contradict the livelihood. It’s cozy and affordable to live here.

Loyalty Over Royalty

Take a look at this report and differentiate payrolls by yourself. We’re up not because of lower wages, but because of competitive expertise and robust software solutions. The price/quality ratio is incomparably better. Save your time. Pay for knowledge and result. Evaluate your ambitions, define your needs, and let the story begin.

Just ask around about Ukrainian developers. Take a look at the way they communicate. Notice their readiness and responsibility. It’s all about core values, dignity, ethics, and mentality. That’s why many Ukrainian cities dare to become European. They sought democracy, European mentality, and rising challenges. When it comes to Lviv – alma mater for 200+ software companies – it already was European. Literally.

Precisely Lviv is leading Eastern Europe city imbued with a Western mindset, detail-oriented approach, and advanced skills. The nature of the Ukrainian IT industry is similar to US business philosophy because of the country’s global market experience. It’s easier to work with Ukrainians. They have substantial expertise, proficient English, and honest work ethics. They’re involved, tenacious, and loyal.

Nowadays, Ukraine is called the new European Silicon Valley – there are suitable price/quality ratio, skilled and experienced engineers. They’re honest, realistic, and English fluent. You don’t need to worry about management, financial, or timing issues. That’s how the added value is beginning.

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