Service Booking Platform

Service Booking Platform
  • Category Legacy system re-engineering
  • Time in developing 1 year
  • Country Sweden


The product is the biggest Swedish marketplace for local service companies. It includes the best features of leading home service platforms and connects real estate agents, service companies, and staff. Nowadays, it keeps numerous Swedish houses and offices clean, neat, and tidy.

Service Booking Platform Mobile App


Customers can order services and monitor them entirely: from planning to completion and payment. Through the app, users can receive quotes, booking confirmations, and invoices from the platform. Users can chat with the provider. Automated translations into 15 languages and quick last-minute changes available make the communication clear and convenient.

The platform works easy ā€” the client selects the service, date, and time. After booking, it appears a chat with additional info, quotation, and invoice data. Chat also includes document changes, additions, and other agreements. The platform also provides two ways of booking: directly and inquiry. Direct booking includes already confirmed time, price, and checklist. Inquiry booking sends a request to have a service performed, with a forthcoming confirmation.

The main advantage of the Service Booking Platform is its versatility. Customers can schedule cleanings or other services from reliable and experienced providers. Service companies can reach new customers and directly receive funds with no stress ā€” via invoices or credit card.


  • AngularJS
  • ASP .NET
  • Azure
  • Google Maps API


  • In-app time logging
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Booking timeline sharing
  • Internal CRM for companies
  • Photo & video sharing
  • Rating system