Mobile AR Platform


The project is an augmented reality platform that playfully connects print products with the digital world. The marker-based AR solution provides an intuitive and joyful experience by turning magazine pictures into a colorful 3D model.


The project has been born on the intersection of tech and culture by art industry veterans. The main question was: how moving images can be experienced in a regular book format? AR technology is rapidly changing the market, so the Empeek team came in to craft a cutting-edge AR app.

Try it by yourself — click here to download the Android app and trigger this picture!


The app is a SaaS product that allows different publishers to upload their media (the images they print in magazines, brochures, any printed material) to the server. After the photo-video pair is uploaded, any mobile app user can hover their phone over the picture and see the image goes live. The corresponding video immediately starts streaming to the phone.

As a marker-based solution, the application calculates the position and orientation of a marker to position the content. After identifying the spot, the algorithm activates a graphic overlay, which tracks fixed coordinates and starts a video.

The project is enhancing ads by cutting-edge technology. The app lets publishers get more out of their ad campaigns, sell tailored interactive pages, and enrich their readers with meaningful visual content.

  • Media & Photography
  • Germany
  • 1 year


  • .NET
  • React
  • React Native


  • Cloud storage for publishers
  • Intuitive AR interface
  • Wikitude vision technology