Medical IoT Platform

Medical IoT Platform
  • Category Digital health
  • Time in developing 18 months
  • Country Israel


The platform is a medical-grade solution for non-invasive monitoring of vital signs and various physiological parameters. The system is used in hospitals and nursing homes, and it has also been a great success with athletes and older adults.

Medical IoT Platform


The project consists of 5 sub-systems: wearable devices (patch or wristwatch), iOS and Android user mobile apps, Hospital Work Stations, Cloud API Server, and an Admin area.

Custom wearable devices take samples hundreds of times per second and transmit the data to the cloud (and to the Patient’s app or the Hospital Workstation) and in real-time. The solution also allows patients to view recorded data and provides useful insights for doctors and caretakers. Patients also can set alarm alerts and medication reminders by a few taps.

The system is scalable to monitor an unlimited number of patients simultaneously so that it can serve small hospitals or large clinics. The design of the whole system is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Furthermore, the project has received CE mark approval and FDA clearance.


  • AWS
  • Node JS
  • React


  • Data visualization
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Data sharing
  • Medication reminders