Financial Management Platform


This intuitive financial portfolio management platform provides instant access to monetary tools and data analytics and simplifies investment management. The system helps corporate and private clients manage their finances efficiently and make data-driven decisions.


Nowadays, financial portfolio management can be a stressful experience, and many people don’t know exactly how much and what for they’re paying. It has become a real challenge to make financial software simple and useful. Empeek has delivered an end-to-end customer-driven solution for stress-free assets and financial portfolio management.


Financial Client Portal is an investment and asset management platform available on desktop and mobile devices. It serves corporate and private customers and delivers intuitive tools for financial management.

Users can view daily fund and policy data, manage their pension, investments, assets, and protection plans. For the corporate clients, there’s also a financial consulting panel from which they can monitor and analyze data of hundreds and thousands of their employees.

The platform also generates detailed reports on finances, records relevant information, and sends notifications of investment fluctuations. Client Portal can be used on-the-go from any device. Every precaution has been taken to keep sensitive personal data protected.

Financial Management Platform development

  • Financial
  • UK
  • 18 months


  • Azure
  • Sendgrid


  • Interactive dashboard
  • Automatic reports generation
  • Financial data analysis
  • Cloud integration