Drug Testing System


Drug Testing System is a comprehensive system for accessing, tracking and managing drug testing data. The system has been developed for the US-based company that specializes in drug testing and background screening and serves over 1,000 residential communities, defense contractors, and companies in the Transportation and Oil&Gas industries.

Drug Testing System


When Empeek first joined the project, the company’s internal system was 10 years old and Windows-based, which made the ongoing maintenance cumbersome and quite costly.

The competitors who offered quicker response time were earning more business, while the use of our client’s system was restricted to office hours and local machines.

Drug Testing System


The new microservices-based web application allowed the company to shorten the time needed to process the request and follow up with the customer.

Their team can now access and manage data in real-time, from any device (phone/tablet/PC) and any location.

The system is intuitive and easy to navigate. The users can access the most commonly referenced information in one click with the help of a central search bar.

The new HIPAA-compliant web platform officially replaced the legacy system in January 2019.

  • Medications
  • USA
  • 2+ years


  • Angular
  • Azure
  • Entity Framework


  • 24/7 test ordering & tracking
  • 2-factor authentification
  • integration with Xero, M-Files, Fonality, etc.
  • predictive, wildcard & map search