Clinical Screening Tool

Clinical Screening Tool
  • Category Medical
  • Time in developing 2 years
  • Country USA


The Screening Tool is a surveying software with an automated patient referral system. It is used to screen Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries for social determinants of health (SDH) such as food, housing, transportation, and employment.


The client company connects traditional medical care with community resources. It’s a partnership of community organizations, local government agencies, healthcare providers, and businesses.

Back in the olden days, their screenings used to be paper-based, so the data was manually re-keyed, and it was tough to keep all the partners in the loop.

Referral marketing was also performed manually and took lots of time and effort.

Fleet Tracking Service



The new electronic system allowed our customer to make the process more consistent and keep all the records intact.

The app algorithm captures responses, identifies the person’s needs, and determines whether he or she would like assistance. The referrals flow automatically through a centralized community navigation team, which saves time and resources and helps avoid duplication.

In addition to that, our client and the participants of Emergency Departments became able to shorten their response time.

The customer could screen thousands of people in the waiting rooms using the Screening Tool. The company received excellent feedback from users and even demoed the app to other groups who might want to join them in the future.


  • Angular


  • Survey form builder
  • Reports & analytics
  • Workflow management
  • Available in English and Spanish