Healthcare IoT Solutions For
Next-gen Patient Care

From the standalone remote health monitors to comprehensive devices infrastructure, we help our customers to leverage the power of IoT in healthcare. Centralize all your devices on one screen and make data-driven decisions. Empeek delivers custom IoT solutions and services for care providers, healthcare organizations, and wireless medical device manufacturers.
Nowadays, the internet of things is one of the most prominent technologies that change the way in which healthcare providers do their business. While many people think of IoT as a complex network of dozens of devices, even a few connected gadgets can easily streamline your processes and unload the back-office.
Leading hospitals are already implementing IoT technology into their workflow. IoT enables doctors to have more specific patient monitoring and reduces unnecessary operational costs, such as administrative routine or the pen-and-paper way of data recording. Adopting IoT in healthcare allows you to enhance in-patient treatment, monitor health conditions, and enable efficient disease prevention.

Why Is IoT Important in Healthcare?

Improved Health Monitoring

As in our latest IoT health monitor project, connected devices track patient health by dozens of parameters and send an alert notification if there are any emergency events such as heart failure, asthma attack, blood pressure or diabetes.

Excellent Patient Experience

In the case of an emergency, the patient can quickly get in touch with a doctor through the mobile app. Thanks to remote patient monitoring devices, a physician instantly checks the patient health status and identifies the ailments on-the-go.

Transparent Medicine Management

An extended network of healthcare IoT devices enables your company to centralize and control the medicine flow. Empeek builds an IoT infrastructure that helps doctors to monitor the treatment doses and effectiveness.

Routine Automation

Connected devices eliminate the pen-and-paper way of work, routine tasks and automate administrative operations. IoT network simplifies the data analysis on various metrics to automatically notify you if there are any changes in patient status.

Medical IoT Opportunities for Your Business.

Decreased Costs

Caregivers don’t need to manually check the patient’s vital signs at regular intervals. IoT provides constant attention to every patient and cuts down the cost of care. Thanks to connected devices, healthcare providers can monitor patients in real-time. Sensors collect numerous health parameters and analyze them to let you treat many patients simultaneously.

Enhanced Patient Experience

When your hospital or clinic has numerous connected IoT devices, you can easily focus on patients’ needs and treatment quality. Hence, patients now able to self-monitor and let physicians know about their needs.

Improved Treatment

Implementing IoT solutions helps healthcare organizations to tackle the increasing need for better diagnostics and more personalized therapeutic tools. Healthcare professionals can access real-time information and make data-driven decisions to provide efficient and evidence-based treatment for everyone.

Remote Chronic Disease Monitoring

Healthcare infrastructure access for remote regions is still complicated. That’s where the wireless solutions come in. Connected through the IoT network, they help you to securely capture health data from any distance. Patients who are kilometers away from hospital instantly receive relevant health recommendations.

Advanced Drug Management

Today, drug management is a major expense in the healthcare industry. Developing an IoT extension for your entity allows you to manage your supply chain efficiently. As an example, RFID-marked medication containers ensure your supply chain is transparent.

• Equipment location tracking
• Laboratory management
• Inventory accounting dashboard
• System-suggested warehouse insights
• Asset tracking

Remote Patient Monitoring

Custom remote patient monitoring solutions will replace your episodic treatment approaches with the top-notch care approach. With the high-end wearable devices, you can launch and scale remote care programs for your company. RPM systems often include location tracking, health status monitoring, and communication platform.

• Reducing readmissions
• Cutting the costs by virtual visits
• Holistic patient monitoring


When it comes to hormones, birth, or pregnancy, there are huge physiological differences between male and female bodies. Nowadays, IoT wearables, connected mobile apps, and non-invasive devices bring more awareness to women’s health. We build custom software for:

• fertility solutions
• period care & tracking
• pregnancy & nursing care
• at-home fertility monitors
• sexual wellness

Enhanced Analytics

We configure cutting-edge software architecture and data analysis algorithm to let custom IoT medical devices quickly analyze vast amounts of data. The range of your next IoT extension by Empeek is capable of:

• Data segmentation & clustering
• Performance analysis & reports
• Vitals pattern recognition
• Health status anomaly warnings
• Self-monitor calculators for patients devices

Custom IoT Apps

Empeek provides a range of various IoT implementations, among which the most popular is custom apps for connected devices. We do code for mobile, desktop, and cloud-based solutions for your hospital, clinics, or lab.

IoT Extensions

Your existing system can be easily empowered with a robust IoT extension. Turn your connected devices into valuable data management tools and improve your patient monitoring.

Back-end Development

Empeek’s back-end expertise can help your company to build a comprehensive IoT infrastructure. Delivering industry-standard protocols and custom data security solutions, we make sure that every bit of your data is protected well.

Why Empeek

Healthcare IoT Expertise

Empeek gathers Ukraine’s top IT talents to create a reliable technological environment for digital health solutions. We create healthcare IoT monitors, telemedicine apps, clinical data screening software, and home care platforms.


To ensure any bit of personal data is protected well, we build HIPAA and GDPR compliant healthcare IoT solutions. Our team also can re-engineer your current system to become a HIPAA covered entity one step at a time. Platforms we build support a wide variety of custom message formats, such as EDI, XML, and HL7.


We love .NET technology as it’s a simple but robust system with cross-platform extensions and rapid development. It’s one of the best ways to build an IoT infrastructure, remote patient monitoring system, or custom IoT extension without additional costs.


Over the 5 years, we developed our customers and partners network around the world. From Israel and Sweden to North America and Australia – every Empeek project is backed by customer success.

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