mHealth Ecosystem: What to Know to Keep Your App on Trend?

Long gone are days when a patient had to schedule their appointment by showing in person to the hospital or calling. Thanks to mhealth technologies, one can effortlessly schedule an appointment with their doctor while self-managing their health in a few taps. 

Why are mhealth technologies important? While reducing business costs, the global mhealth ecosystem improves patient-and-doctor communication and increases the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services. Just imagine. The estimated global mHealth market will have risen to $189 billion by 2025. Meanwhile, the pandemic has triggered an increase in health app downloads by 65% globally. 

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the main healthcare app development trends along with the challenges and the impact of the mhealth ecosystem on global healthcare.

What is mHealth Ecosystem: the Essence and Examples

An mhealth technology ecosystem is a network of digital service providers that create and suggest effective tech solutions to customers in the context of healthcare needs and mhealth ecosystem issues. The data which the providers access through mhealth devices helps them reshape medical practices and drug development while also improving clinical trials.

A mhealth patient engagement is realized in various ways:

Wearables and Sensors

This category of mhealth devices exists as look-alike watches. The hand wearables allow the user to monitor their sleep and vital signs like heartbeat or body temperature. For instance, Fitbit is a smartwatch that tracks one’s heartbeat, sleep quality, and the number of steps.

Mobile Apps

These tools exist in the user’s smartphone and can be easily downloaded from Google Play. An mhealth app allows the user to track their mood and specific symptoms. ‘Clue’ is a great example of an mhealth tool designed for women to track symptoms related to their menstrual cycle.

Gamified Experiences

The tech community has been working on programs that would measure the patient’s response and cognitive abilities due to the use of PlayStation and Xbox. This will be especially beneficial to the patients who have suffered a stroke or have Alzheimer’s.

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mHealth Ecosystem Challenges in Modern Tech Development

Like any other novelty in the field of tech development, the digital mhealth ecosystem poses questions. The main challenges that occur during the development stage are of ethical, technical, and social character.

Let’s Talk About Safety

One of the main developer’s goals is to ensure that the data entry is secure. The process of mhealth app development must comply with security guidelines and regulations in order to prevent hacking the patient’s sensitive data. For this purpose, implement multi-factor authentication, automatic log-offs and make sure the system is integrated with PACS, RIS, and HIS.

Compliance With Medical Regulations

Making sure your app is compliant with local medical regulations (for instance, HIPAA in the United States and GDPR in the European Union) provides the legitimacy of your tech product. The common requirements of medical regulations are the user’s right to be informed about data-related actions, access the data, and restrict its processing.


As a rule of thumb, your app must be user-oriented and user-friendly when it comes to the app’s interface. Meanwhile, you should also ensure your app satisfies the provider’s specific needs without making the whole user experience confusing.

Multiple Devices

Ensuring the tool is functional on different devices is one of the basic mhealth ecosystem challenges. To provide superb functionality and data access, make sure your product is cross-platform and goes along with a PWA.

The Impact of mHealth System on Modern Healthcare

In the recent decade, the mhealth ecosystem in healthcare has been a game-changer. Modern mhealth trends influence the business models and the communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Efficient and Easy-to-Access Data

The mhealth ecosystem is data-driven. Hence, patients are better equipped with health-related data and are able to make better health-related decisions as a result.

The Rise of Personal Healthcare

With the invention of monitoring apps and sensing devices like smartwatches and fitness bracelets, patients are empowered with efficient data storage and analysis.

New Business Models

Businesses have felt the impact of mhealth ecosystem too. Earlier, device manufacturers and service providers in general focused on the needs of healthcare providers. Nowadays, the target audience of most companies is patients.

mHealth Ecosystem Trends and Practices

Blame it on the global pandemic or not, but the rise of fitness and medical apps was the highest in 2021. According to the mhealth market analysis, the share of mhealth products will grow by 18% in the next five years, while the global mhealth profits will have tripled by 2028. Why are mhealth apps and devices so attractive to the modern-century customer?


Accessibility and Awareness

Due to mobile healthcare capabilities, a modern patient has an opportunity to make a deliberate decision in terms of treatment options and costs. First of all, patients can browse more healthcare options and access more details like doctor’s qualification or the specifics of a clinic. In the end, patients experience less anxiety and are better informed of the healthcare services.

Meanwhile, the telemedicine software development added new features like voice mailing and video calling, yet making healthcare services even more accessible. For instance, a rural resident no longer needs to take a 2-hour ride to the nearest hospital if the appointment can be performed virtually.

Cost Efficiency

In the mobile healthcare ecosystem, providers can work with a bigger number of patients via screen or remote monitoring programs, resulting in a lower copay. At the same time, virtual appointments are generally less expensive than in-hospital ones. Additionally, remote appointments reduce the waiting time and improve chronic and infectious disease management. For instance, it is easier for patients to postpone or cancel an appointment via the screen than call or visit the hospital in person. 

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Preventing and Monitoring the Illnesses

The mobile healthcare model is flexible as it provides patients with a high degree of healthcare management. An mhealth app reminds a patient about refills and check-ins. Hence, there are fewer chances that an individual will procrastinate. At the same time, an mhealth tool allows patients to track symptoms of chronic illnesses. After the app analyzes the data, it can warn both the user and the healthcare provider of possible deterioration. For instance, a health monitoring system for vital signs checks the patient’s blood pressure and body temperature.

Increased Autonomy

With a variety of mhealth technologies, patients can take a proactive approach when it comes to self-care. A patient gets the ability to easily access electronic health records and get a copy of them if such is necessary. Imagine a patient decided to change their healthcare provider. This means that all EHRs should be transferred to a different organization. With a powerful health solution, the action will take a few clicks only.

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Empeek is a team of professionals who aim to deliver the most efficient customized solutions to businesses all around the world. Our telehealth and wellness apps have reduced business costs and improved many lives because we understand the value of the mhealth ecosystem model.

One of our mhealth projects was the development of a wireless medical monitoring system. Our team created a system containing 5 elements: wearables, mobile apps, the admin area, API server, and hospital workstations. The wearables identify and send the data to the cloud storage, the app, and the hospital workstation. The system allows real-time monitoring yet timely medical help.

Another project was the development of the cardiac care mobile device. The goal of the project was to create a wearable that won’t limit the mobility of a patient but will monitor and send the cardiac data directly to the hospital. The solution has an in-built ECG feature and automated reporting. Due to the data analysis, the app also prioritizes patients who require urgent help and report the situation to the hospital station.

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An mhealth ecosystem is a system of digital healthcare providers that recognize the needs of modern healthcare and provide both patients and healthcare organizations with smart tech solutions. The participants of the common mhealth ecosystem are mhealth developers, hospitals, physicians, and consumers.

Increased accessibility of healthcare tech tools, health awareness, the prevention and timely detection of illnesses, increased patient autonomy in healthcare management, and the reduction of business costs.

Customized mhealth tools, especially telemedicine, allow businesses to cut business costs and provide more efficient services to more patients at once.

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