Best 10 Pharmaceutical Software Solutions: How They Help Streamline The Processes

The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t lag behind in using advanced digital software for optimizing the processes needed for flawless and accurate performance. Modern software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are used worldwide to improve pharmacy management, enhance patient adherence to prescribed medication, and discover new drugs and their positive/side effects faster. In this article, we’ll review how else software solutions for pharmaceutical industry change the processes and what are the top ten sought-after tools that pharma companies prefer. 


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Software Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry: What’s the Catch?

IT solutions for the pharmaceutical industry streamline the processes that concern pharmacy management, such as paperwork, supply, stock tracking, order handling, etc. Some have the potential to become a part of a global digital healthcare network and collect data that can be used for further research or for reporting cases of drug misuse/side effects. Let’s review the main reasons to use IT solutions for pharmaceutical industry. 

  • To improve in-house management. Monitoring medication prescriptions, minimizing waste, dispensing medicines, and preventing drug shortages — that’s just a few routine tasks of every pharmacy assistant or technician. Many of these processes can be automated by pharmacy software IT solutions,  thus increasing the efficiency of pharmacy workers, eliminating the possibility of errors, and preventing the items from being out of stock. These solutions use personal or corporate identification information, which is why the pharmacy management software development should comply with industry and legal standards to make sure that the data are securely kept and used.  
  • To plan enterprise resources. By navigating complex manufacturing processes, delivery and order completing, ERP solutions for the pharmaceutical industry cover the needs of any growing business.
  • To manage supply chain, logistics, and distribution. Much like any other retail business, every supplier/manufacturer needs a robust system that would help manage the drug distribution from them to pharmacies/retailers. The latter also need to know when the ordered drugs will be delivered so they can notify their clients about the approximate pick-up date. These kinds of pharma software IT solutions can be integrated into the buyer’s system to streamline the drug order and delivery processes. 
  • To deal with billing and accounting. Nothing simplifies the work of a pharmacy manager like automation of billing and accounting processes. The beauty of such IT solutions  for the pharma industry is that they may have the database of clients, healthcare providers, and suppliers integrated into the system, so it takes seconds for the pharmacy worker to have a bill, invoice, or tax report ready. 
  • To discover new drugs. According to Nature, AI-powered life science programs are beneficial for pharmaceutics, as they are capable of processing large strata of data derived from biomaterial, previous research, and scientists’ input to simulate the activity of the drug in testing on the target cells. This has the potential to filter out the ineffective medicine, point at the long-term side effects, and define the toxicity level of the tested drug. Bonus point, it may also reduce the number of animal trials.  
Best 10 Pharmaceutical Software Solutions: How They Help Streamline The Processes 1

The value of digitalization for the pharma business is immense. Empeek chose the top ten types of pharma software solutions that are in global demand. 

How IT Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry Help in Streamlining Operations

 IT solutions for the pharmaceutical industry encompass a range of technologies that aid in streamlining operations and improving efficiency. They empower pharmaceutical companies to enhance collaboration, access critical information in real-time, and make data-driven decisions for better patient care and optimized operations. Let’s briefly review Cloud Computing, EHR systems, and Data Analytics.

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides secure data storage and seamless team collaboration. It allows for real-time access to critical information, enabling faster decision-making and enhancing operational agility in the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Implementing EHR systems digitizes patient records, making them easily accessible. It improves information sharing among healthcare providers, cuts paperwork, and enhances patient care coordination.

  • Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics tools help companies gain insights from large volumes of data. It enables better decision-making, predictive analytics for drug development, and identification of trends or patterns to optimize operations and improve patient outcomes.

Top 10 Cloud-based Software Solutions for Pharmacy

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

List of ERP software solution for pharmaceutical industry:

  • Orion EHR. This dynamic company resource planning solution integrates separate units of the team, disparate processes, functions, and systems. It helps prioritize R&D investment and contributes to creating your pharmaceutical brand’s culture by representing the value of medications to the customers. The solution is also of great importance to medical researchers. With access to combined clinical data, the clinical trials become more effective and worthily contribute to evidence-based medicine.
  • Marg Pharmacy Software is a comprehensive ERP solution for pharmacy development. It includes inventory control, billing, and accounting, creating different kinds of reports and electronic health records for the company. Data input and list creation are also simplified, and very little real human involvement is required for performing routine tasks.
  • BatchMaster ERP is a solution for improving the cost-efficiency of the pharmaceutical enterprise. The products can enter the market faster and comply with all the requirements. Every step of the company production process is documented, and the electronic record management takes your products from the raw materials to finished medical goods. You can see fields for improvements at every stage when analyzing the collected data.
  • Uneecops SAP Business One enables creating secure and reliable reports and organizes all the information at your pharmacy into an accessible and easy-to-use system. Your pharmacy business becomes completely visible and easy to manage with this pharmacy software.

Supply Chain Manufacturing 

  • RetailGraph is an all-in-one retail management solution for small and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies. Available on desktop, Android, and web-based platforms, the product has various modifications that meet the needs of a specific company or pharmacy. 


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Billing and Accounting

  • Pharmsoft by C-Square is a service that can be used by independent pharmacy owners and helps them with the active engagement of the customers with the information they need. The people smoothly go from the website to the payment section. Different kinds of calculations and compliance with e-returns make this solution up-to-date and useful for a pharmacological company. 
  • HorizonERP is one of the best IT solutions for pharmaceutical software designed for hospitals and pharmaceutical organizations to deal with financial tasks. It includes the features needed for prepaid and postpaid billing, quick invoices, checking payment status, etc. A simple and convenient platform can handle a hundred thousand invoices per year in a clinic or a small pharmacy.

Pharmacy Sales

  • Omnitracker is a multi-functional software solution that can be integrated into different kinds of business, pharmacy included. It helps create mail campaigns, various reports, and price lists that significantly improve the communication between your business and clients while selling. 
Best 10 Pharmaceutical Software Solutions: How They Help Streamline The Processes 2

Logistics and Distribution

  • BD Pyxis tool helps manage medication inventory without paper and pen and tracks all the movement of orders and deliveries in the company.
  • EssentialSFA connects all the units of the supply chain in the pharmacy into an accessible system. You can track every item due to the integrated GPS system and allows for offline reporting to keep all your data synchronized. 

Final Thoughts

Quality development of pharmaceutical software solutions depends on the expertise and industry knowledge of the tech companies you trust the development with. Throughout six years of developing HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant solutions for healthcare, the Empeek team has gained a profound portfolio of from-scratch and custom software that shows our ability to provide the best profound pharma app development services. Contact us today to learn what IT services the modern pharmacological companies use now and what solutions your business needs to provide more value and beat the competition.  


Is it possible to integrate a new pharmaceutical software solution into an already existing network?

It’s possible but the integration time will depend on a few things: whether your network allows integration, whether your business is planning to build an ecosystem, and whether developers need to eliminate the parts that prevent integration. In some cases, it may require reorganization which will affect other connected systems. We advise you to contact the Empeek team and ask about your particular case to get an estimate, possible scenarios, and project timeframe.

How to know if the pharmacy software is HIPAA- or GDPR-compliant?

Audits and testing for HIPAA and GDPR security requirements are the best way to learn whether your solution meets the criteria of compliance. Whether you need a pre-built or custom-made solution, always choose a provider that follows the guidelines of developing a compliant product, alongside the test results for compliance regarding storage, data transmission, security, etc.

How much will it cost to develop a pharmaceutical software solution for a mid-sized pharma company?

There are plenty of factors that will influence the cost: the desired features, integration with the legacy system, data migration, tools used, etc. For the developers to make an approximate estimate, they need to know the scope of work and the functionality you want the software to have. This is why we always arrange a meeting online or offline to talk through all details and provide you with the most accurate cost.

Why do software and technology matter in the new age of pharma marketing?

Software and technology matter in the new age of pharma marketing because they enable precise targeting, digital engagement, data-driven decision-making, compliance support, and operational efficiency. These advancements help pharmaceutical companies stay competitive in the evolving marketing landscape by reaching the right audience with tailored messages, leveraging data insights for effective campaigns, ensuring regulatory compliance, and streamlining marketing operations for improved efficiency.

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