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Nowadays, healthcare is one of the most prominent industries in the world, thus it must deal with the rapid technology changes all around the globe. One of the most popular terms for this is digital disruption – a new way of tech-backed transformation of every industry. Digital health is probably the only industry with a few adverse effects caused by technological growth. 

Moreover, it is seeing significant improvements and progress, especially in internal processes and extended customer focus. The adoption of IT in healthcare is still having a massive impact across all areas – telemedicine, home care, mHealth, etc. Many healthcare providers say they’ve got a boost in efficiency, preventing up to 90% of adverse drug events, enhancing diagnosis, monitoring, managing, tracking patient status, and reducing costs up to 10%. 

Still today, most providers struggle to deliver appropriate care, optimize appointment scheduling, improve care coordination, and cut operational costs. To achieve those goals, you need not only a reliable software development partner or IT infrastructure but a whole vision of your processes and how to digitalize them smartly. 

That’s why the software in the healthcare industry is a silver bullet to eliminate the human factor and get rid of the pen-and-paper way of data collection. For years, Empeek has been building custom healthcare software solutions to help care providers in balancing their processes without compromising the customer experience. 

The main goal of any type of healthcare software is to help hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and other providers enhance patient outcomes, balance costs, and show a smart way to manage their revenue cycle. 


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What is healthcare software development?

Long story short, healthcare software helps providers to simplify their daily routine – manual data entering, patient status monitoring, health records maintaining, and other medical practices. 

To develop a solution like this, you need not only to have a profound software development experience but a niche understanding of the whole industry. Hospital operations supervision requires a big picture view and micromanagement solutions simultaneously – and no entity can achieve it without technology implementation. 

The most popular and prominent healthcare IT solution is practice management software. It enables you to manage multiple operations, centralizes your processes, and allows you to run them in a click. As well, it automates every aspect of your company that can ever be automated. 

The second popular medical software solution is the Electronic Medical Record system. This platform eliminates the pen-and-paper way of work by digitizing medical records, chards, and patient histories. It also has a smart notifications feature: staff will be alerted about patients’ procedures, screenings, or even preventive treatments. 

EMRs also help doctors to treat patients more personally by comparing their health data against past entries. The compare the vast amount of data in a second, showing doctor only the intuitive dashboard with the results. That’s how patients’ history, diagnoses, treatments, medications, allergies, X-rays, and test results become a piece of digital information, accessible to every permitted hospital person. 

Why healthcare software development is unique? 

Let’s start with the basics – the whole healthcare industry is doubtless the most essential business domain that helps people to live better lives. There’s always will be a demand, there’s always will be a room for growth. Healthcare doesn’t seem to resist a digital disruption, but still, there are so many processes that need to be simplified: routine documents maintenance, reporting, prescribing, billing, etc. 

As a care provider, you shoulder a maximum responsibility for the health of your patient, so there’s no room for custom software development mistakes and malfunctions. Moreover, the world of mobile apps, AI modules, and other development services is rapidly changing. It means that your project must overcome not only your current challenges but also be a valuable advantage in the long-term. 

The other side of custom medical software development, especially in the US, is high-cost activities that need high-cost IT services… or not? 

We at Empeek believe that success lies in active cooperation and ultimate expertise. That’s why we make healthcare software development in accordance with the latest project management practices. We gather teams of dedicated professionals – top IT talents of Ukraine – and making clean & robust code. Without making a compromise between quality and cost. Check our additional guide on the benefits of ai in supply chain.

Healthcare software trends for 2020 

One doesn’t need a crystal ball to determine the bright future of the EHR systems all around the world. Although the EHR EMR tandem is solidly established in the medical landscape, rapid technology growth necessitates that providers keep up with emerging trends. 

Let’s take a look at how it works for 2020 and what is the key driver of healthcare software development trends. 

It’s all about data 

Digitalizing patient-related data is an excellent way to meet the changing needs of healthcare providers. From a focus on customer experience to the higher data security levels, custom healthcare software development process has evolved throughout the years. With perpetual and non-stop digital disruption, it can be challenging to understand which features and tools providers will benefit from. 

Data was a gem throughout times, and it continues to grow exponentially. You could hear that we had access to the amount of data that no one else had in our history. The point is that data volume is growing faster than manufacturing and banking industry. And that’s the double-sided sword of our century. 


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Loyalty over royalty 

Rapid data growth strives for secure, reliable, and scalable storage. That’s why one of the biggest healthcare software trends today is blockchain-based security and cloud-based storage. In short, this tandem allows for more digital information to be stored, taking up less space and costs. 

Data breaches will continue to challenge the healthcare field. If your data storage isn’t protected properly, your data can be disrupted or, even worse, sold to third-parties. In fact, the size of the breaches has decreased, but their number has grown. Through specified phishing attacks and social engineering hacks, bad actors gain access to hospital data, compromise security, and hold care providers hostage. 

Unfortunately, many pieces of valuable data – patients’ addresses, social security numbers, credit cards, insurance info, and health records – are already selling on the dark web. A common tactic now is to hijack your data and get you to pay ransom for its return, rather than selling it to a 3-rd party. And those breaches make health information risky thing to develop. 

Win-win partnership 

Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure your healthcare management software and mobile apps data security – HIPAA. Let’s investigate how you might benefit from becoming a HIPAA-covered entity. 

First of all, HIPAA helps hospitals and clinics to streamline administrative processes, improve the operations, and ensure secure data sharing among the medical staff. Most of HIPAA rules are related to healthcare software development, thus EHR systems without HIPAA compliance are a risky way to store and manage your data.

Since all HIPAA-covered entities must use the same code sets and nationally recognized identifiers, this helps enormously with the data transfer between hospitals, clinics, government, and patients. Here at Empeek, we deliver HIPAA-compliant healthcare software and offer our IT consulting expertise on data security and cutting unnecessary expenditures. 

We advocate the HIPAA compliance as a win-win partnership between your data and top-notch US standards. Get in touch with our experts at to find out more about your growth opportunities!

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