3PL Operational Blackholes

Logistics is about service. We need to keep in mind every time we start a conversation about the industry. Your client is the one who needs a high-level service. Hence, customers relationship is a crucial part of your operations and long-term strategy.

We often avoid a profound difference between traditional logistics and 3PL. The last one implies not only transportation and warehousing but a full-cycle service – packing, sorting, distributing, and supply chain management. That’s why 3PL companies cannot have a unified standard and one-for-all services to serve all customers.

As the market of outsourced logistics evolved, so did 3PL software. It often took 80% more time to handle Excel-based carriers and driver base, sales reports, and invoices. Let’s take a look at how technology deals with messy and legacy operations.

Since customer relationship management looks as a high-cost solution for in-house development, there’s another way. Custom CRM development is both cost-efficient and long term way to ensure the work is done in a timely fashion.


Empeek team of experts is ready to help you take your business to the next level.

3PL companies’ sales often drop because of low customer retention, primarily if you work in a high-load region or state. CRM technology optimizes your supply chain processes, eliminates routine, manages the sales pipeline, and retains valuable customers. Also, a good idea is a use of ai in supply chain management.

Empeek is a full-cycle software development company with strong logistics automation expertise. We help customers all around the world to strengthen their relationships with a robust code and smart business logic.

Consider the following benefits your company can attain by outsourcing sharp code algorithm to professionals:

360° view of your customer interactions

You can easily store any data: loads history, road logs, invoices, and ELD records. Moreover, you can access any specific data in a click because of a smart search system and tag-based algorithm. No more Excel tables and low-speed operations.

Routes management made easy

Empeek engineers and business analysts can create you not only a business automation tool, but a way to quick shipment processing and low fuel expenditures. Real-time route tracking and transit points management can help you to eliminate guesswork and make data-driven decisions. Let’s make logistics sustainable and environment-friendly with no effort.

Every order is kept in order

Custom CRM solution for the 3PL company is a competitive advantage and technology-backed business driver. You can handle brokers and dispatchers operations automatically, having a big picture of your business and weekly incomes.

One-screen load board integration

Business automation ninjas from Empeek outshine in service automation tools. That’s why we empower any custom solution with crucial features like logistics chain planning, freight monitor, and invoice automation.

Moreover, we help 3PL companies to cut the operational costs with a single-window load board interface. It allows a dispatcher to handle multiple load boards all in one screen and make more calls.


Let us help you achieve greater business results - our software development experts push the limits to deliver the most advanced solutions.

Why Empeek?

Since high-level customer service is a strategic imperative for 3PL companies, they need out-of-the-box software designed to simplify the routine and become a key business driver. With a custom CRM system, any company with any fleet can improve their operations and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

We are a healthcare software development agency. Empowered by the integrated load board interface, your dispatcher office will do the work better and help you to overcome the operational black hole.

Reliability and excellent quality are in Empeek’s DNA. We gather Ukraine’s top IT talents to help 3PL companies overcome any challenge and simplify routine. Tailored to your specific needs and priorities, a custom CRM system is undoubtedly a thing you need to succeed. Get in touch with our experts to discover more opportunities for your business.

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