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Meet Empeek ā€” a smart technology company that smashes business routine with scalable solutions hammer.šŸ”Ø

Since boring lectures,

In the winter of 2008, while studying equations and integrals, Roman and Alex met and became friends, sharing a love of programming, technologies, and innovations. Eventually, geek unity evolved into a full-stack coding duo. A few years later, they’ve become experienced freelancers with some digital products on their belts.

through wind of changes...

With the squad of talented engineers and project managers, Roman and Alex formed the first Empeek team ā€” just over a dozen employees were coding in a little apartment of a landmark building. In 2015 a little powerhouse of talented engineers embraced the US and European markets. Empeek customer base continued to grow, new industries and new experiences opened.

To a powerhouse,

It was a snowy 2017 when the apartment-based office turned out to be too small for new team members. After months of planning and designing, the Empeek development center has relocated into a 1000 sq.m. two-story office. It marked a new era in the history of Empeek.

and environment...

Empeek development office based in Lviv, one of the biggest technology hubs in Eastern Europe. Every fourth IT specialist from Ukraine works here, while the whole industry is expected to reach a $10 billion value by 2020. In other words, we work and grow in a cozy innovative environment.

Roman co-founded Empeek with Alex in 2015 and now guides the company’s marketing direction. As an expert in user-centered design, he has led large-scale projects, focussing on the speed of innovation, usability, and feature richness in numerous industries. Nowadays, Roman is a key Empeek thinker and visionaire. You could describe Roman as an eternal seeker of inspiration.

Alex is a co-founder of Empeek and a highly skilled engineer with an extensive background in .NET technology. He brings a freshness and clarity of vision to every project he joins with expertise in both system architecture and cost-efficiency. You could describe Alex as a popular science book-lover.