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We enhance healthtech development services based
on trust and tech that everyone can rely on.

We enhance healthtech development services based on trust and tech that everyone can rely on

Our Expertise In Healthtech Development

We deliver customized healthtech solutions for the digitalization of all niches of healthcare services from inpatient management to daily medical practice.

Our healthtech developers are committed to investing in high-quality applications and web services that drive operational efficiency, improve data management, enhance patient experience, and many more.

  • Effective healthcare systems that meet HIPAA and other main regulatory requirements
  • Electronic records management
  • mHealth solutions for remote medical consultation and other health care services
  • Workflow automation
  • Real-time patient data monitoring and analytics

We create high-quality solutions for healthcare providers
using both agile product development and a dedicated team approach


  • Real-time medical consultation and remote patient monitoring;
  • E-prescribing and clinical documentation management.

Process digitalization:

  • Automated patient appointment scheduling software;
  • Automated clinical workflows management.

Digital innovations:

  • Intelligent data management, for data-driven digital transformation;
  • Leading-edge technologies including IoT, AR/VR, AI, and machine learning to support health care practices.

The industries we work with

Health Insurance

Home Care




Mental Health

Alternative Medicine

Senior Care


Cosmetic Surgery

Emergency Medicine

Your business

Take your business to the next level with high-quality healthtech software development partners

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Healthtech Software Solutions
That Are Changing The Industry.

For startups

We guide our customers across all software development stages starting from the business idea up to the ready-to-go application. Backed with comprehensive industry expertise and strong support from our partner network, we are committed to delivering innovative first-rate solutions that are perfectly suited to your requirements.

For established businesses

We put an extra effort into understanding your company’s business challenges and addressing your business needs effectively through effective communication, transparent collaboration, and a flexible product development approach. The passion for excellence drives our team to improve operational efficiency of small, medium-sized and large businesses.


Discovery PM/BA, Client


Design Designer, PM/BA, Client


Initiation Devops, Architect


Development PM, Devs, QA, Devops, Client


Testing PM, Client


Finalization CTO, Sales, Client


Maintenance PM, Devs, QA, Client

Success Stories

Wearable IoT to support patient monitoring

A real-time remote monitoring system was designed to capture, analyze, and decode patients’ vital signs and various psychological parameters. With app users ranging from medical care providers to trained athletes to simply health-conscious people, this IoT-based solution won the hearts of many users with its seamless user experience.

Real-time data syncing

Scalable cloud storage

Instant data sharing

Personalized surveys

Medication reminders

Smart notifications

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The app to keep families connected

The app was designed to connect caregivers, patients, and families in one virtual space. Backed up by robust code and intuitive design, this cross-platform solution automates and simplifies patient and doctor interactions with the help of a variety of tools including appointment scheduling, medication reminders, interactive chat, and many others.

Two-factor authentication

Secure file sharing

Data encryption

HIPAA & GDPR compliance

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A comprehensive drug testing system

A fully-fledged app to access, track, and manage a broad spectrum of data was developed for a US-based drug testing company to serve the needs of more than 1,000 residential communities, defense contractors, transportation providers, and oil & gas companies. An intuitive microservices-based web application allowed the company to deliver its services at an accelerated pace.

24/7 test ordering & tracking

Integration with Xero, M-Files, Fonality, etc.

2-factor authentification

Predictive, wildcard & map search

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Healthcare standards our software complies with





OpenID Connect










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