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The project is a mental wellness program that strives to reduce stigma around mental health care. Personal and accessible, the program is based on years of research. Equipping people with hands-on techniques aims to help them relieve stress and anxiety, and live the life they want.

Mental Wellness Mobile App


Program participants form groups and meet once a week to discuss their progress in a safe environment.

They’ve got peer leaders – program alumni themselves – and medical providers to help them set achievable goals pertinent to 5 domains of mental well-being: body, thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships.

The participants can track their progress and log the barriers they encounter. They get points and rewards to increase motivation to recover.

Empeek has successfully delivered a cross-platform mobile app and a web-based admin area. The platform is an addition to traditional therapy in many medical practices across the US and as a stand-alone online service. Apps for teens and kids are already underway!

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Written by:
Alex Shpachuk Alex Shpachuk CEO
Alex Shpachuk is the owner and strategic partner of Empeek. His effective leadership and a visionary approach to the future of healthcare turned the company into a dynamic environment attracting the brightest minds with the common vision for product impact and service excellence. With over a decade of experience in software engineering and comprehensive knowledge of designing and deploying tailor-made solutions for healthcare providers, Alex channels his passion for software development and consulting into the written word.

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